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Vida Guerra’s Bikini Body + Measurements

vida-guerras-bikini-body-measurements - Vida Guerra's Bikini Body + Measurements

Who? Cuban model Vida Guerra!

How? In a bikini! No, wait, BETTER: in a thong!

Weight? 115 lbs.

Height? 5’3.

Measurements? 34C-25-37.

How do you like the booty / the body / the bust / the abs?

See the pics after the jump!

Note: Vida’s height/ weight / measurements are listed according to her official website.

vida-guerras-bikini-body-measurements-2 - Vida Guerra's Bikini Body + Measurements

vida-guerras-bikini-body-measurements-3 - Vida Guerra's Bikini Body + Measurements

vida-guerras-bikini-body-measurements-4 - Vida Guerra's Bikini Body + Measurements

vida-guerras-bikini-body-measurements-5 - Vida Guerra's Bikini Body + Measurements

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  • susan

    Where are these measurements comming from? I think they may be a little inacurate, she looks quite muscular as well as voluptuous…..im pretty sure she weighs more than 115lbs.

    • James

      Her ass must weigh at least 115 pounds lol

  • Barbie

    am very interested in celebrities measurements plz try to get them as long as u can! but I doubt vida g.’s waist is only 25, mine s much smaller and it is 24 or 25 too!she has almost the same numbers (except for her huge booty that I don’t have!)lol

  • Versus

    @ Susan,

    The measurements are listed on Vida’s official website: https://www.vidasworld.com/vworld.php

    @ Barbie,

    We’ll keep your request in mind! 24 waist, wow!

  • Matt

    umm wow. is that even possible? lol. umm speechless. and theres no way, i guarantee you, that she is 115 lbs. she probably needs to update her official website. NO WAY, it just doesnt make sense. but theres no need to lie about her weight.

    i dont find her beautiful, but her body is truly exotic.

  • stef

    at 5’3 she definately could be 115 pounds… maybe closer to 120, but still not THAT inaccurate.
    she’s got one hot ass!!

  • Sydney

    Probably more like 120 pounds…I mean, she’s got curves!I’m a few inches shorter, and 110 lbs with tiny boobs and butt…But, regardless, she’s toned, and looks great!

  • zoe

    at 5″3 she could be close to it-maybe 117? she has curves but she’s toned, i wouldn’t say anymore than 120.

    • pppccc

      muscle weights more than body fat!This is why weights more than 120!

  • Matt

    wow, now that i look at her pics on other sites (i couldnt see her face properly), shes not pretty, AT ALL. very ugly. =X

    but nice body, lmao.

    • Anthony


      • Damon

        Her face is not ugly, but her face is very average. If I ever saw her walking down the street, I would not give her face a second look. Her body, on the other hand… that’s a different story LOL…. She is almost a butter face but not quite

  • Barbie


  • Matt

    she wud be a nice hooker or playmate to mess around with(if i were into that) but i wouldnt want my gf to look like that. too much curves, in one area. just not normal. =x

  • Matt


    too much fat in one area.

  • Jen


    I don’t know any straight men that go to websites like this…

  • Sunday

    She looks really curvy but still fit and healthy 🙂 Anyone know how old she is??

  • Matt

    lmao, now im gay?!

    you need a man’s persepective too, you know. =p and plus, its my OPINION. no need to accuse someone of being gay. its just like saying, oh you think she’s hot. YOUR A LESBIAN NOW.

    grow up.

    • steph

      lol you just sound like youre a girl pretending to be a guy is all, “matt”.
      cruising skinny vs curvy, tongue out smiley faces, “grow up”

      maybe you are a guy, maybe you arent. im not buying it though is all im sayin lol

  • stella

    She doesn’t have too much fat, hell she barely has any cellulite. I think she looks good.

  • zoe

    she’s not fat she’s curvy, and she must have something people like if she’s a cuban model.

  • Rapid

    Not all the Cubans are like that.
    Bu she is great! What a bump!

