Bikini Treat: Paris and Nicky Hilton!

Bikini Treat for the Holidays: Paris and Nicky Hilton!

The sisters were spotted while vacationing with their family in Maui – it looks like they had a lot of fun!

See one more Paris next!

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Celebs and Outfits at the Alice + Olivia Soiree

Lots of young celebs showed up at the Stacey Bendet Holiday Party For Baby Buggy in West Hollywood last night – in this batch, we’ve got a bowey Kourtney Kardashian (who’s looking slimmer), a still-rocking-the-pixie Ashlee Simpson, a back-to-brunette Katharine McPhee and  a leggy in stripes Nicky Hilton.

See the other 2 girls next!

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Skinny VS Curvy Time! Nicky Hilton VS Alicia Keys!


Every event MUST have our trademark Skinny VS Curvy post and our picks for the VMAs are Nicky Hilton and Alicia Keys.

Alicia is a classic pear shape, with curvy hips, thick thighs and strong-looking legs, while Nicky is actually a very thin apple shape (she carried more weight in her middle area when she was heavier a few years back).

Skinny VS Curvy Time! Nicky Hilton VS Alicia Keys!

And since they have SUCH different legs, which pair do you like better?

Pick your favorite!

Note: Remember, this is just for expressing your preferences! This is not an actual battle and we DO believe both women and beautiful in their own way.

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Celebs in Jeans: Nikki Reed, Jennifer Love Hewitt & Nicky Hilton


Here’s a mini collection: 3 young celebs in 3 pairs of jeans.

First, we’ve got a chic and casual Nikki Reed, then Jennifer who accessorised her look with a big winter scarf and a sleek and skinny Nicky on the next page.


Who looks best in jeans on this occasion?

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Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Nicky Hilton VS Danielle Fishel!


Yay, new faces for the curvy side – they’re very hard to find (in Hollywood)! In case you don’t know Danielle, she’s famous for her role in the sitcom Boy Meets World and she’s also spokesperson for NutriSystem (on which she lost 28 lbs – she did gain some back though).

On the skinny side, we have the always skinny Nicky Hilton with her tall and lean figure and her pair of bony knees.

VERY different girl this time!

Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Nicky Hilton VS Danielle Fishel!

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