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The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis - The Sugababes in Bikinis

British pop band Sugababes are currently having a lovely time on vacation, which means we’re getting 3 bikini treats!

First, a pear-shaped Amelle Berrabah (25) above…

Secondly, a thin and fit Jade Ewen (21)…

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-2 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

And thirdly, a curvy Heidi Range (26).

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-3 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

All the girls have pretty flat tummies and curves in the right places.

Who’s your favorite Sugababe?

See a LOT more after the jump!

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-01 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-4 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-5 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-6 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-7 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-8 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

The-Sugarbabes-in-Bikinis-9 - The Sugababes in Bikinis

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  • cat

    they all look good. if i have to choose, i’ll go for jade’s body cos she look really toned and slim compared to the other two who are softer(albeit still slim). i dunno. i guess i just prefer lean and toned bodies.

    • I’m confused about why the other two are famous. Maybe they were slimmer but ate too much over the Christmas holidays? LOL… about 20lbs too much…

      • artemis

        maybe they just don’t care anymore 😀 I’m sure they got plenty money by now

  • Jade Ewen is my favourite! what a cute, little behind she has 🙂

  • H

    I can’t stand these girls, especially since none of them were in the original lineup, and the music sucks now.
    If i had to choose a body, Jades.

  • artemis

    I choose amelle when she was skinnier…lol 😀

  • Kim

    I prefer the original sugarbabes. They looked better and their music was better.


    Woah! Amelles ass is hugee! Lol I never noticed before. I don’t like any of their bodies really. Jade is slim and toned but just not cute. I guess I’d pick Amelle even with that ass

  • cj

    wow she has a booty bigger than beyonce….

  • Misa Misa

    I like them: they look like normal happy women.

  • cj

    wow she has a booty bigger than beyonce….
    anyways i dnt know why people go for jade, i actually like amelles body, but maybe tone it a little bit . Why are people so scared of curves.
    I just read on wikipedia Amelle is maroc, so it explains alot, middleastern women er known for curves..

    • Moroccans are not Middle Easterners. They’re north Africans. Amelle is English of Moroccan descent, not Moroccan. As for Middle Eastern women and their “curves”…we’re not fat :-D. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a jerk.

      • cj

        middleeastern= majority arabs,
        marocs are arabs…so there you go.

        • Typical!

          • mEEE

            “curves”…we’re not fat

            Curves do not equal fat………so dont be offended if someone classifies you as curvy. Also, I thought it was Mediterranean women (Italian, Greek, French, etc) that were considered healthy yet curvy, since their diet is full of fruits, veggies, proteins and all of right kinds of fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts).

          • Not offended about the curvy comment. I was telling the above poster that Moroccans are NOT Middle Eastern. She didn’t want to listen and insisted that she was right, instead of educating herself. Anyways, it’s typical behavior.

        • leila

          The big majority of moroccans are not arabs 🙂 were are berbers
          and its a moroccan whos saying it!

      • artemis

        hmmm so you’re middle eastern
        always thought those women are pretty especially their eyes lol

        • Palestinian 🙂

          • baby blis

            viva palestina

          • Just Me

            Amen! 😀

      • spankxx

        actually morocco is part of the united arab emirates and the majority of us are arab as is the majority of north africa..and he never said that we were fat just curvy, which is mostly true. Also the girl above isn’t fat, she has a big ass when did that equal fat?? she has a classic pear shape small upper body and bigger lower half. Also that black bottom is REALLY unflattering, she looks so much better in the white one.

        • leila

          haha since when morocco’s a part of the united arab emirates? never was and will never be , i think u got it wrong , united arab emirates is a country , and its capital is abudhabey and one of it emirates is dubai !
          and morocco is not an arabic country it has a verrry diverse population including arabs , chleuhs, rifis , sahara’s nomadic tribes and africains from ghana

          • spankxx

            Hey, what I meant was morocco isn’t apart of the African Union and instead apart of the AMU because 99% of the population is Arab Berbers, there is lots of diversity within the berbers: black africans, spanish etc. But the majority of the population is arab.

          • leila

            errr , what u meant is wrong
            morocco is a part of the african union wich actually exist and is very active, and a member of the non existing (due to the conflicts about the western sahara)union of the arab maghreb , so if u go to morocco , you will people consdering themselves being of arabs heritage (fes , meknes , rabat ) , people of berber heritage (agadir , marrackech tangier , tetuan etc ) and people with african heritage (essaouira , marrackech , taroudant , caasablanca , ouarzazate)
            but i highly doubt this topic is about , the point is the 3 babes have some bangin different shapes bodies , they look great!!!!

