Kate Winslet Does Esquire


On her favorite part of her body:

“They’re getting on a bit, my hands, and I like the veins and the way the skin on the top looks a bit thinner. I know these hands have loved and lost, these hands have worked, they’ve touched a million people and places and they’ve gone through everything with me. I can see my life more on my hands than I can on my face.”

… says Kate while posing sexily for Esquire.

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Kate Winslet on the Idea That She’s a Sex Symbol: “Are. You. Mad?”


On the idea that she’s a sex symbol:

“Are. You. Mad? No! I’ve had three children. The idea is incredibly flattering, but that’s the [film] version of me. The real me… I’m certainly not against it, but it’s something I find more amusing than a triumph.”

On what she thinks of the young actresses:

“They all seem to be doing OK. [Whispers] Some of them are a little bit thin [raises her voice again], but they all seem to be doing great.”

… says Kate in The Edit.


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Kate Winslet on Her Post-Baby Body: “It’s f—ing 18 months later. Of course I’m going to get back at some point!”


On her post-baby body and Botox:

“Just a couple of hours ago, my publicist sent an email saying that some journalist from the Daily Mail has a picture of me from an event last night and is saying that I appear to have lost all the baby weight and how did I do that? And do I want to comment on the fact that experts are saying that I’ve had Botox? I just get irritated by that s—. First of all, the latter is 100 percent not true, and secondly, it’s f—ing 18 months later. Of course I’m going to get back at some point.”

On filming nude scenes and body image:

“I don’t think I can get away with it now,” she says. “I’ve never had a body double—that would feel like lying. So I am probably done… I get really big when I am pregnant. There are things that will never go back, but in terms of physically feeling back and healthy, I do.”

… says Kate.

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Kate Winslet: “We’re so lucky we’re curvy”


On body image:

“When I grew up, I never heard positive reinforcement about body image from any female in my life. I only heard negatives. That’s very damaging, because then you’re programmed as a young woman to immediately scrutinize yourself and how you look.”

On how she’s raising her 14-year-old daughter Mia:

“I stand in front of the mirror and say to Mia, ‘We are so lucky we have a shape. We’re so lucky we’re curvy. We’re so lucky we’ve got good bums.’ And she’ll say, ‘Mommy, I know, thank God.’”

… says Kate.

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Kate Winslet Brings Today’s Quote


On not getting Botox or any work done:

Watch my forehead! See that movement? I’m very proud of that movement! I have the kind of wrinkles that are here to stay now,” she said. “You know, not just the ones where you wake up in the morning and you go, ‘Oh, that will go away in two hours’ time.’ No, they’re there. That’s the way that it is.

… says 39 year-old Kate.

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