Megan Fox Brings Today’s Quote


On turning 30:

When you’re young, that sounds so old. When you’re in high school or even when you’re in your early 20s it sounds like, ‘You know when I’m 30 I should just give up. Like what’s the point of going on at that age?’ And then you turn 30, I’m turning 30 later this year, you don’t feel any older at all.

… says Megan.

Step Back in Time – the beauty at 18-19 years-old:



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Megan Fox: “I’m not your typical music video model”


On the fact that she is smart and unlike her image:

‘I would say most people assume that I’m not very smart or educated or earnest, because I have this image that I’m sort of narcissistic, chasing attention, and wanting people to like me. It makes me laugh because I’ve done plenty of interviews and when you read the article from beginning to end you can see that I’m not your typical music video model.’

… says Megan in Harper’s Bazaar.

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