Fran Drescher & Rachel Ray: Black Looks and Curvy Figures on the Red Carpet

The Nanny’s Fran Drescher is looking great for her age  – 51, by the way – and I see that she’s still got her nicely proportioned hourglass figure. Rachel (40) is looking quite hourglassy herself here, the asymmetry is working for her.

Nice round hips on both ladies!

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Who’s Hotter? Rachael Ray or Jennifer Hudson?

What do we have here? Two very curvy ladies (who might be called “chubby” instead of “curvy” by some, but they still qualify), both with voluptuous hips and extra roundness & softness than 95% of Hollywood’s stars.

Now the question is: Who’s hotter? Who rocks her curves? Who makes the most of her curvy body? Who is dressed better for her body shape? Rachael Ray or Jennifer Hudson?

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Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Teri Hatcher or Rachael Ray?

We all know what “skinny” means. As long as bones are showing here and there, we can call ourselves skinny. But what does “curvy” mean? Long story short, curvy means voluptuous, with pleasant curves in the right places – to be more specific and less delicate: boobs and butt. Now there are definitely not as many perfectly curvy women in Hollywood as there are perfectly skinny ones – so let’s be a little indulgent and extend the meanings of our “curvy” term.

I know that we don’t all see Rachael Ray curvy and facts are that she is not the standard description of the word, but she sure is opposite to Teri Hatcher! Regardless if you include Rachael in the curvy or “could lose a few” category, let’s play Skinny Versus Curvy! Now it is up to you: which one of these ladies in sleek dresses do you prefer? The tall and super skinny Teri Hatcher or the shorter and plumper Rachel Ray?

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