  • anon

    Her figure reminds me of a skinnier and somewhat better looking version of kim kardashians figure

  • raluca

    y’all are haters. she’s just looking really really amazing. perfect curves, killer abs and a great ass without cellulite and you would still find something to bitch about.

  • lola

    she’s HOT

  • Versus

    @ Sunday,

    Vida is 34 years old.

  • musko

    I don’t care how skinny/curvy/fat etc. you are…. thong bikinis should be outlawed!! EWWW!!! Cover your tush, sweetheart!!

    • steph


  • anya

    She is incredibly sexy, and maybe her butt is a little too big, but that is how a real woman should look. I love her curves and this she is so sexy.
    Though the weight and measurements are not accurate, but what the hell. She is all woman.
    And when I see her, I can’t help but think, why all these skinny celebs wanna look like stick thin boys, when they gain weight and have some amazing curves, and every guy would rather be with Vida with her curves than someone like Victoria Beckham. Hell, I’ll rather be with Vida than posh:)

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  • Holly

    Wow ….. I’m not a lesbian but I must admit she’s really hot!
    She’s one of those very few gals that look much better naked than dressed up….. I’m jealous!!!

  • adrienne

    She is hot indeed. But she seems to curvy to be a model. As far as I know models are skinny.

  • adrienne

    Sorry, i meant ”too” curvy.

  • mira

    i am a lesbian and i don’t find her hot 😉
    enviable abs and very nice skin, but the fake boobs and the butt don’t do it for me..

  • Lisa

    She seems too short for a model, 5 foot 3 is quite short, most models are at least 5 foot 7. Her arse is huge, no offence but it is. Looks big compared to the rest of her body. She needs to tone up etc.

  • Versus

    @ Adrienne & Lisa,

    Vida is not a runway model, she’s a glamour model / lingerie model, she does photo-shoots – that’s why she doesn’t need to be (that) skinny or tall 🙂

  • stella

    You know, as much as I despise the skinny ideal, it is a bit ignorant to say that “real women” should look like only one particular body type(in this case, like Vida’s). I’m sorry, but that just isn’t true. As long as the woman is healthy, and not doing anything drastic to maintain her looks, she IS a “real woman”. Not all of us can be blessed with a nice, juicy, rounded ass like Vida’s(or Kim K’s), or big natural breasts like some of the other women I’ve seen being touted as what a “real woman” should look like. It’s just as bad to say that a “real woman” should look like *insert name here* as it is to say that women should be striving for the skinny ideal. There are some pretty, and natural, women out there that just don’t have the kickin’ curves like Vida and Kim(one that comes to mind is Amanda Bynes). Real Women look like women, no matter what their body type/shape is, and they aren’t doing anything that could be detrimental to their health to maintain that body type/shape.

  • anya

    Stella I do not agree with you at all, and Yes I do believe that a woman need to have curves. I don’t mean huge boobs etc. but a woman is born a woman, not born a man or a boy, and I don’t get why some woman wants to look like boys. I am not talking about thin people who has a boyish bodies or people who might not have a huge butt like Kim K, but women who starves themselves to look like small boys is not attractive.

    • shell

      Yes, woman should have ‘curves’, but curves are a shape, NOT a size. Having a defined waist and flaring out at the hips exist on a woman whether she’s super slender, or very thick built (and i genuinely mean large built, as in large skeleton, designed to carry more fat…. I do not mean overweight! lol).

      Also, boobs don’t need to be massive for a woman to look feminine…. Basically, it doesn’t matter how big your lumps are, it’s actually having visible lumps what matters. Boobs are simply milk ducts, which all visible boobs have, and then the rest is fat.
      The only thing a 36F has that a 30B doesn’t is more fat. Bigger boobs just have more fat – boobs are just a fat storage place some women genetically have, just the same as some women load fat onto their hips or butts. Heck, when guys get fat enough, their bodies start to tuck fat on their boobs when they’ve got enough everywhere else…. lmao.

