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Another Outfit from Taylor Momsen

taylor - Another Outfit from Taylor Momsen

Taylorn Momsen’s outfits are always a popular topic on our little site, so here is the 17 year old’s latest ensemble: gothic boots with major platforms, leather, socks… and not much else.

What do you guys think of this outfit on Taylor?

Must see the oops-worthy view from the back, too!


taylor-2 - Another Outfit from Taylor Momsen

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  • Laura

    It’s too bad her face is starting to look rugged.

    • Ashes

      Agree! Something is off about it here…

  • IHeartCurvyWomn

    Hmm looks like another case of too much drugs at too young of an age

    • And why do you think she is on drugs?

      • kayleigh83

        probably because most seventeen year olds wouldn’t look this haggard otherwise.

        • meku

          not at all. you should maybe know how an 17 year old looks like

          • CoCoBalm

            Her face has that tell tale bloated look.
            It is no secret that when most people enter the industry an addiction of some sort is to follow.
            Miss Momsen has been touched by Hollyweird.

  • Stephers

    I feel odd commenting on a 17 year old, but I will say this. She’s too young to be walking around wearing something like that. And I don’t know if she’s wearing anything underneath. I’m not sure if she’s a rock or punk singer, but regardless, cover up a bit more.

    • keira

      oh yeah….exactly…the first thing that comes into my mind….*lmao* =)

    • annalee

      well, if you think about it.. though the outfit isn’t very appropriate, 17 is kinda the only age it’s a tiny bit “normal”. If a thirty or forty year old woman was wearing this, it would be much more inappropriate. I don’t agree that she’s “too young to be wearing something like that”, I’d say she’s not too old to be wearing something like that.

      • Trypsine

        Annalee, I totally agree with you!

  • Mia

    one word: classy.

    • ricki

      this made me lol 😀

    • I’m LMFAO right now!! really really ‘classy’

    • Ali

      hahaha 🙂

    • Hahahahaha true!

  • She’s such a pretty young girl. Why would she wear something like this? I understand she’s into the goth look but seriously this is showing way too much!


  • Mariah

    Who cares? Let the girl wear what she wants to wear she isn’t hurting anybody. If you don’t like it, don’t look at her.

    • Lene

      Amen! people need to stop being so mean.. I live in Norway and there has been lots of focus on bullying here lately, which includes internet bullying. I now a lot of the comments on posts here are harmless (including the ones on this one, so far), but if I was the person in the pictures and read the comments, I would have been deeply hurt! so please stop.. if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing:)

      • annalee

        I’m Norwegian too actually. I think a majority of people who comments on pictures are the ones who wants to say something negative, while the ones who think something positive don’t bother.

        • Ida

          im norwegian too 🙂

    • Cathy

      Agreed . I went trough the same phase she is going trough right now when I was her age – and I didn’t turn out to be a drug addicted **** , mind you .

      Just give her some space to develop herself and decide on what she wants to be without trying to force her into your one perfect picture. She’s a teenager. Teenagers try to shock and they want to try out different things. Give her a few years and she’ll have settled on something less drastic.

      • Cathy

        Oh my , please don”t tell me my “comment is awaiting moderation” because I used the word “&&&&” …honestly

        • Versus

          Well, this is that kind of blog – we don’t allow nudity, nipples :), cursing, ‘bad’ words, ‘naughty’ comments 🙂 and so on.

          • Ashes

            Versus, I think it’s really good that you have those standards! It means that I can check the website anywhere. Also, some of the lewd or racist comments on it other blogs can be really annoying and it’s nice to come here where we can actually have interesting discussions without a barrage of mean interruptions.

    • meku

      Oh yes, you are SO RIGHT!!

  • Sanne

    I really hope, if I’d ever become a mom of a babygirl, she would never ever walk on the street like that, especially not at that age.

