Charlize Theron’s Weight Transformation

FFN_vcv_52186011 - Charlize Theron's Weight Transformation

According to various reports, Charlize Theron has been on a weight gain diet in order to look the part (literally) for her new movie Tully – spotted here, Charlize, looking noticeably different on set this week.

According to the Daily Mail, the actress gained 35 pounds for this role. And this is not the first time the actress made such efforts in order to play a character – back in 2003, the actress suffered a major makeunder for her role in Monster.

Charlize last year:

FFN_vcv_51740045 - Charlize Theron's Weight Transformation

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Julianne Hough: “At 19, my body was bangin’, but I was killing myself”

FFN_vcv_52118509 - Julianne Hough: "At 19, my body was bangin’, but I was killing myself"

On being fit versus being skinny and unwell in the past:

“I love my shape because I feel strong and fit, and that makes me feel confident. When I look at pictures of myself when I was 19, my body was bangin’, but I was killing myself. I was working out two and a half hours a day and eating the bare minimum to survive. I was so miserable. I wasn’t healthy. To be honest, I looked like a kid. Now I’m embracing the fact that I’m a woman with curves.”

On her workouts:

“I exercise three to six times a week, but usually I do five days of hard-core training. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I do Tracy Anderson or Body by Simone or I work out with my trainer, Astrid Swan. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do Core Power Yoga, which I love. If I’m doing something special, like shooting the SHAPE cover, or when I want to tone up quickly, I’ll also take a SoulCycle class. Saturdays, I go on a really long hike with my friends or take another yoga class, depending on how I feel. Sunday is my reboot day. I try to eat healthy and do something outside like walk my dogs. I relax, enjoy the day and get mentally and spiritually prepared for the week. It gets me excited for what’s ahead.”

On exercising with friends:

“I love going to classes with my girlfriends [actresses Nina Dobrev and Sarah Hyland are two of her closest]. We’ll call each other or send a group text and organize. Sometimes we sign up for Spartan races and have a blast. Last fall we took a girls’ trip to Mexico. I had just finished a dancing tour with my brother, Derek, and was super motivated and working out like crazy. My friends asked me to teach a class one of the days we were on the trip, and I said, ‘One day? I’ll do it every day!’ So rather than drink tequila shots and get crazy, we turned it into a healthy trip. Every morning, we got up and I taught an hourlong mix of Tracy Anderson, Body by Simone, and yoga moves. Then we’d put on our swimsuits and go to the beach or the pool. Don’t get me wrong: We definitely enjoyed cocktails and chips and salsa while we were there, but after our daily workouts we always felt much better about ourselves.”

… says 28 year-old Julianne.

Pictured below – the dancer/actress at age 19:

JulianneHough-AMA2007-Arrival_Vettri.Net-04 - Julianne Hough: "At 19, my body was bangin’, but I was killing myself"
JULIANNE HOUGH @ the 2007 American Music Awards held @ the Nokia theatre.
November 18, 2007


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Jessica Alba in a Bikini – Then (10 Years Ago) & Now

jessica-alba-bikini-body-transformation - Jessica Alba in a Bikini - Then (10 Years Ago) & Now

Left: 25 year-old Jessica Alba, looking thin and toned in a two-piece back in 2006.

Right: 10 years and 2 kids later, Jessica still looks amazing in a bikini, only now she is very fond of pineapple patterns instead of black and white zebra prints.

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Tennis Star Marion Bartoli’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Untitleds-1 - Tennis Star Marion Bartoli's Dramatic Weight Loss

Here’s a story that is getting a lot of heat these days, featuring 31 year-old former tennis star Marion Bartoli, who looks dramatically different and much skinnier these days – and as always, the social media has not been kind. A few comments pointing out her transformation:

@_BeDeMo_ added: ‘What the hell happened to @bartoli_marion? Shocking to see her on @BBC #TodayAtWimbledon #Wimbledon’

@ClairevkVan added: ‘@bartoli_marion you do not look well. Please please put on some weight now. You are a naturally beautiful woman. Too thin is not helpful.’

@ScottishDoris wrote: ‘Marion Bartoli looks really unwell. Not caring what people say about body shaming etc, when you look as ill as she does you’ve gone too far.’

@bolshoi59 added: ‘@BBCSport I love Marion Bartoli but someone needs to have a word. That’s not healthy. Felt the same at the French. I mean, come on!’

Prior to her weight loss, BBC presenter John Inverdale made some unjustified and harsh comments live on the radio about Marion’s appearance while commentating on the tennis star’s straight-sets victory over Sabine Lisicki:

‘I wonder if her dad did say to her, “Listen, you’re never going to be a looker. You’re never going to be somebody like a Sharapova, you’re never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that.”’

While it is unknown whether the presenter’s comments had anything to do with Marion’s weight loss transformation, the tennis player had to defend herself this week on social media after receiving heavy criticism from her followers:

It has happened naturally. My natural frame is quite tiny, that is the way my mum and dad are. I have just gone back to my natural shape. All that shows you is the amount of effort I had to put in to become the tennis player I was. Before, I built the body I needed to win Wimbledon. I was where I wanted to be. I shaped it to become a champion – my body was about power. Now I’m sitting sketching all day rather than squat-lifting 200kg, so I’m not eating the same kind of food. When I played I fuelled my body – I used to eat more carbohydrates and drink sugary drinks on the court. Now I eat vegetables, salads, grains and protein shakes to give me energy for the gym.

3582047F00000578-3651907-image-a-16_1466499458956 - Tennis Star Marion Bartoli's Dramatic Weight Loss

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