Then And Now: Karolina Kurkova’s Booty

then-and-now-karolina-kurkovas-booty - Then And Now: Karolina Kurkova's Booty

At request, here’s a comparison between Karolina’s (highly criticized) old booty that she exposed during a fashion show 5 months back and her new, toned, perky and round booty, as it appeared during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Now, I know what you’ll say: that the light is a decisive element in these cases, since it can be either your friend (when it flatters your skin and hides your imperfections) or your enemy (when it accentuates your flaws). But even with all that, I think Karolina did some efforts in order to obtain her better looking, tighter, close-to-ideal butt.

What do you all say?

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Angelina Jolie, Before and After Pregnancy

angelina-jolie-before-and-after-pregnancy - Angelina Jolie, Before and After Pregnancy

Picture 1: Angelina in June 2007, before getting pregnant with twins.

Picture 2: Angelina on 4th of October 2008, at the New York Film Festival.

Even though post-baby bodies are actual nightmares to oh so many women, Angelina’s got luck and genes on her side this time, too, since she’s looking like a million times better on the right. We get hips instead of a scrawny figure and fuller b~~~~ instead of chest bones.

A perfect “Skinny Versus Slim with Curves” case!, with a pretty obvious winner. Feel free to agree (or disagree)!

More pictures of the curvier Angelina after the jump! Read more

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Red Dress Parade Featuring Victoria Beckham

red-dress-parade-featuring-victoria-beckham - Red Dress Parade Featuring Victoria Beckham

It looks like Victoria’s closet is full of red dresses – well, what better way to show off your tiny figure (that definitely requires all sorts of sacrifices) if not in the most eye-popping color of all?

Which one is your favorite as-red-as-it-gets dress? And while you’re at it, let’s hear your thoughts on Posh’s ever-changing hairstyles and never-changing skinny figure!

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Beyonce’s Beach Body, Then and Now

beyonces-beach-body-then-and-now - Beyonce's Beach Body, Then and Now

So here’s Beyonce in June 2007 and then here’s Beyonce in October 2008. Few fast ideas:

1. First bikini bra appears to be a size too small, yet manages to create a very “booby look”. Second one (even though popular and trendy) is not the most flattering one you could choose .

2. Beyonce’s waist looks a little more sculpted on the left – or that’s what I am guessing, considering that the orange stuff is strtategically positioned (intentionally or not).

3. The actual difference I see here is not body-related, but more like: How glamorous Beyonce looks on the left (makeup, earrings, hairstyle, bikini) and how relaxed and worry-free she appears to be on the right.

Click for more “Now” pictures!

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Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

bikini-body-battle-old-lindsay-versus-new-lindsay - Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

Brand new idea just popped in my head: let’s put curvy Lindsay and skinny Lindsay in a battle! Better yet, let’s put Lindsay’s shapely bikini body against Lindsay’s tiny bikini body.

And for optimal relevance, take a look at the booty perspective in order to give your verdict.

bikini-body-battle-old-lindsay-versus-new-lindsay-2 - Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay!

Need I point out the differences between the two Lindsays? I’ll say the curvy Lindsay has got 20+ lbs more than skinny Lindsay , distributed pretty evenly all around: b~~~~, hips, thighs, stomach, arms.

This should be fun: Bikini Body Battle! Old Lindsay Versus New Lindsay! Choose your favorite!


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