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Demi Lovato Posed Nude for Vanity Fair and It Was ‘Empowering’

October 6, 2015 in Demi Lovato by Versus


On why she chose to pose nude, despite being in mourning after her great-grandfather had passed away the day before the shoot:

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past day, it’s that life is too short. I’m about to launch an album that finally represents who I truly am. How do I embrace this new chapter in my life? How do I really walk the walk? What does it mean to be confident? It means letting go, being authentic, saying I don’t give a f*ck and this is who I am. I want to show the side of me that’s real, that’s liberated, that’s free. What if we do a photo shoot where it’s totally raw? Super-sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothing. Let’s do it here, let’s do it now.”

… says Demi.

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Demi Lovato: “I have an athletic body. I just have to embrace that”

September 30, 2015 in Demi Lovato, Photoshop Job by Versus


On accepting her body:

“[The Kardashians] kind of revolutionized what beauty was when it came to body shapes. For so long, it was the heroin-chic ’90s supermodel thing, and I feel like, when the Kardashians came into the picture, people started to look at it because it was different. From then, I noticed that Beyoncé was thicker, and Nicki Minaj is thicker […] Watching them really helped me learn to accept my body image, too. I’m not naturally super thin. I have an athletic body. I just have to embrace that. There are days when it’s hard to, but more and more, there are days where I’m actually proud of my body.”

… says Demi while posing topless (and getting photoshopped) in Complex Magazine.



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Demi Lovato: “I look HOT, so I’m going to work it!”

September 10, 2015 in Demi Lovato by Versus


On why she named her new album ‘Confident’:

It’s a little too late to turn back from sharing and pouring my heart out to the whole world. For me, this album is not just about the things that I’ve been through, it’s more mature, it’s sexier, it’s soulful. It’s a new chapter in my life, I’m tired of my past defining who I am. It definitely was kind of a no-brainer when we called it Confident, one of the songs on the album is called Confident. And not only did it represent my entire album, but it represented where I am in my life, so it was a very, very easy choice.

On her new found confidence:

I have worked on myself and I look HOT, so I’m going to work it. I’m going to show the world that you can go from having an eating disorder and hating your body to wearing underwear on the cover of a magazine and love it. You know, it’s possible.

… says 23 year-old Demi.

Her album cover:


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Demi Lovato Admits Continuous ED Struggles

July 16, 2015 in Demi Lovato by Versus


On the fact that she almost went to rehab for her ED for a second time:

“It’s been difficult. I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer noticed and called me out on it, which was a relief.”

… says Demi.

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Demi Lovato Brings Today’s Quote

July 14, 2015 in Demi Lovato by Versus


“Learn to lurrrrrvveee yerrrrr currrrrvveees… I actually used to hate them… But then a special someone helped me learn how to love them… And he sure loves them…. #squats #COOLFORTHESUMMER.”

… says Demi on Instagram while posing curves-revealing shots.



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