    • Anna

      haha good luck with that…what would you do with an 17 year old girl…lock her up? she is not 12 anymore…I would not be happy either when my daughter would dress like that but I think there is not much you can do about it…if your bar her from dressing a certain way, it will get worse!

      • solaxia

        so true. I used to go out in nice ‘acceptable’ clothes but then change into my teeny tiny clothes (that fitted easily in a CLUTCH BAG) as soon as i got around the corner. Ugh i shudder to think of the things i got up to and how much danger i put myself in. I still do at 25! I actually wish i had more confidence instilled in my by parents and other older people in my life at that time. Probably would have made less mistakes now.

  • Ups

    At least she sticks with it. I knwe many people from the gothic scene. They are mostly nice and intelligent people and they they stick together. I think this is a better surrounding for her then the hollywood field that destroyed for example of Lindsey f****** Lohan.

    • Ups

      Sorry for the misspelling… didn’t read the comment before submitting it.

    • annalee

      That is so true! I never thought of it like that, but really: why are people so afraid of their daughters becoming like Taylor Momsen? She seems intelligent in interviews, she’s very talented both at singing and songwriting… and she hangs out with goths, which is a helluva lot better than partying with Lindsay Lohan.

      • annalee

        If I were you, I’d worry about that Justin Bieber kid, Taylor Momsen’s gonna be just fine.

  • Ophelie

    She looks silly here. What disgusted me was when she recently performed on stage in a t-shirt that said “I f&$k for Satan”. Her attempted shock tactics are tiresome and frankly Lady Gaga pulls off the pantsless look way better.

  • I like it (I’m goth myself even of because of my profesionnal status I can’t wear those type of clothes everyday anymore), but… why didn’t she put on a skirt or pants ??
    On a stage for an artistic performance, or in private ok… but on streets… well. just to make a big buzz ?

  • Julia

    She bugs me so much because it’s obvious she purposely dresses like that to get attention. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you shouldn’t wear clothes like that, especially if you’re underaged. Honestly, where are her parents???

  • chipper

    And I don’t want to judge or anything. To each his own right? But….its COLD outside!

  • Casey

    Honestly, I don’t even care anymore. It was shocking the first few times, then combined with her comments, it was annoying. Now it’s old news, and she’s becoming quickly irrelevant. As soon as she turns 18 and this isn’t such a “scandal” anymore, I don’t see how she’ll make it on any celebrity news site.

    The only thing I have to say is it’s a shame that such a beautiful girl feels the only way to be different and unique is to dress in a trashy manner. More importantly, it’s a shame that such a beautiful girl has such a vulgar mouth. You’re not being cool, unique, and brutally honest when every other word is a form of profanity, and you hate everything. No, then you are just being a typical *****, nothing unique about you.

    • snoops

      agree with this – the way she talks is worse even than the way she dresses (Its not that she is “goth” that is the gross part (i went through the goth phase too), its the fact she wears less than a street walker). I just really can not understand it, she used to be so pretty.

    • I agree too. Mostly, I just think she’s getting all her stupid teenage goth crap (and they always think they are special!) out of the way and unfortunately it’s all very public! I’m sure there are publicity hounds around her encouraging her and making money off her ‘shocking’ appearance and behaviour – which is pretty awful.

      In 5 years time she’ll probably look back on this and feel so embarrassed! I certainly wasn’t all together when I was her age and I did things that make me cringe now and I didn’t have cameras, etc to play it up for! She’s a typical teenage girl in so many ways – nothing special!

    • annalee

      HAHAHAHA Casey, you sound SOOOO jealous. Not saying that you are, but that comment… my god. Listen to her songs, read the lyrics she’s written, THEN tell me if you think she’s unique or not.

      God, you sound stuck-up.

      • Casey

        “HAHAHAHA Casey, you sound SOOOO jealous. Not saying that you are, but that comment… my god. Listen to her songs, read the lyrics she’s written, THEN tell me if you think she’s unique or not.

        God, you sound stuck-up.”