      • shell

        When i said some women have boobs as a fat storage place, i meant that some women store excess fat there and end up with big boobs…. All women store a little fat on their boobs, to cover the milk ducts and so, but women with smaller/medium boobs don’t store their other body fat there, their bodies send it to their butt/thighs or wherever…. Just to clarify, i was a bit misleading there. Sorry. =D

  • e

    You said it Stella! I couldn’t word it more perfectly.

  • susan

    Im with Stella on this one!

  • stella

    Anya, the women with the boyish bodies are going to feel just as bad about being told they need “curves” to be real and to be considered beautiful as the women with “curves” being told that skinny is the way they need to be to be considered beautiful. Either way, I’m saying that there is no one way for women to be, and to try and act like there is is just plain wrong, no matter what side of the argument you are on. Some women have the hour glass figure, some are pears, some are rulers, some are inverted triangles, etc…, and to only hold ONE body type up as the true beauty ideal is wrong, no matter what that body type is because not all of us can achieve that.

  • stella

    And to say again, as I said in my first comment, if the woman is healthy and not doing anything drastic to keep herself at a certain body type/shape, she is a “real woman”, no matter what that body type/shape is.

  • anya

    I don’t agree with you, and like everyone else, they have a perception of what is gorgeous and womanlike, and a body like hers is how, I think, a woman should look like. And if I could have a certain bodytype that would be it, cuz for me she is what a woman(IMO) should look like!

    • you can’t force a woman to have curves because of what god made them to be. women are women so that’s your problem that you choose to be ignorant.

  • e

    But why does your classification of “woman” fall into one body-type? Healthy and natural bodies of all shapes and sizes are real, curvy or no.

  • susan

    I think Anya’s an idiot

  • stella

    While I myself do prefer the more curvy look, I don’t hold that as the only way a woman can be beautiful. Sandra Bullock is very beautiful to me, regardless of being slim. Amanda Bynes(as I mentioned before) is beautiful and looks like she’s supposed to look like that, and I would never dream of telling her that she isn’t a “real woman” because I think curvy is the only truly beautiful body type. Not all women can look like Vida, so why should we tell all women that they have to look like that or they aren’t beautiful? Why’s it gotta be one way, and one way only, in this whole beauty ideal debate? Can’t we learn to see beauty in all of the natural shapes of a woman?

  • klara

    haha, stella, all healthy and fit women look beautiful indeed, but this site is about discussing shapes and sizes, so naturally some people ambrace and fuller or boyish or skinny or plump figures and some don’t – and on this website theyre encouraged to give their opinion, so its ought to be not p.c. all the time.
    every woman deserves somebody to love her for who she is regardless of her figure, but some figures are just more appealing to the majority and some are not.

  • Liandria

    hey hey. She can be 115lbs. Small Bones. You people never thought of that…
    MAN SHE IS ONE HOT CHICK!. Holy molly!. now that a figure.
    Yes 34-24 37 could be right
    I am 35 27 41…..she is so hoooooot I love seeing girls with curve like that. now thats a women!

  • Very sexy Hourglass figure, a new inspirational figure for me.
    She’s just the right slimness and healthy in my opinion. Totally hot.

  • change.

    fat cow. in simple terms. she might do for other people, but not for me. to be 5’3 and have a behind like that, HIDEOUS. probably looks like a horse when she walks. and i see her on provacative magazines, which to me means shes not classy and just famous for her behind. i wish she would do other things then show off her behind (she’s proud of it, and she should, but u gotta bring more then that!) IN MY OPINION… NEXT!!!

    • change.

      def not a fat coww. def big booty. prolly fake like her boobiess. overall shes a great catch for menn. def not fat, i take that back(oprah is fat, and she is NOT fat) she has great body overall

      • pppccc

        did you change your mind, or you are joking?

  • liandria

    *cough* Jealous *Cough*

  • change.

    lmao. shes fat to me. simple. but i do congratulate her on her skin, no cellulite., thats hard. i mean eva longoria even has cellulite and shes a size 0.

