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Kim Kardashian Brings Today’s Quote

October 5, 2015 in Kim Kardashian, Pregnant Celebrities by Versus


On hating being pregnant:

I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! I don’t feel sexy, either — I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.

… says Kim, who is due to give birth to her second Child in December.


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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is ‘feeling very insecure about her body’

September 7, 2015 in Kim Kardashian, Pregnant Celebrities by Versus


At request, here’s a story on Kim Kardashian’s body image struggles during her second pregnancy – all the details from Closer Magazine:

During her first pregnancy, Kim Kardashian made no secret of her struggles to cope with her blossoming figure. At her lowest ebb, the star – who gained 3st during the pregnancy – admitted it was “really tough,” saying: “I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.” And now, just three months before her due date, insiders tell Closer that the 34-year-old star’s body insecurities have returned and are wreaking havoc with her confidence.

As Closer reported last week, Kim ranted at her sisters Kourtney and Khloe following a beach workout in St Barts and accused them of using her to make themselves look skinnier. Now pals say Kim dramatically quit working out after feeling increasingly insecure during exercise classes with slimmer women at Barry’s Bootcamp in Sherman Oaks, LA.

A source says: “Kim looks incredible but she’s feeling very insecure about her body. She thinks she ‘balloons’ during pregnancy and when she compares herself to other pregnant women at the same stage as her, she feels awful. She hated feeling like the biggest person during group classes at Barry’s and hated working out next to all the fitness-mad LA mums.”

To make matters worse, pals say when Kim first confided in her husband Kanye West – who is famed for his controlling ways – he told her the solution was to keep on working out, and then put pressure on her trainers to keep her in shape. A source says: “Kanye is very controlling and thinks he has an answer for everything. If Kim complains about her body then Kanye blames whoever is training her.”

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Kim Kardashian’s VMA Look

August 31, 2015 in Kim Kardashian by Versus


5-months pregnant Kim Kardashian looked extra bootylicious at last night’s Video Music Awards – here she is in a brown dress as she arrived at the event with her husband Kanye.


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Kim Kardashian: “I delivered at 180, and they were like, ‘She’s 210 pounds'”

August 28, 2015 in Kim Kardashian by Versus



On receiving criticism for her weight gain the first time she was pregnant:

“I am lucky that, as of right now, I don’t feel like I’m gonna get preeclampsia again, which last time [contributed to] not only the weight, but also the swelling that everyone would make fun of, not understanding that I had this condition. It was the worst! I couldn’t help it, and everyone would say, ‘She can’t stop eating.’ I delivered at 180, and they were like, ‘She’s 210 pounds. She’s getting dumped because she’s too fat,’ and all these ridiculous stories.”

… says Kim.


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Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photo on Insagram

August 13, 2015 in Kim Kardashian by Versus


On her ever-changing pregnancy body:

First they say I’m too skinny so I have to be faking it…Now they say I’m too big so I have to be faking it…SMH! Some days I’m photographed before I eat & look smaller, some days I’ve just eaten & I look bigger. It’s all a part of the process. I think you all know me well enough to know I would document the process if I got a surrogate. Everyone’s body is different, every pregnancy is very different! I’ve learned to love my body at every stage! I’m going to get even bigger & that’s beautiful too! I’m blessed to even be pregnant & even luckier to not have preeclampsia as far as I know, so I don’t have the swelling issue this time! They also say your body carries a boy different than a girl! Whatever the case may be I’m grateful to God for this miracle & no matter what rumors or comments you throw my way this time they truly don’t affect me! #NoFilter #NoPhotoShop #GoodLighting 😜

… says Kim while posing nude for her Instagram followers.


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