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Kelly Osbourne: ‘I nearly got a gastric band’

November 23, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, Kelly Osbourne by Versus

50 pounds slimmer Kelly Osbourne continues to talk about her (amazing) weight (loss). Here is what she is sharing this week:

‘I got really fat, because I stopped doing drugs. I had just gotten out of rehab and I had been living in America again.

I went to a doctor about having a gastric band because that is what my Mum did and I asked my Mum to take me.  was just too terrified to do it. I just thought it would make me miserable if I did have it because you can’t eat anything, five bites and then you are full.  Where is the fun in that? It’s boring. I want to be able to have a massive roast dinner if I want one.’

I’m a girl, girls are never happy with the way they look. There is always something that you want to change but I will say that this is the most content that I have ever been in my life.’

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Michelle Williams Is 5’9” and 120 Pounds

November 23, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, Celebrity Weight & Measurements by Versus

Many of you loooove to find out celebrities’ weight and measurements: Well, Destiny’s Child and Strictly Come Dancing star Michelle Williams wants to share a little bit of  info with us:

My metabolism has changed. It burns food quicker these days. I’m 120 pounds, but yes, I’m too skinny. I’ve always been like that. Growing up, I was so skinny – I was always skinny, skinny, skinny. I’ve always wanted to be a little bigger, so now I’m eating lots of pasta and rice. I want to gain weight. I’d like to have a figure like Halle Berry’s.’

… says 30 year-old Michelle in a recent interview.

P.S.: 120 pounds and 5’9” translates to 54 kg and 175 cm.

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Brandy: ‘I was very young and I stopped eating’

November 21, 2010 in Celebrity Quotes by Versus

Singer Brandy (who lost 20 pounds while on a starvation diet) recently opened up about her former issues with food – here’s what she revealed:

I was very young and I stopped eating. Every time I looked in the mirror I just, I just saw this girl that I wanted to be a lot thinner. It got to a point where it was… it was unhealthy.

“I think every actress at some point goes through that feeling of wanting to be thinner.”

“Success without happiness is the biggest failure.”

… says Brandy.

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Mila Kunis: ’95 pounds looked gross, but on camera, it looked amazing’

November 20, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, Celebrity Weight & Measurements, Mila Kunis, Then and Now by Versus

On losing 20 pounds for her role as a ballerina:

“My mom freaked out. Everybody started panicking. She was like, ‘You have to promise me this isn’t going to affect you.’ I was like, ‘I promise it won’t, but it might take me a little time to be OK with having a little more fat on me.'”

On how being ultra-skinny looks in reality versus on camera:

“I could see why this industry is so f**ked up, because at 95 pounds, I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, ‘Oh my God! I had no shape, no boobs, no a**… All you saw was bone. I was like, ‘This looks gross’. But in photographs and on film, it looked amazing…

It took me five months to lose 20 pounds, but it took me just five days – days! – to gain it all back.

Pictured: left, Mila in February 2010, while she was still filming and on the right, Mila these days. Can you see the 20 pound difference (keep in mind she gains more on her middle / upper half)?

Further info: Mila is 5’4” (her words) – she must have been around 95 pounds (BMI 16.3) on the left and around 115 lbs (BMI 19.7) on the right.

See more pictures of Mila at her skinniest in THIS post!

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Heidi Klum: ‘I’m not running to get Botox’

November 20, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, Heidi Klum by Versus

A few days ago, supermodel Heidi Klum was telling us that ‘skinny isn’t always better’ – and today, the same Heidi talks about aging:

“I don’t think of getting older as looking better or worse; it’s just different. You change, and that’s OK. Life is about change. I don’t have anxiety about it, so I’m not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don’t think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with ageing, so I think it’s OK that I get wrinkles.”

… says Heidi in Self Magazine.

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