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Lara Stone: “I’ve had lots of ups and downs regarding my body image over the past year”

July 8, 2014 in Beauty & Body Image, Hollywood Moms by Versus


Supermodel Lara Stone, who welcomed her fist child in May last year, recently opened up about pregnancy and body image:

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most amazing time in a woman’s life. We’ve all heard stories of the glowing expectant mum, with toned legs and neat bump and the instant and deep connection with her unborn baby. I’m sure those pregnancies exist, but mine certainly wasn’t like that.

I was in maternity jeans at nine weeks. I was bloated all over, had limp, greasy hair, no energy and I could eat (and waddle) for England. I felt terrible for feeling this way because I actually had an easy pregnancy. I had no morning sickness, no bleeding, no pain and my baby and I were perfectly healthy. Yet I didn’t get that earth mother feeling I’d been hoping for.

There is so much pressure these days to look fantastic during pregnancy and to lose the baby weight within days of leaving hospital. I have nothing against those who do, but it’s not normal.

Your body changes hugely during a pregnancy and it takes time to go back. I’ve had lots of ups and downs regarding my body image over the past year. On every level I know I should just be happy to have a lovely healthy baby, and I do count my blessings every day.

But seeing articles about me that say: “She’s brave to go outside looking like that”, “She’s struggling with her baby weight”, “Is she pregnant again?”, or “She can kiss her career goodbye” is painful. And it sends a bad message to other women reading it, who may be feeling bad about their own baby weight.

… says Lara in the Clean & Lean series, Pregnancy Guide.


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New Mom Megan Fox on Set

April 2, 2014 in Hollywood Moms, Megan Fox by Versus


Long-time-no-see Megan Fox, who gave birth to her second child 6 weeks ago, returned on set this week to film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Blonde Kim Kardashian on Mommy Duty

October 11, 2013 in Hollywood Moms, Kim Kardashian by Versus


A blonde Kim Kardashian took her baby girl North to a doctor in Beverly Hills yesterday… and she did so while looking atypically casual in a simple beige outfit.

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New Mom Jenna Dewan Talks ‘Bouncing Back’

September 17, 2013 in Hollywood Moms, Jenna Dewan by Versus


On not gaining too much pregnancy weight:

“I took care of myself and literally the day I went into labour I had been for an hour-and-a-half walk. My body just kind of bounced back so I was lucky. And I have two dogs that are keeping me in shape – plus I’m breastfeeding.”

… says new mom Jenna (32), who gave birth back in June.


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Snooki Wants to Be Kim Kardashian’s Trainer

August 5, 2013 in Hollywood Moms by Versus


On how she wants to help Kim lose the baby weight:

I can be her trainer. I feel like she is going to do fine. She is known for her body to be sexy so I feel like she is going to snap back.

On how she feels after losing 50 pounds:

I feel amazing right now. Now is the best I’ve ever been, I have actual muscle mass. Flywheel is like Spin class on crack. My trainer does wonders too.

… says Snooki, who lost the weight after giving birth to her first child.

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