Catherine Zeta-Jones

Long Time No See: Catherine Zeta-Jones

long-time-no-see-catherine-zeta-jones - Long Time No See: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Here’s a brunette beauty we haven’t seen in a while: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

She looks good and classy, beautiful hair!

How do you like her look on this occasion?

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long-time-no-see-catherine-zeta-jones-2 - Long Time No See: Catherine Zeta-Jones

long-time-no-see-catherine-zeta-jones-3 - Long Time No See: Catherine Zeta-Jones

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  • Kaiser

    She has a strange figure. Really skinny legs combined with relatively big bust, kind of mid-heavy. But I totally admire her natural smile and her appearance always shows me, that a woman needs more than a perfect body.

    • vienna

      thats because she has an “apple” figure.

  • Natalie

    Has she had work done? Her face looks weird.

    • K

      lol – I didn’t notice that!

      Maybe I’m wrong! :S

    • aida

      I don’t think it has anything to do with plastic surgery. She gained some weight and it shows in her face, plus she is wearing pretty much natural make up.
      She’s still slim and beautiful

      • gigit

        I think it might be her lips? Something doesn’t quite match up…

        • Nicole

          definitely agree. her smile looks weird and not because she is smiling weird, if that makes sense. something is definitely off

  • K

    I think she looks amazing. She’s someone that shows women can grow older gracefully (and even gain weight!), without trying to dress/look like a much younger woman.

    (ahem, Demi Moore)

  • ha

    She has a beautiful figure. It’s curvy and slim and very classy somehow. She’s just a naturally gorgeous woman, that’s all there is to it.

  • rosie

    when i’m her age i hope to look half as good. though i kind of think her face looks a little off too… but maybe it is just the make-up and weight gain?

  • Polina

    What she`s done with her nose? (maybe plastic surgery?)
    looks awful

  • JS

    Her face looks really wierd. Like its not her face…or maybe i just remember it differently. She looks ok otherwise.

  • samba

    hate to say it….cuz i do love catherine…but she has had some sort of surgery!? botox? facelift?! i dont know but she def has had summin done…her face looks…off…and its not because she has gained/ lost weight because she looks about the same weight wise and has been bigger/smaller before and her face never looked this way…WHY! WHY! SHE WAS GOING TO AGE BEAUTIFULLY ANYWAY! now she looks messed up

  • totally different! her body is strange…boney legs, wide midriff, heavy chest. It’s always looked like that. But her face!!!! Everything is changed. Her face shape, her nose, her lips….that’s got to be plastic surgery…or bad ageing. Wouldn’t even know that’s Ms. Zeta Jones.

  • sue

    her face…! she looks like a brunette LeAnne Rimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • she looks like the girl from That’s so Raven. Remember Raven, the main character?

  • Versus

    Her body shape is called Goblet, according to Trinny and Susannah. It’s characterized by:
    – a full, sometimes heavy top half
    – slim stem
    – short torso, hips start from up high, waist is high too
    – a little bit (or a bit more) of tummy
    – skinny, long legs
    The difference between goblet and V shapes is that V shapes do not have a defined waist, but goblets can have a nice waist and a curvy look.

    • Sidney

      Thanks for that! I’ve always wondered what my bodytype was and now it finally seems i might fit this chategory, at least almost. I’m not exactly like CZJ but types aren’t 100 % so i think i’m gonna settle. Yay.

  • justme

    Perhaps she’s had a facelift? Her eyebrows seem higher than they used too… But I might be crazy. =P

  • Emmy

    I think she could wear something less conservative. She is a sexy actress, not the twin sister of Michelle Obama

  • vivi

    IMHO she has has facial and lip fillers. There are no lines on her face at all and she has that full cheeked appearance of a girl in her early twenties. Admittedly she may have gained a bit of weight, probably due to not being on stage/ filming, but it would not affect her face like this. After her success in Darling Buds of May (UK TV series) she had a nose job and probable brow lift, but starlets have been having surgery since forever~ check out Marilyn Monroes b4 and afters. Anyway, she does have a gorgeous curvy figure thought and carries it well and I am sure her face will settle in a few weeks and look better.