    • change.

      shes not fat to me. just fat boooty, which doesnt make her fat overall, cuz ive seen fat, and she aint fat!

  • liandria

    and your?…..300lbs behind ur screen. Give me a fucking break. like i said *Jealous* ;)…. Start judging yourself before other people. because people like you are pushing lil 12-15yr old saying they are fucking fat when they are like Vida and they become anorexic. Seriously. Look at yourself before judging.

    • pppccc

      It’s even worse!
      I was 13 years old and very healthy.I was thinner than Vida. I did horse riding so my thighs were toned but not big or sth. Just very toned. I had a round butt (kinda small actually)with zero cellulite(I was just 13). And then, thnx to some girls of school who were saying that my butt was too round,from 5’6″ and 117lbs I dropped to 88lbs. Right after that, I was in a hospital for three weeks and then I had a year of psycological help.

  • change.

    but im curious. why would you assume im jealous? please do reply liandria. =]

  • liandria

    BTW miss, Did you ever notice….VIDA HAS A 6PACK. But no She’s Fat.
    She has meat and big tits…and a 6pack.
    But no she is fat.

  • liandria

    Oh my god, are you gone in the bathroom to make urself puke because I just burned you?!

  • change.

    lol, immature.

    but anyways, i will rephrase myself. to put in simple terms for u. her behind makes her appear fat to me. yes she has a 6 pack, and yes she has no cellulite. but she still appears fat. because of her behind. now fat isnt a bad word. its just the opposite of skinny. i think u got offended by me calling her fat.

    • change.

      fat is indeed offensive just like how thin women get offended when they get called skinny with a nasty tone to it. ie: “OMG, your so skinny, go eat something” so i def take that back, shes not fat. big booty indeed. small waist. thin arms. so no fatty here. just a girl with a loadsss of fat in onee specific area which doesnt make her fat.

  • liandria

    Because she is NOT fat. Holy Fuck. Call me whatever. I know a difference between someone that is FAT. And someone is normal Looking.

  • stella

    If she’s “fat”, all I gotta say is “Damn, wish I was fat!”. Slim waste, nice legs, nice round behind with hardly any cellulite, though I could do with out the fake breasts.

    And I’m sorry, but being a woman that does “provocative magazines” does not equal classless.

  • i agree with stella. just because women don’t have big butts or curves doesn’t mean that they are a woman. i don’t even like the phrase at times because what does that say about skinny women? does that mean we’re ugly? no because we are women as well. vida is skinny but she works out and have curves of her own. as long as you take care of yourself and keep a positive attitude then you are a real woman. yea i’m skinny but i got curves just like vida. beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but people want to pick other women apart because they don’t look skinny or they don’t have curves. why can’t women be themselves without being judged on their looks? hollywood don’t even represent skinny women the right way because we are being looked at as being unhealthy, boney and nasty looking and it’s sad because it’s sending a wrong message to young women that look at young women in hollywood. so not all women is gonna be born with curves just like not women is gonna be born skinny. like stella said, real women is women, regardless of what shape you are in.

  • lolo

    “Change” plus others – I think YOU need to change – I am female and think she is gorgeous. I have a “bubble butt” too and my partner LOVES it. He thinks this woman is gorgeous and I have to agree.

    I think the photos sometimes look distorted as I can assure you in real life she does look small.

  • Misterman

    straight man’s perspective- freakin hott, ill take athletic and curvy over skinny and anerexic anyday.

    p.s. if you think shes fat, you have skewed perception of body types

  • Krip

    I’m moving to Cuba!!
    What a butt.

  • Big beautiful bobs

  • Valentine

    She is definitely not fat – WTF??!! to everyone who says she is! Plus, it’s kind of insulting, my arse probably looks like that from behind too and I’m 5’3 as well. I say hourglass figures rule, though it is a pain to find clothes that fit the boobs, the waist and the arse all in one…

    Her boobs are clearly fake though, which is a shame, but I still think she has a fab figure!

