Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

bikini-body-battle-old-lindsay-versus-new-lindsay - Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

Brand new idea just popped in my head: let’s put curvy Lindsay and skinny Lindsay in a battle! Better yet, let’s put Lindsay’s shapely bikini body against Lindsay’s tiny bikini body.

And for optimal relevance, take a look at the booty perspective in order to give your verdict.

bikini-body-battle-old-lindsay-versus-new-lindsay-2 - Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

Need I point out the differences between the two Lindsays? I’ll say the curvy Lindsay has got 20+ lbs more than skinny Lindsay , distributed pretty evenly all around: b~~~~, hips, thighs, stomach, arms.

This should be fun: Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay! Choose your favorite!


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Then and Now: Rachel Hunter

then-and-now-rachel-hunter - Then and Now: Rachel Hunter

Even the hottest models that made it on Sport Illustrated covers (multiple times), appeared in Playboy and have worked most of their lives in their bikini or sexy lingerie, posing in sexy photoshoots – even they can start looking less like long legged, ideally shaped, skinny women. Case and point (no, I’m not gonna say Tyra Banks): Rachel Hunter, who besides being a famous model, is an actress and Rod Stewart’s ex wife.

Rachel’s weight didn’t exactly pop up over night. One year ago, Rachel was contacted by Slim-Fast, in order to become their spokesperson – and no, she didn’t look as (or bigger than) in the picture on the right, since she was 5’10” and 147 lbs. “Only” 147 (compared to average women) but “a whooping” 147 (compared to average models).

As for her recent weight gain, Rachel says that it’s muscle and not fat. How so? Apparently, it is all “thanks” to the new circus acts she’s been performing for a celebrity circus show (is there a show they haven’t invented yet?)

What are your thoughts?

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Then and Now: Cheryl Cole

then-and-now-cheryl-cole - Then and Now: Cheryl Cole

We’ve seen how skinny Cheryl Cole has gotten lately, but not through clothes – in a bikini. In case you didn’t get to see her wearing something close to nothing, click here!

Now, what do we have here? On the left, we’ve got a healthier and more feminine version of Cheryl before the weight loss that got many tabloid covers in the UK. On the right, we’ve got a skinny Cheryl, with much narrower hips, thinner arms, reduced thighs and overall a smaller and more fragile frame.

So, here’s a question for you: Where does she look better?

Photo source: Celeb Utopia, Daily Mail

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Then and Now: Beyonce

then-and-now-beyonce - Then and Now: Beyonce

Beyonce has been up and down in weight and size, we all know that – here are just three of her previous and present weights that illustrate this fact. And even though her pounds on the scale oscillated quite a lot, she never seemed too skinny or unhealthily thick.

Which one is your favorite Beyonce? The very thin purple vision on the left, the super curvy Beyonce with thick thighs in the middle or the recently slimmed down Beyonce (that lost a great portion of her signature round hips)? Click here for more on Beyonce’s new weight loss.

Photo source: Celeb Utopia, A Class Celebs

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Then and Now: Nicole Richie

then-and-now-nicole-richie - Then and Now: Nicole Richie

Let’s talk about Nicole Richie’s weight fluctuations one more time. Now we could definitely write a full book on the subject and words like: “average”, “skeleton”, “emaciated”, “slim”, “scary skinny”, “too big for Hollywood”, “eating disorders”, “weight loss”, “baby pounds”, “skinny again” would definitely fit in this book, especially if they would be accompanied by pictures like the ones above.

With the hope that no one will comment something like “Oh my God, how great she looks in the second picture!”, what do you have to say?

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