    • artemis

      glad u prefer her lol

      • artemis

        a guy friend and my aunt visited italia and said the women there were mostly fat but don’t know of the others
        I’m my opinion, latino women are the curviest
        here there arent many extremes…I’m proud of my girls tho I hate my Romania 😀

        • kriszta

          what?? hate Romania??

        • DiDi

          actually women of african heritage are by far the most curvy and amelle is so fricking sexy damn dat ass looks sweet

  • terri

    they have stolen the group from the orginal members i don’t like them but if i had to choose someones body i would say heidi

  • prettygirl

    amelle has the best body in my opinion.

  • Casey

    Jade Ewen has the best body, but Amelle Berrabah has the best big body I’ve seen.

    • amazon

      you can’t seriously call that a big body??? she will be lucky is she is a size eight!! this is where we start to get issues with our weight when the smallest size most shops even stock is classed as big. its just insane. She carries a little extra weight on her bum and thighs, like most pears. you wouldn’t notice if it wasnt that she was wearing a bikini.
      they all look really good.

      • Casey

        She looks big. Why is that a bad thing? What is so bad about the word “big?” I didn’t mean it in a negative way, so why are you interpreting it in a negative way? It’s just like saying someone is skinny. It’s just a description. Saying big is like saying skinny; it’s not like I said she was fat.

        I’m sure many people would prefer that I used the word “curvy” but I actively refrain from using curvy to describe bigger girls since even a size 0 can be curvy with the right bone structure.

  • Eve

    Amelle has a very sexy big butt. I wish I had one.
    When pear shaped girls know their assets and can pull it off they look incredible and make me soooooo jealous.

    • artemis

      lol you make me blush 😀 thrilled somebody would be jealous of me ohhh

  • michelle

    Jade is the best…anyone who disagrees, i don’t know. 🙁 ughhh i have a pear shape freaking sucks. i’d give anything to have a body like jades… T__T

    • artemis

      I’m a pear too a skinny one 😀 but the only body in the world I’d want to instead of mine would be a skinny perfect hourglass 😀 not jade cuz then I’d be self conscious of my lack of curves

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I didn’t know that legs can look Too (!) long; it may be the high-waisted pants but in the 5th and in the 6th pic jade’s do.

  • They are soo much bigger that they appear on their videos…I had no idea Amelle and Heidi where like that. Jade is the only one that looks like I thought she would.

  • Jade is for sure the most attractive. In the lower picture with them all together she doesn’t look like she belongs cause she looks like a supermodel among some plain janes… I’m pretty sure I know some girls in my classes who would fit better beside Jade… I wonder if the other ones get jealous?

  • wise man say

    I think all of the women look amazing, but to me Amelle looks the best , I don’t know maybe its because Im part trini and the women I have always seen in my life growing up have been curvy. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a slim and fit body but I love women with curves its part of being a woman, or so I thought. But in this day and age

  • Pont Neuf

    Amelle and Heidi look horrible. Amelle’s torso is chunky and sits on top of two very wide hips and the ugliest, shortest legs imaginable. Unlike many pears, who have a really nice upper body that balances their figure, she just looks like a wide rectangle on top of two funnels. Heidi looks like she is made out of custard, and is VERY thick. She’s the prototypical “skinny fat” person.

    Jade has a nice body with amazing legs, but looks a bit unfeminine with all those stringy muscles.

  • Lara

    I´m sorry to say this,but Amelle and Heide are kind of fat IMO. Jades body looks good though.

    • Alexia

      I agree with you 100% .

  • Sukhy

    I like Amelles body and would tap that bottom. Michelle if you want a body like Jades i suggest you get your fat pear shaped body to the gym.

  • Hannah

    anyone else notice how Jades arms look too long for her body?

  • Lexxy

    1.jade has a body i would kill for. she’s insanely fit and thin.<3
    2.i heard amelle gained weight , but in the "about a girl" video she looked waaaaay thinner. i always was like "whoa , i wish i had her body". well , now i totally don't.[not saying she's fat , but i would probably go insane if my legs looked like that]. and btw , i think her ass looks that big because her hips and tummy area is looks almost like jade's , and jade is taller.
    3.i always thought heidi hates her legs because she always wore jeans or skirts that covered her knees[and she's covering herself up in these photos too,lol]. but she looks ok even if she's not thin or toned.

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