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  • katherine

    ugh, i can relate. how can you get rid of cellulite? naturally i mean. i’ve been trying to cut out saturated fats and run more. my legs are relatively slim like hers, but still..cellulite.

    • southerngumdrops

      same here 🙁

      it’s crazy….i work out like crazy and eat right and i still have it, yet i have friends who eat crap and never move off the couch and they have great legs…genetics?

      • Natasha

        It has more to do with what type of exorcise you do as far as getting rid of it or making it look less noticeable I suggest you concentrate more on your thigh area with exercises such as lunges and squats,StairMaster etc. Things of that nature. Thus Nivea has a good line that adresses cellulite if your on a budget if not try bliss’s line http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P70109&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=4326

    • hey! i hade a tiny bit of cellulite on my legs last fall. i started to massage my legs with a plastic/silicone cellulite mitten and used weleda birch oil. they reduced soooo much! did it twice a day for 5-15 min. i stopped in april since i ran out of the oil and a tiny bit of cellulite returned. but i’ve eaten a diet pill called transformulas waistline since then which makes you SOOOO thirsty so i literally have to drink like.. 5-6 litres of water everyday and it stopped my cravings for saturated fat. im now 99 % cellulite free:)so my tip for you, massage and weleda birch oil and looooads of water and keep awayof sugar, saturated fat and fast carbs 🙂

    • Vanillaprincess

      Hy girl, I’m dealing with the same problem. I was told to eat more fruits and vegetables, cut out fat-rich and over-sugared foods and liquids (yes, sugared fruit juices also build cellulite) from my diet and, to drink at least 2 and a half litre fluid (green tea, still mineral water) a day.
      I also use this baby:

      Real cellulite-killer if you use it daily 😀

    • Cath

      Try the dvd`s from G Paltrows personal trainer, Tracy Anderson! It really helps!

  • itsemi

    only one word to both of you: GENE

  • lc

    I knew it. Her legs are SO untoned. She looks kind of pear shaped.

    • im in shock over her pear “shapiness”. i was convinced she was a vase/hourglass. weird!

      • Sands

        These photos are taken at knee level though, so her bottom half is more emphasised. Amazing what a different angle can do.

        Her shoulders aren’t narrower than her hips so she isn’t a classic pear anyway.

        • lc

          To me, they look narrow.

  • Emmy

    I m a personal trainer and I can assure you that this girl is not fit. Maybe she goes to the gym once or twice per week and she also consumes junk food.

    • mandy

      as a personal trainer have you noticed that working out and eating right can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite? do you have any tips to share 🙂

      Thanks in advance!

    • Spacey

      How do you know this? Even some of the fittest people have cellulite. It’s genetics.

    • Mizzy

      as a personal trainer you should know that it is not very professional to comment on people who don’t work with directly. every body has different genes and dispositions, and judging by the number of times I’ve seen Katy Perry in her workout clothes I guarantee she goes to the gym more than 1 – 2/week.

      • et moi

        my thoughts exactly Mizzy. . . very presumptuous to think just because “I’m a trainer” means they know their workout/diet habits without knowing them. I workout 5-6 times a week and am slim and still get cellulite on the backs of my thighs. . . it is a fact that 90% of women have cellulite to some extent.

        • Anthea

          Absolutely. I have no cellulite, am in my thirties, drink coffee all day and have never been near a gym; my granny was the same, but my mother gains weight easily. It’s luck, although equally, we are both active people day to day and I do eat mostly fruit and fish..

      • mermaid

        good call. that wasn’t professional i also don’t take advice from personal trainers as the word of god anymore…i realized all of them aren’t that great – the ones at my gym aren’t really very good at all – perhaps because they took a 3 month course or something and don’t understand all the ins and outs of the human body and exercise! i wouldn’t trust one with less than a bachelor’s in exercise science or something similar or many, many years of experience. one of the female trainers at my gym has not only cellulite (which can happen at any weight) but also very fatty thigh and butt. i know plenty of people work out way more than 1-2 times and eat pretty well and still don’t look as good as katy.

        in my opinion katy looks amazing.

        • Emmy

          Maybe in other countries you get to be personal trainer in 3 months. In Greece we have to go to university for 4 years.
          And yes it ‘s very easy for me to know if someone exercises enough or not. Perry doesn’t. And you know that as well because it’s obvious and because we all have seen fit people and how they are.

          As for cellulite: what you see on her legs is not cellulite, it is sagged skin. Cellulite is something different but people are confused mainly because of magazines’ wrong information. Sagged skin can be vanished with exercise and diet. Especially people in USA and Europe consume too much red meat, salt and sugar. Working in an office makes the situation much worst. That is why almost everyone has cellulite in advanced countries.

          And girls you don’t have to be rude. We just talk and exchange opinions here.

          • et moi

            But really, if you don’t think this girl is fit you are blind. She looks really toned and fit to me. . . and how do you explain the three above posts that all state they eat healthy and exercise plenty and still get dimples on their thighs? Katy Perry is a singer who seems to have a lot of high energy shows, I can’t imagine she’s not active. Also I think the sunlight is unforgiving, look at photos of her where she isn’t in direct sunlight.

