Kim Kardashian Is 139 Pounds


From E! News:

After nearly five months of hard work and dedication, Kim Kardashian is close to reaching her pre-baby weight. The reality star took to Snapchat to share a photo while standing on a scale, revealing her current weight (139.6) which she says is just 5 lbs. short of where she was before getting pregnant with little Saint West. Just to put that in perspective, that means she’s already dropped about 50 lbs. since December.

“YOU GUYS!!!!! PRE BABY WEIGHT WAS 135!!!!!” she captioned the photo, excited about her progress.

On whether her butt ‘spans’ 55 inches:

“My butt is not that big. I would say it’s about 12 inches off or something, but it’s definitely not 55 inches.”

… says Kim.

P.S.: Kim is 139 ponds at 5’2” / 63 kg at 159 cm tall (BMI 24.9).

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Melissa McCarthy Is Now a Size 14 US


On her new size and how she lost 50 pounds:

I actually am a 14. No trick, nothing to tell, just super boring life. You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick. (My) husband will ask, “Is it five and are you in jammies?” “I’m gonna call them loungewear.”

… says 45 year-old Melissa, who is 5’2” / 157 cm.


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Alyssa Milano Went from 172 Pounds to 126 Pounds after Giving Birth


All the details from ET Online:

The 43-year-old actress went from 172 pounds to 126 pounds after giving birth to her daughter Elizabella 16 months ago, thanks, in part, to the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet (she is 5’2”).

“I feel so much better than I did before it’s crazy,” Milano told ET. “You know that feeling when you’re dieting where your stomachs growling and you’re angry and moody? There’s none of that, because you’re getting fats and proteins. It’s great!

With two young children at home (Milo, 4, and Elizabella, 1), dropping the weight makes it easier for her to keep up with her growing family with husband Dave Bugliari. She opened up about what motherhood has been like for her.

“Every aspect is amazing,” she gushed. “I looked at Milo’s feet the other day. He’s got these two toes that cross each other, and I was looking at my husband’s feet. Those are where those toes came from!”

One aspect that has been particularly rewarding for Milano is being able to breastfeed.

“It’s been a joyous time to be able to feed them,” she said.

The actress has come under fire for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding, but she considers the practice to be a beautiful thing.

“It is just an amazing process that my body is giving her nourishment,” she said. “Women — we are the most perfect machine ever made.”

As much as she enjoys using her body to feed her children, Milano cleared up the misconception that breastfeeding helped her lose weight.

“I don’t know who started that myth, but breastfeeding to me makes it harder,” she said.



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Shonda Rhimes: “I have been saying yes to being fat. Food makes you feel better. It numbs you”


Television producer and writer Shonda Rhimes lost a massive amount of weight (over 100 pounds) in the past year and a half – here are her thoughts on her weight loss journey and what motivated her:

Here’s a thing maybe I forgot to mention. When I decide to begin my Year of Yes? I am fat. I’m not cutely chubby. Or nicely plus-size. I am massive. Look. I believe everyone has a right to love their body in whatever size and shape it comes in. But I don’t FEEL good. In 2014 I get on a plane to New York. I’m a fancy TV writer. So I have a big first-class comfy seat. I grab the seat belt and – Well, it’s gotta be broken. Right? RIGHT? I do not have a broken seat belt. I am literally too fat for a first-class airplane seat belt. I have been saying yes to being fat. Food makes you feel better. It numbs you. The thing is? Being numb no longer suits me. What I have come to call The Airplane Seat Belt Incident of 2014 made putting food on top of things no longer an option. Damn it. As I started to really lose weight, I started to feel strong. [Now] when I walk past a mirror I think, “Who is that?” The girl in the mirror is a size she hasn’t been since she was sixteen years old. But it’s me. That girl looks happy. All it took was the right kind of yes. I am not only just beginning to understand that the very act of saying yes is not just life-changing, it is life-saving. The years of saying no were, for me, an easy withdrawal from the world. A way to disappear. Saying yes is courage.

… says 45 year-old Shonda.

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