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Katy Perry Is in a Bikini!

April 24, 2009 in Celebrities Without Make-up, Katy Perry by Versus


This is some treat: loads of bikini pics featuring Katy Perry, in all her slim & healthy glory!

Her figure looks greeeaaat, she’s got the complete package: nice skin, nice & plump cleavage, flat stomach, nicely shaped legs… plus, she looks pretty without make-up!


What do you think of her bikini (and yes, I mean the bottom) – is it flattering or not so much?


Check out lots of pictures after the jump, then share your thoughts!

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Katy Perry Misbehaves

March 22, 2009 in Katy Perry, Photoshop Job by Versus



Katy Perry misbehaves in Missbehave Magazine and she is “punished” with a little photoshopping – if the size of Katy’s legs in the above pic isn’t enough proof, take a look below:



On the left, Katy and her normal-sized, slim legs and on the right, Katy with much thinner, photoshopped legs.

For more colorful pics of Katy in Missbehave Magazine, check the 2nd page!


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Katy Perry’s Got Cleavage in Esquire Magazine

March 12, 2009 in Katy Perry by Versus


Here’s Katy Perry with slightly different make-up, big, voluminous hair and wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and leopard print in Esquire Magazine.

Looking slim & curvy in the corset number above!

How do you like it?

More poses from boobylicious Katy after the jump!


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Katy Perry’s and Her Quirky Style at Brit Awards

February 19, 2009 in Body Type and Clothes, Katy Perry by Versus

brit arrivals 3 180209

Katie’s outfit could easily fit in the “Wow or Eww?” category… again.

What do you think of it… and the way it looks on her figure? I’m especially looking at the (leggings / tights) tight pants & short top combo.

She doesn’t look very comfortable in it, does she?


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Katy Perry in a Zebra Jumpsuit – Wow or Eww?

February 16, 2009 in Katy Perry, Wow or Eww? by Versus


Like many other fashion-risk-takers (Lady Gaga comes to mind), Katy has a subscruiption to our “Wow or Eww?” Category. What’s the risk this time? Well, Katy is wearing a jumpsuit… a zebra jumpsuit, that also happens to be slightly puffy in the upper thigh area.

Does this get-up flatter Katy’s figure or not?

Katy Perry in a Zebra Jumpsuit – Wow or Eww?

Let’s see your verdicts!

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