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Khloe Kardashian’s Tips on How to Choose the Best Bikini for Your Body Type

June 30, 2010 in Body Type and Clothes, Celebrity Quotes, Khloe Kardashian by Versus

Curious to see Khloe’s advices? Here they are:

“Diane von Furstenberg has a very mod, 1950s bikini where the bottom is kind of high-waisted- very Marilyn Monroe and very sexy so if you have a little tummy, you can hide it. When you have a bigger butt, bottoms without ties on the side sometimes will cut into your skin. I have a booty, so I like ties because I can loosen them up a little.”

“I’ve seen women on the beach and I don’t know if they don’t see it but their breasts are hanging all the way down. They need some more support.”

“I love one-pieces, but I’m still 25. A lot of one-pieces look like they’re for older women, but nowadays there are so many fun one-pieces with cutouts and other designs that are really sexy.”

P.S.: Yes, the picture is old – it’s from 2009, but Khloe hasn’t been spotted in a bikini since.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Bootylicious Look

June 11, 2010 in Khloe Kardashian by Versus

The Kardashian sisters always love to show off their famous curves – so here is Khloe on her way to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” yesterday, doing just that.

How do you like her bootylicious + leggy look?

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Khloe Kardashian Is Not Pregnant, Says: “I’m Just Fat”

June 4, 2010 in Celebrity Quotes, Khloe Kardashian by Versus

From US Weekly:

Khloe Kardashian Odom is putting those pregnancy rumors to rest. Asked at the Lakers/Celtics game Thursday if she’s expecting, she told Entertainment Tonight: “No, I’m just fat.”

Earlier this week, RadarOnline reported that the E! reality star, 25, is two months pregnant with husband Lamar Odom’s baby. But at Thursday’s Lakers game, her mother Kris Jenner told “If Khloe is pregnant, I would be the first to yell it. So, no, she’s not – unless they’re holding out on me, in which case they’re both grounded.”

Eva Longoria gave the EXACT SAME answer 2 years ago when tabloids were labeling her “Pregnant!”.

Pictured:  Khloe at the London Hotel in West Hollywood for E!’s 20th Birthday Party.

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Khloé Kardashian Is a Size 4

April 14, 2010 in Celebrity Quotes, Khloe Kardashian, Photoshop Job by Versus

Khloé Kardashian Is a Size 4… says Life & Style Magazine, where Khloe poses prettily under the overly-famous in-celebrity-world-title: “How I lost 10 pounds in 10 days”.

Khloé Kardashian tells Life & Style she gained 10 pounds of “love weight” after marrying NBA star Lamar Odom last September but has since dropped the extra pounds – and she did in just 10 days! “I’m like anyone else falling in love and settling down,” Khloé told Life & Style. “Because I’m so happy, the extra weight didn’t matter to me.”

Well, that is until early March, when Khloé realized she’d soon be returning to Miami to film season two of E!’s Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. “It was going to be bikini weather there,” she says, “and I thought, Okay, those 10 pounds have to go.” Anticipating being surrounded by the city’s scantily clad residents motivated the reality star to recapture her sexy, svelte silhouette. “I dropped 10 pounds in 10 days,” she reveals to Life & Style. “I feel so much better, and now I’m in great shape for the whole summer!”

Although Khloé is down to a sizzling size 4 and ready to rule Miami, she’s prepared to take any future yo-yoing in stride. “It’s a constant battle,” she tells Life & Style. “I’m always trying to improve my body, but I’m not as hard on myself as I was before. I feel really good!”

Curious to see what you think!

And one more thing – here’s Khloe and her virtually modified, slenderized waist in a new ad for the sisters’ store (unlike her sisters, Khloe does not have this hourglassy shape, she is more of an apple shaped girl) :

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“Keeping up with the The Kardashians” the Movie – Who Would Play Them?

February 28, 2010 in Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian by Versus

This is quite interesting funny: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all picked the actors they would love to play them in  “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” – The Movie (that has Box Office No.1 written on it). So let’s see: Kim thinks Penelope should play her, Liv Tyler should play Khloe and Vanessa Hudgens should play 10-years-older Kourtney. And Catherine Zeta Jones would play their mom.

Here’s how Kim justifies her picks:

Khloe would definitely be played by Liv Tyler. She’s tall, beautiful and curvacious with great facial features. Kourt’s the smallest of us three, so I think someone like Vanessa Hudgens would be perfect because she’s petite and she’s kind of quiet and intimidating at the same time, haha. Kylie is really vivacious and outgoing and always smiling, so I picked Dakota Fanning. She seems young and fun, but she’d obviously have to wear a dark wig. Kendall is more reserved. She’s more of a mysterious beauty, like Rachel Bilson.

Khloe and Kourtney had their own picks… click here and here to see them!

What do you think about their picks?

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