  • tomcat

    her boobs are fake.. but she has a great ass..

  • .waiste.

    Instead of fighting over what REAL women should look like how about you people learn how to spell!!!!!!

  • paula

    I love her body type

  • elean

    she does have cellulite, you can see it pretty clearly. amazing curves.

  • Natasha

    God! she`s not 115 lbs !! i am 5’2” and 115 lbs and i`m pretty skinny .. so she must be at least 120 lbs . but she looks great

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  • Leanne

    I have to laugh at those saying ‘there is no way she is 115lb, she has to be 120lb’….you are talking a measely 5lb which depending on frame size, muscle mass and fat distribution is really very neglible. When you are curvy, and by curvy I mean boobs and butt it tends to make you look heavier than you really are.

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  • Tionda

    size and weight does not look the same on everybody, Im 5’2″ myself and kinda on the slim side but with fuller thighs and a round behind and little cleavage so I wouldnt doubt that she is 115 and whoever said that butt is big or she is fat, whatever at she can fill out her clothes and dont have clothes hanging off of her like some other ppl like lindsay lohan, nicole riche and clarisa flochart

    • JESSI


  • feelinspunky

    lmao ok to people saying she’s fat – where are you LOOKING?! she is no where near fat. curvaceous? absolutely. but no way in h3ll is she fat.
    and also, does anyone else think she may have implants? her boobs look just a tad too spherical to me, especially with a non-pushup bathing suit…

  • Maryna

    I am not liking her butt, she needs to cover up a bit!

  • jodee

    I think she looks good… but I hate the boob job.

  • Karafire

    Both are are uberhot! but i think vida’s boobs were fake. kim is au natural.


    I think Vida is stunning! However, I don’t believe she is 115 lb because I am 5′ 3″ and weighed 115 also, minus the huge rear and my thighs were much firmer and thinner. Maybe her body distributes weight differently than mine?

  • Felicity

    Shes waaaay to fat for my liking!

  • chanel

    to the persons who say she is too fat

    wow your are so blind.

    there is nothing fat about her BUT HER ROUND BOOTYY.
    her arms are thin in shape
    tummmy flat as a board FLATTER than a lot of skinny women” or ideal women or w/e

    she has like women abs
    her thighs are in good shape
    and look at that pic from the side
    she look LIKE S relatively thin woman
    its just her butt
    which to me is great nice i wish i looked like her.
    a lot of men like big booty Hispanics and blacks ( not all tho)
    some guys just dont’ liek small booties….or flat

  • Claudia

    For any Latin American at least, she is thin. The butt is just a round Latin butt, kinda normal here, not a HUGE bum like you guys are saying. And no, she’s not fat, AT ALL !!!!!! She as fake boobs but who doesn’t…and yes, she looks great in a bikini 🙂

  • jw_photography

    What a gorgeous round booty,,,,,

  • K

    she looks like she has confidence and loves her body..good for her,I think it really makes her looks beautiful and sexy! girl is workin those curves

  • lindsay

    i knew i would see a white boy on here calling her fat. its so wierd to me how white men dont like curves on a woman. thats just CRAZY TO ME! most of them like the paris hilton look. but maybe thats because most white women just arent built with alot of curves and thats what theyre used to, i dont know. even when white girls get their breast implants, they still have chicken legs and no butts! it doesnt look right at all! I would MUCH rather look like vida guerra than a pamela anderson with big fake tits and NOTHING else like most white girls! vida is beautiful and looks like a woman should look!

    • well not all women will like vida. many races have curves so you can’t assume white women don’t because marilyn was white herself and had curves, although she brought hers.

  • bah

    Fake boobs, short legs, cellulite…I’m not impressed. I’m not buying her listed weight & measurements either. I’m 5’8, 25″ waist with 37″ hips, weigh 122, & look much thinner in photos. She’s got to be at least 125 lbs, because she’s not looking very toned either…..

  • TSAC

    All you white boys crazy. I’m a straight woman and I would tap that ass!