Emily Ratajkowski on Her Boobs: “Sometimes they make me feel the most powerful”

emily-ratajkowski-at-2018-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-03-04-2018-12 - Emily Ratajkowski on Her Boobs: "Sometimes they make me feel the most powerful"

On her biggest asset:

Boobs are funny. They hurt sometimes, and sometimes they’re the thing that makes me feel the most powerful. They’re a key to my sexuality. They’re all those things.I love my boobs. I love other people’s boobs. Boobs are kind of great.

I remember there was some article like “Emily Ratajkowski Is the Mozart of Breasts.” What was so bad is someone sent it to my dad, who sent it to me. My dad still sees me as a little kid.

… says Emily.

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Emily Ratajkowski Does Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

47B6E22000000578-0-image-a-103_1514964003156 - Emily Ratajkowski Does Harper's Bazaar Arabia

On how being sexualized does not mean that she is not a feminist:

‘I think a lot of people really feel that the idea of a woman being sexual or being sexualized is the opposite of feminism. When I feel like, in some ways, that conversation itself can be oppressive to women, because you’re telling them how to dress and how to act, which is actually the opposite of feminism.’

… says Emily in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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