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Khloe Kardashian Does Complex

July 28, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


Check out an oily and bootylicious Khloe Kardashian in this issue of Complex magazine! After a few of her followers pointed out the use of Photoshop in her spread, the reality TV star replied:

This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts! The image on the left is an unretouched photo from the actual camera on the day of the shoot. The image on the right is the retouched photo. Yes skin is smooth and shadows are removed but I still think I look good on the left image. Flaws and all 🙊❤️💋 hi hater!!! Click on it… I know you want to 😝


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Khloe Kardashian: “The word “die” is in it, so I don’t believe in diets”

July 14, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On how she works with her trainer:

‘If I say, “I want Beyonce’s booty”, he’ll say, “OK we’re going to do that”. He’s not like, “you can’t because you’re a foot taller than her.” He’s just very positive.’

On not believing in diets:

The word “die” is in it, so I don’t believe in diets. I believe in lifestyle changes. I made major cut-backs. I used to love soda, so I’ve cut out soda completely and I drink like ice tea or water. I made that like a lifestyle change. If you do one thing a month and you cut something off little by little and then it just becomes a part of your life.

… says Khloe.

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Khloe Kardashian: “I work out 5 days a week. I bust my ass!”

June 10, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


Khloe Kardahian recently reacted to a few critics that claimed the reality star had opted for liposuction – here’s what she said:

I find it disgusting but maybe a compliment that I’m being accused of getting Lipo done. I work out 5 days a week. I bust my ass!

Yes this is documented by the paps. I’m assuming if I’ve had any sort of surgery I would need 6-8 weeks off of any intense workout.

Why is it so hard to give credit where credits due? I work my ass off in the gym. Again maybe I should be flattered?!?! Hummmmm

By the way…. I’m sending this tweet from the gym! Hi hater!!!


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Khloe Kardashian: “I have never felt ‘fat’”

May 1, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On body image:

I have never felt ‘fat’ I just didn’t realize how unhealthy I was until I look back at pictures. In the moment I felt so beautiful and I remember walking down red carpets with my make-up done in a little sparkly dress and I thought I was so cute. I had all this confidence. On my Instagram page people comment saying ‘I liked you better when you were bigger’ and I think, ‘Thank God I don’t live my life for other people because I’d be in a constant tug of war.

… says Khloe.


Khloe Kardashian: “I work out almost every day”

March 22, 2015 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus


On trying to look her best:

“I work out almost every day. I go to a trainer five days a week, and on the weekends, I do cardio and whatever I want to do. I kind of eat what I want, but in portion control, which I never knew before. It’s really hard. You have to train your body to eat less. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. I had to train myself to drink more water. I drink like 5 liters of water a day.”

… says Khloe in People Magazine.


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