Nelly Furtado’s Little Black Dress Look


Nelly Furtado wore this little black number at the photocal of the Gala Awards 40 Principales 2009 in Madrid the other day.

Puffy sleeves can look great on curvy pear shapes, because they balance the figure and add some volume on top, but I don’t think that these ones right here are particularly flattering.

What do you guys think? How do you find this dress (and tights and shoes) on Nelly’s figure?

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Celebs in Jeans: Nelly, Penelope and Rachel

Celebs in Jeans Nelly, Penelope and Rachel

Summer is long gone and so are daisy dukes, the overwhelming number of bikini candids and the tiny summer dresses that show of long and skinny (or shapely) celebrity legs.

What’s in? Well, jeans, jackets and boots: Here are 3 fall examples: Nelly Furtado in a pair of tight jeans that show of her pear shape figure, Penelope Cruz looking stylish in stripes and Rachel McAdams in jeans while traveling.


You can see Rachel after the jump!

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Nelly Furtado’s Got Hips in a Long Black Dress


Nelly Furtado is definitely a curvy pear shape, with round hips, a plump booty and strong thighs – and this dress totally shows off her enviable waist-hip ratio.

Looking good!

How do you like Nelly in this dress?

See how you’ll like her make-up! There’s a close-up after the jump!

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Nelly Furtado in Leggings on Stage

I hear that Nelly has been receiving a little criticism for her slightly thick (in Hollywood) legs. I don’t think that she should lose any weight, as I’m pretty sure that she’s at a healthy weight that presupposes eating on regular basis (unlike some), but I will say that she could benefit from choosing more flattering outfits for her body type.

Outfits like what? Like a knee-length dress for starters, since she appears to define the pear body shape and carries her weight on her legs. Good points for choosing bright colors on her (smaller) top and slimming black on her (thicker) bottom.

What are your thoughts?

Photo source: Celebutopia

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