          • lc

            I’m totally with Emmy. I would NEVER guess she worked out, FIT??? Toned??? Sorry, she doesn’t look either of these to me, at all.

          • Spacey

            Being a PT doesn’t mean you have the magic ability to look at a pic to someone and know about her eating habits and lifestyle/gym routine. It means that you have access to tools and knowledge that means if she was a client of yours you could carry our tests and apply a knowledge not many others have.

            So yeah, I think it’s you who was being a bit rude to be honest.

          • Liv

            I don’t know what everyone is getting so defensive! But anyway, I almost lept with joy when you said that what Katy has is “sagged skin” and that it can be controlled with exercise and proper diet. I have the exact same thing on my legs. I’m tiny, and thin but definitely need to workout and eat better. I guess you could call me “fat skinny”. I’ve recently started a workout program and its good to know that what I have can be vanished. I’m even more motivated now! Thank you

          • Hem..i am from Greece, my bf does the same job with you and he actually has a different idea.He says that’s obvious that she is toned..

  • MaryBeth

    She’s got a great figure, it’s just her thighs are a little chunky. Wouldn’t running help with that?

    • Jemima

      I have pretty much the same legs as Katy Perry, and I’ve walked, jogged, ran, did squats and lunges, danced ( I could go on) and that inner thigh fat has not budged. So, I’m beginning to think it’s just genetics and the only way I (I don’t know about Katy) could get rid of it would be lipo, but I feel that’s a bit extreme to get rid of a little inner thigh fat.

      We also have to take the harsh light from the sun, which looks to be coming from almost directly above. This lighting is the worst, even for size 0 models.

  • elena

    wow..i’ve always thought she had better legs..probably an illusion…her upper body is great though…

  • Nina

    She has a great body.
    Why are everybody talking how super-toned should somebody be? And every celebrity who actually has a butt and some meat is chubby/fat/untoned etc?
    Please … America has TOO many fat people (who can actually die from all that fat/burgers/…). Double standarts. Katy Perry has a body of a normal healty woman.
    Eating some junk food, chocolate, carbs doesn’t make you fat or chuby.
    It helps if you cook your own food and exercise sometimes.

    • Sidney

      I agree. Working out regularly and eating quasi healthy doesn’t necessarily make you super toned, that requires, at least for some people, another kind of level of dedication. I think Katy looks great.

  • lala

    I dislike Katy Perry, but I don’t think her thighs are chunky 😐 I think she has a good body personally.

  • is she a pear??

    • kate

      Not sure, I always thought she was more of a vase shape.

  • Marina

    I think she’s cute.. I’ve seen her in concert and she’s tiny! (-:

  • Dayna

    She looks good! I like her body personally! And the cellulite…I’ve had it since I was like 14…so, I honestly don’t even pay attention to it…especially when there’s so little of it. People are such freakin critics.

  • Charlie

    She looks knock-kneed here. And that lighting is not flattering.

  • mel

    I’ve always thought she was more of an hourglass, but she looks more like a pear here. There’s nothing wrong with her legs, but they’re just not my preference – I like modelesque, long, toned, and tanned legs.

  • érica

    Is she a pear?? Never thought so… untoned legs, but overall she looks good.

  • flipsflops

    my body is soooo much like hers…minus the boobs 🙁

  • Samantha

    Ok, she looked alot skinner before and now she has nasty cottage chess on her legs? She was just names Maxim’s number one hottest girl. Really….. I mean in all honesty she is so plain, she can’t sing worth shit, she is marrying a man who she has know not even for a full year and she was once a sex addict and also, her new song, California Girls, is so stupid. It sounds just like a Ke$ha song.

    • Sally

      um, ok…why do you have to know someone over a year to marry them? your comment is straaaaange and catty. Katy looks good and i’m happy for her.

    • Jemima

      That’s kind of mean minus the kind of. We’re not discussing her career or personal life, just what we think she looks like.
      It’s fine if you don’t like her body type or how fit/unfit she is, but you don’t have to say it in such a rude way.

    • lc

      Samantha, I totally agree.

    • mermaid

      1) its bad lighting. her body is amazing.
      2) she may be marrying a man she hasn’t known long and she may sing silly pop (but probably enjoys it and certainly makes millions off of)…but i bet she can spell!

  • I am glad to see that she is trying to lose a little bit of weight

    • ohwowlovely


    • Jemima

      I don’t think she’s trying to lose weight, I think she’s trying to maintain it.

  • Lisa

    Wish I could wear shorts. I’ve never been able to accept my cellulite, even though there isn’t much of it. I hardly notice it on other people, but the thought of showing mine to the world freaks me out!