        Yes annalee, absolutely. You caught me. I am so jealous of Taylor. I can only dream and yearn to be as original as her. Between her Hot Topic clothes, and her generic teenage angst sound, my mid twenties self would just love to be her. Oh wait, I was. Been there, done that, 10 years ago.

        She is not unique. Next.

        • lc

          Agreed 100% Casey. Taylor here is a dime a dozen.

          “I am, I am, I am a zombie”-lyrical GENIUS. She is certainly going places. Yes, there is so much to be jealous of here, I don’t know where to start.

          Lol. I saw Taylor at the mall the other day actually, oh wait- that was just another “angsty” teen dressing in nearly the same manner as her.

          “She is not unique. Next.”


  • Dear God…

  • KMJustice

    I don’t get this chick. I’ve never listen to a second of her music and I never will. Can’t you look like a rock star without looking like a pile of garbage? Gosh! She irritates me. “Look at me! Look at me!”

  • well most people dress to get looked at. don’t you?

    • KMJustice

      C’mon. It’s a step further than most I would say. Seriously…..

      • that may be so, but still,- i think it’s ridiculous that she gets so much shit for it

  • Britt

    Isn’t she cold?!

  • mel

    I’d love it if she wore shorts. Then it would look unique, and not trashy. I got to say I love the shoes, they are killer, even if they look like some sort of medical brace.

    • mel


    • Chelsea

      lol, I thought the same thing.. Not a look I would go for, but those shoes are killer!

  • Jemima98

    I think it’s okay to dress “rock and roll” etc etc but I think there is probably a better way to do it that doesn’t involve yor buttocks hanging out. And I’m not saying this because she’s seventeen, I’m saying this because I don’t like to look at anyone’s buttocks. Leotards and underwear do not equal pants, shorts, or a skirt.

  • wow, i skip right past the comments all the time so i have no idea how badly ill get shat on for this…but i think she looks pretty FREAKINGGGG cool. her face looks bad, but outfit wise-and coming from an artist-this is a piece of ART…she looks like a skeleton…and im not even necisarily referring to weight or anything, just the silhouette, mainly created by the boots, is pretty damn awesome.

    • annalee

      OKAY, someone needs to post a POSITIVE comment. You people can be SO FUDGING MEAN! COME ON!!!! THAT’S A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL THAT YOU’RE TRASHING!

      1. Taylor Momsen has an amazing voice. She did “love the way you lie” way better than Rihanna. Her voice is so raw, so rough, and still so beautiful. Listen to The Pretty Reckless’ unplugged songs on youtube.
      2. The Pretty Reckless writes their own songs!! People should really learn to appreciate that these days. Taylor has been writing music since she was a little girl.
      3. She hangs out with adult, intelligent, talented people, like her bandmembers, not Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (who’ve both been arrested for possession of drugs)
      4. The girl is gorgeous, and I kind of like how she doesn’t try to make herself prettier by getting a tan or hiring someone to “make her eyes pop”.
      5.Yes, she puts on “clothes” that will give her more attention. She could but on a pair of jeans or shorts and would look a lot more appropriate and still have that personal style, but the girl wants people to write about her, she wants people to know who she is. ALL celebrities have their own little way of doing that. You think Lady Gaga would dress like she does if she wasn’t a celebrity?

      • mel

        I’m no Taylor fan, although I like Jenny on Gossip Girl, but I heard from a friend that her concert was pretty good, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a great voice. I do think people are quick to slam her because of her attitude, but remember that she’s a teenager and she actually seems to have a bit of talent. If you want to slam someone, go with Miley Cyrus (racist much?) or Justin Bieber – I can’t believe he said everything happens for a reason, even rape, when he was talking about abortion, and then broadcasted that he things gay marriage is “wrong.” I know Taylor may say some offensive things, but she’s hardly the worst out there.

