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Adele – Then & Now

November 27, 2015 in Adele, Then and Now by Versus


Super talented beauty Adele has definitely had quite a transformation, looks and style-wise in the past 7 years. Here are some photos that exemplify that – from 2008 and 2015.


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Molly Sims on Her Modeling Career: “I didn’t eat sometimes for a couple of days”

November 7, 2015 in Molly Sims, Then and Now by Versus


On maintaining her thin figure while modeling in the 90’s:

‘I didn’t eat sometimes for a couple of days. And I used to walk 14 miles a day. I am blessed genetically but I still had to work hard to get to the weight they wanted me to be at.’

On how her perception has changed:

‘You never think you look good at the moment but then you look at the picture five years later you like it. Looking at a photo of myself in a silver bathing suit… at that time I thought I was so heavy.’

… says 42 year-old Molly.

Molly in 2001, walking for VS and hosting an event while looking similar to Alessandra Ambrosio:



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Gisele Bundchen in a Bikini After Rumored Plastic Surgery

November 6, 2015 in Gisele Bundchen, Makeover or Makeunder?, Then and Now by Versus


Gisele Bundchen was spotted on the beach in Bahamas this week, showing off a full cleavage – a while back, it was reported that Gisele wore a burka to disguise herself while entering a private plastic surgery center in Paris and different outlets claimed that the supermodel opted for breast implants.

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Gisele in a bikini a few years back:


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Bikini Treat: Blake Lively

November 6, 2015 in Blake Lively, Then and Now by Versus


Bikini Treat: 28 year-old Blake Lively, who gave birth to her first child 10 months ago.

Blake in a bikini in 2007:


And more ‘vintage’ swimsuit shots:

2008 blake-lively-swimsuit-09

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Melissa McCarthy – Then and Now

October 24, 2015 in Melissa McCarthy, Then and Now by Versus


Left: Melissa at a much higher weight in 2014.

Right: Melissa as she hosted an event this week, showing off the inspiring results of her weight loss.

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