  • rosie

    cellulite is the bane of my existence!! even in high school when i weighed 100 pounds and was super active i had it. i don’t work out as much and as i am getting older it’s getting worse. ugh. someone come up with a cure already!! i know you can smooth it some w/targeted exercises, but it sucks it’s so tied to genetics.

    it’s nice to see celebrities deal with the same stuff as regular people.

  • Polly

    Most of it is due to the horrid sunlight! Apple rings anyone? She has look significantly slimmer in other gym photos so I think it’s definitely the sun.

    • Jill

      It’s funny as I’ve seen pics of her with the heading that Katy Perry does not have any cellulite… lighting is key!

  • mermaid

    the girl steps into bad lighting in shorts for like 5 seconds, and everyone starts freaking out that she has chunky thighs, doesn’t work out, and is now a pear (when really she is an hourglass – in bikini photos she is really more of a vase, even).

    its the sunlight, people! in other types of sunlight, she doesn’t have it. there is a certain light where cellulite appears where it didn’t seem to be before – and believe me, i am *very* familiar with this light, lol. a good 70% of the people with cellulite in that light don’t even know about it – i guarantee they wouldn’t be wearing the shorts they do if they did! everyday, i watch girls with amazing legs inside step out into the wrong light…or on to the beach from more shaded light or whatever…and boom – instant cellulite – usually really bad cellulite. perfect to the surface of the moon in 10 seconds. and they don’t know it.so check your own thighs outside in that light to see if you have it before you criticize her for being ‘untoned’ – cause i just about promise you that you’d have it too.

    but its not even that big of a deal – we almost all have it in that light (even ‘skinny’ supermodels) and it has no effect whatsoever on health…and usually it has little effect on overall attractiveness. i also guarantee just about any man looking at these pics would not even notice her ‘cellulite.’

    as far as not working out – duh. she is in workout clothes. clearly she works out. no one wears full workout outfits just ‘around.’ unless they are super sporty and its their style…and then they workout regularly.

    she is a great healthy weight. if its not your preference – fine. but no one can say its not healthy. you don’t have to look like the cover of shape magazine every second to be healthy, you know. and on top of it she has an unbelievable shape and amazing ‘assets’ (i think we all know about those boobies). i personally think she has one of, if not the, best body in hollywood.

    • mermaid

      and i’d like to add – cellulite does not make a pear! the size of her thighs and hips are in good proportion to her upper body. for crying out loud!!!!!

    • lc

      I think she IS a pear, at least she really looks it. Her thighs are untoned, and yes, cellulite ridden, but that’s NOT why I think she is. She has the proportions of a pear to me, I have actually never understood where on earth people have gotten that’s she’s a hourglass or vase, to be honest. I don’t see those proportions.

      • mermaid

        fair enough. i don’t see how anyone sees pear proportions (to me, her wide shoulders and large breasts make her balanced, and hourglasses are also known for larger-ish thighs…to me, having hips and thighs doesn’t make a pear, so long as there is a balance on top), so it is possible for you to see the opposite.

        i still contend that her thighs aren’t ‘untoned.’ i mean really…they have a bit of cellulite here…but as i said – nearly every single woman in the world would have it here. i have very toned thighs, and still some cellulite. it happens.

    • lc

      I mean, I’m not necessarily condemning her for her thighs, but they do look untoned to me. Not just because of the cellulite, either. I just don’t see much shape or muscle there. Just legs.
      I see, well, that’s the thing, I never thought she had wide shoulders! To me, they look narrow, and kind of sloping-ish. To me, at least.

  • Aims

    I actually love Katy perry. It’s good she is working out. I can imagine its really hard to eat well when you are rich – I mean you can eat whatever you want!!! She is good for working out. She looks good at this weight. She could loos 5 if she wanted but I wouldnt go lower than a few pounds from this. She is so little up top!

  • madeleine

    big…imo….though she has a lovely face and a nice skin tone 🙂

  • Jenna118

    I love it. I’d definitely take her body over miranda kerrs. I love seeing when big stars have a different type of body type that’s not usually promoted in fashion mags and the media. Makes everything seem more real.

  • lalalala


  • Jules

    I guessed Reese Witherspoon then Mischa Barton based on the bag.

  • A

    Since almost every woman has cellulite, thin or not, at some point in her life, maybe it’s more normal then we think? I stopped obsessing about it when I left my teenagers years.

  • jas

    no matter how thin you are or how thin you think you are pics like this are a perfect example of why -no matter how skinny i get- i would never wear short shorts-her cellulites not that bad its just the lighting that makes her legs look like that
    a few years ago i toned up and lost quite abit of weight through ALOT of exercise and diet-and my cellulite became very minimised-i think you can minimise cellulite through exercise (alot of varied mind you) and diet-weights mixed with cardio is good-kickboxking training mixed with weights and cardio is excellent-it worked for me-though i have lost abit of weight on my own recently i still have alot of cellulite-i really think its a woman thing its normal-meanwhile i stay away from short shorts!!!

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  • Carlotta

    In Biafra she would be considered obese…In the USA, slim…both assessments are a distortion on what would be considered as realistic/sensible…