SVC Most Popular Posts of 2015

1. Ariana Grande’s Apology for Hating Donuts & America

2. Size 22 Model Tess Holliday: “I do admit that black men love me”

3. Gigi Hadid Brings Today’s Quote

4. Women’s Running Magazine Features Plus-Size Model on the Cover

5. Maisie Williams: “Being told I was cute was really patronizing”

6. Blanca Padilla to Gigi Hadid: “If it was me with your same measurements, they would send me home to lose weight”

7. Emily Ratajkowski Offers Us a Bikini Treat

8. Models Strip Down for W Magazine’s Pop Issue

9. The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Mega Gallery

10. Kylie Jenner Is Not Flashy, Not Materialistic and She Hates Wearing Make-up

Happy New Year!


Emma Roberts: “I’m a small-B boob. I can’t even fit into Victoria’s Secret bras”


On representing lingerie brand Aerie for smaller women:

“You can put yourself out there and not Photoshop yourself or Facetune yourself. It’s just fine “to say, ‘Oh, I looked bad in that picture, but that was such a fun day. I also wanted to show people: Yes, there is an Emma Roberts, but there is also Emma! Meaning, ‘Not red carpet. My hair down. Basically no makeup.’ I’m a small-B boob. I can’t even fit into Victoria’s Secret bras, they’re all too big! So I’m standing up for the small-busted girls.”

… says 24 year-old Emma.



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