Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea in Thigh-High Boots


2 curvy ladies in nude thigh-high boots: Iggy Azalea at a daytime event and Kim Kardashian out with her family. Little quirky black dress or oversized bomber jacket? Who rocks the thigh-high boots look?

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Kim Kardashian Is 139 Pounds


From E! News:

After nearly five months of hard work and dedication, Kim Kardashian is close to reaching her pre-baby weight. The reality star took to Snapchat to share a photo while standing on a scale, revealing her current weight (139.6) which she says is just 5 lbs. short of where she was before getting pregnant with little Saint West. Just to put that in perspective, that means she’s already dropped about 50 lbs. since December.

“YOU GUYS!!!!! PRE BABY WEIGHT WAS 135!!!!!” she captioned the photo, excited about her progress.

On whether her butt ‘spans’ 55 inches:

“My butt is not that big. I would say it’s about 12 inches off or something, but it’s definitely not 55 inches.”

… says Kim.

P.S.: Kim is 139 ponds at 5’2” / 63 kg at 159 cm tall (BMI 24.9).

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Kim Kardashian Lasered All Her Baby Hairs, Including Her Neck


The full story from People:

Looking back at photos of Kim Kardashian during her days as Paris Hilton’s sidekick is basically the equivalent to looking back at her baby photos — her appearance has changed drastically over the years. But one of the most talked about changes that has taken place on her road to Mrs. West? Every rogue hair has simply vanished from her face and neck — and she wants you to know that life isn’t necessarily better without them.

“I lasered my baby hairs off years ago, because my forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them,” the star wrote in a post on her website.

But with her dermatologists on speed dial, her hairline certainly wasn’t the only thing she altered. “I also lasered my neck because I had such a hairy neck,” she adds, noting that her unwanted strands would have been removed digitally anyway. “Every photographer would photoshop them out anyway, and I thought I looked better without the baby hairs, but now I miss them. I think they look youthful!”

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Kim & Emily Posed Topless Together, Felt Liberated


From Emily’s Twitter:

However sexual our bodies may be, we need to have the freedom as women to choose when & how we express our sexuality.

We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality. #liberated

Even if being sexualized by society’s gaze is demeaning, there must be a space where women can still be sexual when they choose to be.

“Why demonize female sexuality if only to keep us in the dark about the power and beauty of our bodies?” @guerrillafem

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