Celebs at the Weinstein Company and Montblanc Cocktail: Kate, Emmy and Malin

The Weinstein Company and Montblanc International hosted a cocktail event to honor UNICEF at The Soho House West Hollywood yesterday and lots of celebs showed up – here’s a bunch:

1. Kate Bosworth (27) looking skinny in pointy golden heels and an interesting kinda looks dirty dress.

2. Emmy Rossum (23) looking slim in a double-layer black number.

3. Malin Akerman (31) looking slim as well in a purple / burgundy dress.

Are you a fan of any of these dresses? Who looks best on this occasion?

See pretty Malin after the jump!

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Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman and Kristin Davis in Bikinis


3 in one shot!

And they all have great bodies and they’re all in bikinis (or, more specifically, lingerie) in their new movie!

From left to right, 44 year-old (wow!) Kristin Davis, 31 year-old Malin Akerman and 28 year-old Kristin Bell, slightly slimmer here than in the last bunch of bikini pictures (all celebs lose a little weight when shooting a new movie, no surprise here).

See 2 more pictures and Kristen’s nicely shaped booty after the jump!

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