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Lo Bosworth: “I Have Cellulite”

FP_4912119_Pratt_Bosworth_VAH_042810 - Lo Bosworth: "I Have Cellulite"

The Hills’ Lo has a little bit of something to share:

“I’m not afraid to tell the world that I have cellulite – most women do. It’s more common than people think,” said Bosworth. “I am so excited that with the help of NIVEA and the ‘Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge,’ I can take control of my body and feel even more confident on the beach this summer.”

… a little bit of advertising there at the end,  but OK.

Pictured: Stephanie & Lo on a shopping spree.

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Ugh, she’s irrelevant to The Hills. Needs to go away.

  • Maartje

    stephanie looks kinda.. weird here! like she has a fake face!

  • Maartje

    <3 Lo btw !! =)

  • snoops

    I just dont see how a lotion can get rid of celluite…?

    • Amy

      They pay her for saying that obviusly.But massage can help to reduce cellulite.

  • lp23

    Don’t we all lol!

  • Sidney

    More common than we think? If i see a woman with no cellulite whatsoever (an adult, not a teen), i’m more surprised than if i see a woman WITH cellulite. But this sounds like advertising. I’ve tried some anti cellulite creams sometimes, and there’s a few i’ve really loved, but they’ve only made the skin of my legs a bit more firm and smooth, a bit like some anti aging creams make the skin tighter, but haven’t done anything to any cellulite i might have, permanently.

  • Hydrangea

    Toning up does a great job with cellulite. SEEN that for myself. I have seen how lotions help the appearance of cellulite. That too I have SEEN for myself, so, imo anyway, Lo is on to something 😉

  • lc

    Well, I’m not exactly surprised at this revelation. I would have assumed that she did already, on my own.

  • MNG

    I wonder how much she got paid to say that :p

  • yes, indeed.. and she is only saying this to earn some good money on advertising.. they probably do not pay her well on the hills 😛

  • katrina

    Dry skin brushing helps improve circulation and massage the area, which helps lessen cellulite! Plus just moving around a lot, and not sitting around too much, will make a big difference, as it also promotes proper circulation.

  • érica

    I bet she has! her legs are not exactly skinny looking in this pic.

    • Lauren

      Why be so rude? Are you staying if you’re skinny you don’t have cellulite?!

  • Samantha

    Duh, dumbass, alot of women have cellulite. Get over it, work out and be happy!

  • Lisa

    LOL, lesson in subtlety right there.

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