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Rachel Bilson: “Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier”

May 15, 2014 in Celebrity Quotes, Rachel Bilson by Versus


On when she feels her all-time unhealthiest:

My unhealthiest is when I binge on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, because it happens. I binge. I can admit it. I’ve actually gotten better this year. It got to a point where I was eating them so much that, like, you poop red every day! You’re like, ‘OK, I don’t know what’s going through my body, but I probably should stop. There are problems.’

On looking young:

I’ve always looked young because I’m so short, and especially if I’m dressed down. When I have a baby, everybody’s going to be like, ‘Awww, poor teen mom. Poor girl.’ And Teen Mom is my favorite show. That’s what I download and watch on the plane. Like, don’t talk to me, I’m watching Teen Mom. I know, pathetic. But it’s true.

On embracing her body in her 30s:

“You’re so much more comfortable and don’t give a crap about the stupid things that you cared about when you were in your 20s. I would never want to do my 20s again. I hate that our society is so focused on that body-image stuff. Girls growing up now are aware of their bodies instead of what’s important. Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier. I wish my butt wasn’t so fat.

On being sexy:

I’m pretty modest. It’s just what I’m drawn to. It’s OK to be sexy everyone once in a while, but you don’t have to show everything to be sexy…It’s all about subtleties. Keep ‘em guessin.

… says 32 year-old Rachel.

More recent pictures of her next!



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Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

August 1, 2013 in Anna Faris, Rachel Bilson by Versus


Actresses Kat Dennings (27), Anna Faris (36) and Rachel Bilson (31) all showed up at the CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party in Los Angeles this week.

Who looked best?



Many more pictures next!


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Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003

July 28, 2013 in Rachel Bilson, Step Back in Time by Versus


Back in Time Trip: check out a collection of pictures featuring cutie Rachel Bilson back in 2003, when she was 21 years old!

To see how Rachel looks these days, check out this post!

All of them after the jump!


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Rachel Bilson in Electric Blue

July 24, 2013 in Rachel Bilson by Versus


31 year-old Rachel Bilson attended the premiere of CBS Films’ ‘The To Do List’ in Westwood last night, and she did so while wearing an electirc blue dress with a flared top.

How do you all like her look?


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Bikini Treat: Rachel Bilson

April 17, 2013 in Rachel Bilson by Versus


Bikini Treat of the Day: slim and curvy Rachel Bilson, who showed off her fit pear-shaped figure in a bikini on the beach in Barbados this week.

See more of her next!


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