Demi Lovato: “Whatever my body is right now is, is what it is”

demi-lovato-performing-at-redfestdxb-festival-in-dubai-2-4-2017-19 - Demi Lovato: "Whatever my body is right now is, is what it is"

On body shamers:

I don’t really deal with body shamers anymore because I don’t look at it. I think everybody deals with haters. I feel like I don’t really deal with haters anymore because I don’t pay attention to it. And I think the more attention you give it, the more power it has over you. So, I focus on just what I see in the mirror and that’s a beautiful person. And regardless of what I think of my body that day, I know that nobody can take who I am away from me. I don’t read the comments. And if I see a comment that says that ‘she’s fat’ or whatever, I let it roll off my back because I just know that I’m healthy and I’m doing everything that I can to be healthy. So whatever my body is right now is, is what it is. So, love it or hate it, I’m still gonna love it.

On staying mentally and physically healthy:

I see a therapist two days a week. I reach out to people. Whenever I’m struggling with something, you know, I work out. I eat clean. I have a healthy support system around me, so I do everything that it takes to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Fitness is very important to me. It helps with my physical strength, but more importantly, my mental strength. And so being able to work out is very important to my health, and it keeps me healthy enough to maintain a long-lasting career too.

On her fitness struggles:

Sometimes I get really bored when I do just an hour of cardio, so sometimes I struggle with boredom (laughs). But that’s why I like to train MMA, because it keeps it exciting. I used to work out too much, and then I stopped working out because I got burnt out on it. A few years ago I picked it up again with a trainer. I liked cycling, then I went from cycling to just strength training mixed with cardio, and then I found MMA.

… says Demi.


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Demi Lovato Works Out 4 Hours Every Day

FFN_vcv_52108527 - Demi Lovato Works Out 4 Hours Every Day

The full story from People:

Lovato has been working out religiously at L.A.’s Unbreakable Performance Center (where Nick and Joe Jonas also work out) for the past nine months, and has called the gym her “oasis” on Instagram.

“This is her safe haven,” Unbreakable’s founder Jay Glazer tells PEOPLE. “Demi will be here for four hours a day. It’s her one place where she doesn’t have to be a pop star. She’s talked a lot about her addictions, and this has become her healthy addiction. She lights up when she comes in here.”

And while Lovato wanted to lean up, her main focus was learning how to fight.

“She’s more coachable than most of our fighters,” says Glazer. “She doesn’t put ego in, she does it right — and she is vicious!”

Lovato will start her session with an hour-and-a-half of mixed martial arts.

“Depending on the day of the week, we’ll do boxing, Muay Thai, ground fighting and/or Brazilian jujitsu,” says Glazer. “Then she’ll do some sort of recovery, and then she’ll go do her performance workout.”

Lovato’s performance workout focuses on full-body toning, so she does exercises with high reps and low weights, with little rest in between.

“It’s very intense,” says Glazer. “It’s three different exercises three times through with no rest. She’ll do a push, a pull and lower body move, so let’s say a chest push, a pull for your back, and then some sort of squat, but something low-impact that won’t bulk her. At the end we’ll do abs.”

Following her workout, Lovato does 30 minutes of recovery including I.V. therapy twice a week, cryotherapy two or three times a week, Phoenix Thera-Lase medical laser therapy each day that penetrates six inches into the body to encourage healing and reduce swelling and inflammation, and massaging recovery sleeves every day.

“She goes through the plan perfectly,” says Glazer. “She’s never been late, she shows up, she helps everybody. She’s incredible.”

FFN_vcv_52211771 - Demi Lovato Works Out 4 Hours Every Day

More photos of Demi inside!


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Demi Lovato: “I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body”

demiglamour-741x1024 - Demi Lovato: "I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body"

Demi Lovato recently opened up to Glamour Magazine about body image, the lack of normal bodies in Taylor Swift’s squad and feminism:

On the negative response to her “Body Say” images:

You don’t say anything, because you can never win. Whether they’re saying that you’re ugly, or that you’re a w~~~~, or that you’re a bad role model, or something else, you’re never gonna win.

On exploring sexuality in her image and music:

We live in an imbalanced society when it comes to encouraging male sexuality and discouraging female sexuality. In 20 years I hope we’ll look back like, Wow, that’s how it used to be.

Question: You’ve said before, in regard to Taylor Swift, “Don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work.” How do you see yourself doing the work?

Just speaking out. I’m not afraid to talk about the fact that women get paid less than men in the United States and how unfair that is. Talking about it at all is doing the work. And I think every woman does her part in some way. But I think in certain situations, certain people could be doing more if they’re going to claim that as part of their brand. To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body. It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real.

Question: Well, there are many kinds of “normal” bodies. I think what you’re getting at is there’s just one type of body in that squad.

It’s not realistic. And I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment. We all do things that aren’t, but I have to ask myself, Am I content with calling myself a feminist? Yes, because I speak out.

Question: Do things besides a busy schedule still trigger you?

Yeah, of course. Seeing cocaine in movies. I’ve never watched The Wolf of Wall Street. I can’t. I don’t like to go out to clubs, because I find myself seeing remnants of drugs in the bathroom. I did the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special, and being surrounded by supermodels’ bodies was triggering to me. I remember asking, “How do you maintain your figure?” Some said, “I really have to work at it.” Others said, “It’s genetics.” It was interesting to hear that it wasn’t through unhealthy [behaviors]. It was a great learning experience. I still felt sexy, having a different body than these women. I had Wilmer there, who loved my curves—that helped.

Taylor Swift’s squad that lacks normal bodies, according to Demi:

landscape-1435973955-11268017-443631022476334-1348243229-n - Demi Lovato: "I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body" w - Demi Lovato: "I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body"


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