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Khloe Kardashian Gets Active

December 29, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving the gym in Beverly Hills, California the other day, after enjoying a workout.

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Khloe Kardashian: “In a month and a half, I lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy”

December 23, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On how she lost weight:

“I’m obsessed with cheese and milk, but eliminating them from my diet made the biggest difference. In a month and a half, I lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy, without doing anything else different, and that totally blew my mind.”

On how her blonde hair makes her feel healthy:

“The funny thing is that everyone thinks I’m naturally dark because all of my siblings are, but I’m naturally dirty blond. Tracey Cunningham does my color, and little by little my ombré turned into more of a rooted blond, and then it got lighter and lighter. I love how I stand out more as a blond—it makes me feel bright and healthy.”

On her skin imperfections:

“I have moles and freckles and they irritate me. They are an insecurity of mine, and I wish I could have clear, beautiful skin. I’ve had people say that I have breakouts on my back when it’s really my moles. Those are things I don’t know how to fix.”

… says Khloe.


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Khloe Kardashian’s New Reality Show: ‘Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian’

December 20, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


All the details from People Magazine:

Khloé Kardashian has made it through her share of heartache and breakups, and now she’s sharing all that she’s learned with others who are heartbroken as part of a new reality show. On Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, the reality star, 31, will work with experts to help people faced with various challenges – from being dumped to losing their jobs – by giving them total body makeovers, according to a statement released by E!, which will air the show.

Looking great is always the best revenge,” Kardashian said in the statement. “It’s so exciting to be able to mentor these people through their full-body makeovers and I can’t wait to see the incredible results at their final reveals!”

Each of the show’s six episodes will feature two people who will undergo an internal and external transformation by working with trainers, stylists, glam squads and Kardashian herself.

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Khloe Kardashian: “I NEED the gym in my life!”

November 30, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On how she misses her workouts:

I have not worked out since the beginning of October due to a slew of reasons. It’s crazy, how just in that short amount of time how your body can change…I NEED the gym in my life!!! Lol My mind and body don’t respond well without the gym!! Not feeling cute right now but still cuter than most #Bloooop #GotToGetItBack.

On how she works out better when she’s angry:

Sometimes a little ice cream helps when you are down in the dumps. I work out so much better when I am sad or upset. I have so much energy when I am angry. Everyone is allowed to have their day, everyone is allowed to feel bad, but you got to get over it. So, either go to the gym, watch a funny movie, watch some good light-hearted TV, or call one of your girlfriends that always make you laugh.

… says Khloe.


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Khloe Kardashian Built Her Dream Butt in 2 and a Half Years

November 20, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On building her dream butt:

“I always wanted a great, round butt. Gunnar (her trainer) and I, for like two and a half years, we really worked on my butt and strengthening my legs. So I feel really accomplished about that, but then I’m like, I want muscular calves. So now we’re incorporating a ton of calf workouts in, which I feel good about whenever I do them. My least-favorite body part is my arms. We focus on those more. I’m still not proud of them, but when I see before and after pictures, I realize how far I’ve come.”

… says Khloe.



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