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More Celebs at Vanity Fair’s Party: Bar, Katy and Jessica

March 8, 2010 in Bar Refaeli, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry by Versus

Here’s a mini red, black and white collection of pretty girls at Vanity Fair’s party last night:

First, we’ve got a flawless in white Bar Refaeli…

… then an equally cleavagey red hot Katy Perry and a classy-in–asymmetric–black Jessica Simpson.

See these girls up close after the jump!

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Katy Perry Brings the Quote of the Day

February 14, 2010 in Katy Perry by Versus

On whether she feels the “skinny Hollywood” pressure:

“I don’t feel pressure, no, as I know I’m kind of voluptuous and I’ve always been that way,” Katy said. “Saying that, I’m young and metabolism is on my side and my schedule is so crazy that I lose weight from the intensity of it. But if you ask me that question in five or six years and I’ll probably have a different answer for you.”

… says Katy.

And Katy’s sister keeps an eye on her diet:

“My sister makes me watch what I eat. She’s a pescatarian, a vegetarian who eats fish, and she’s lost so much weight from being that. She’ll scream at me if some of the crew on my tour get hot pizza for a snack and I want some. Sometimes I can grab a slice, but if my sister sees me, I get a verbal lashing! I eat secretly in the corner – my one pepperoni slice.”

If you want to see the Katy in a bikini, click here!

Katy Perry Brings Friday Links

February 12, 2010 in General, Katy Perry by Versus

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See how Jennifer Aniston‘s bikini body changed over the years! – US Weekly

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“Glee” star Lea Michele is a very happy vegan – Healthy Hollywood

Heidi Montag‘s new plastic version will probably pose for Playboy, too – I Don’t Like You in That Way

Emmanuelle Chriqui is very generous when it comes to Nipple Slips – CityRag

Mariah Carey– overload of sweets for Valentine’s Day – Fitceleb

60 year-old Ivana Trump in a bikini! – Celebrity Bikini Gossip

People Magazine’s 10 Outrageous Star Fitness Tricks

January 4, 2010 in Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Megan Fox by Versus


Interested? Let’s see them!

Katy Perry stays fit by embracing her inner schoolgirl. “I hate working out, but I love jumping rope,” says the “Waking Up in Vegas” singer. “There’s a rhythm. It’s like dancing.” And she’s no schoolyard novice. “I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it. I look like Rocky when I jump..Besides being fun, a 130-lb. woman jumping rope at a fast pace can burn more than 350 calories!

To stay in shape while touring with country star George Strait this summer, Julianne Hough and her ever-present pup Lexi were workout buddies. “We go up and down the stairs at the amphitheater and run across the lawn,” the singer said. She and Lexi also enlisted the help of her band, “”playing wiffle ball and ultimate Frisbee” – fun and a great workout!

Jessica Simpson keeps her glutes Daisy Duke-worthy by doing a booty dance! The singer recently posted on Twitter that trainer Mike Alexander (who sculpted her silhouette for 2005’s The Dukes of Hazzard) “yells at me ‘get lower like you’re in the club.'” Her comical response? “I don’t squat in a club unless I’m peeing!”

To squeeze exercise into her packed schedule, Michelle Obama rises at 5:30 a.m. and exercises “pretty religiously” with husband Barack Obama in the White House’s private gym, she tells PEOPLE. But the first lady – who’s earned accolades for her ultra-toned arms – says she’s not quite as diligent as the President. “I can skip a workout. He really can’t,” she says with a laugh.

Forget chocolate! Mariah Carey‘s go-to snack food is a healthy serving of artichokes! The vegetable is high in fiber – averaging 9 grams per cup! – meaning it can leave you feeling more full and less likely to snack. Most of us only get half the daily recommended 25 grams of fiber, so doubling up on servings could cut 100 calories from your day.

Red-carpet bombshell Megan Fox says she counters the effects of her “really big sweet tooth” by drinking apple-cider vinegar and water. “It cleans out your system,” she says. Another fan of the apple-cider cleanse? Fergie!

Instead of counting reps, Beyoncé has a more musical approach to her workouts. “I’ll put on a song that I really like and do [biceps curls with] 5-lb. weights the whole song,” the singer told Self magazine. Another upper-body trick? She’ll box for the length of one track using 3-lb. weights.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps credits her glowing complexion to turning her beauty routine upside down. “I do a yoga headstand every morning. I don’t do Botox. Headstands are great for getting the circulation going and giving tone to your muscles in the face,” says the Real Housewives of New York City star and Ashtanga yoga devotee.

Forget eggs! Cameron Diaz loads up on garlicky chicken in the morning before heading out to surf. “It’s the best breakfast in the world,” the actress has said of her protein-rich way to start her day.

Katy Perry Is Red Hot

November 19, 2009 in Katy Perry by Versus


Here’s Katy Perry at The Samsung Behold II Premiere Launch Event in Hollywood yesterday, rocking her red hot look on the blue carpet.

The dress may not be the most beautiful / classiest thing ever, but Katy’s figure looks amazing in it.

See 2 more on the next page!


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