Isabel Lucas’s Weight Gain: Then & Now

Above: ‘Transformers’ actress Isabel Lucas (25) in 2009, looking extremely thin.

Below: Isabel Lucas this week, with a few extra healthy pounds (compared to last year), looking relaxed while taking strolls.

What do you think of Isabel’s change?

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Isabel Lucas – Thin Figure in Lace and Florals

Transformers‘ Isabel Lucas and her sharp collar bones walked the red carpet at the premiere of Waiting For Superman at the Paramount Theatre on Monday…

How do you find Isabel’s floral + lace outfit, her hairstyle and make-up?

And a flashback for you – Isabel, her dark eyebrows, ultra tanned skin and ultra bleached hair in 2009:

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Isabel Lucas (and Her Makeover) at Scream Awards

Isabel Lucas (and Her Makeover) at Scream Awards

Because Megan Fox wasn’t enough, here’s her Transformer’s colleague Isabel Lucas at the same awards.

But wait, what’s different?

Isabel’s hair, that’s what! She’s much blonder – click here to see how she looked a while ago:

Are you a fan of inspired dark eyebrows + bleach  blonde hair (plus tanned skin)?

scream awards

She looks healthier weight-wise, but I’m not a fan of her skin + hair + eyebrows combo.

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