    • annalee

      OH! I’m sorry, my previous comment was meant to be a separate comment to the pictures, not a response to yours! I do agree with your comments, though

  • brainlessblogger

    Outfit aside, is it just me or is she kind of skinny fat. The back shot of her legs is kind of signalling signs of early cellulite coming in, and not to mention poor toning.

    • I’m not trying to be rude brainlessblogger, but who cares if she isn’t tone? Plus most woman have cellulite, so what? Even if she tones it still might not be all gone. Not everyone has to fit in the mold of being tone, athletic or modelesque. I’m just saying. I’m a teenager and I don’t like seeing things like that, which reinforce that being thin and tone is the only acceptable way of looking. If she feels comfortable in her skin, honestly who cares if she’s “skinny fat”?

      • Shelly

        I completely understand where you are coming from, but this is a weight and body image blog….

    • cellulite is a common thing for both skinny and above

  • flossy


  • Brit

    A skirt would have looked pretty, hope those boots don’t hurt. Like its more than you’d wear to a beach but I would feel pretty uncomfortable walking down the street she was on, maybe its jealousy lol

  • Mia

    I also wanted to add that personally i find it much more interesting when someone is rock n’ roll but doesn’t dress it…why be a walking cliche? it’s so boring and predictable! Honestly it would be much cooler if she wore regular clothes but her music was dark and heavy – or someting otherwise not expected.

    • solaxia

      YES! People who claim they are so ‘alternative’ overtly (by dressing that way and always having to tell people) are nothing but conformists. People who really are different, dont have the need to go around telling people or parading it. Fair enough if she wants to dress this way, but teamed by the attitude and everything else it is conforming.

      • Bec

        I completely agree. It’s so annoying to hear someone go on about how original and alternative they are, yet everything they do is just like what their peers do. How is that original?

  • snoops

    She looks effing retarded. And it’s mostly the hair/chocker/derp expression that does it, although the bag certainly adds to the whole “special” vibe.

    Sorry if my post is rude but come on, she does look that way.

    I’m pretty sure I had those boots when I was 15, although I teamed them with an actual skirt rather than just underwear, and instead of a chocker around my neck it was a necklace with a five pointed star on it ROFL, not a good look.

  • jessicamarie

    all i have to say is ewww.
    she looks terrible. she is going to look back on this is 5 years (if not sooner) and feel so stupid. it just screams out “i need attention because my daddy doesn’t love me enough”

  • nay

    very sad.

  • SO much second hand embarrassment for her……

  • Lisa

    Hahaha, what are those friggin; boots?

  • Laura

    More power to her for doing her own thing and not caring what people think about her outfits…but I still think she looks terrible. And a pair of pants never hurt anyone. I’d even settle for shorts.

  • Sidney

    I think shew looks like such a teenager. The overly long swoopy, the clothes, slouchy silhuette, this was like 50 % of our school when i was maybe 15 or so. Nothing wrong with that, i was just surprised by how much it made me think of that, Taylor has had some pretty cool stylings in the past imo. I put the no-pants factor down to current trends and her celebrity status, other than that, old news.

  • Sidney

    *overly long hair

    • solaxia

      lol overly long swoopy? how did that come out instead of hair?

      • Sidney

        no idea, must’ve been thinking about something else 🙂

  • nannou

    Marilyn Manson called, he wants his boots back

    • x0x0_

      phahahh.. yeah.. think they’d look better on him.. XD

  • Issa

    My god, her face is so dorky and it stresses even more how much she’s trying to be ‘effortlessly cool’ -> failed

  • Lang

    I used to see quite a few people dressing like this in Hollywood ten years ago, but not so much these days. Of course, it was at night–usually not in broad daylight. I do miss it, though.

  • jay
    • solaxia

      HA HA HA! That cracked me up!

  • machmalow

    First and only word that came to me : LOL !

  • I love her singing voice and all, but girl you need a stylist!!

  • solaxia

    I also think she will settle down style wise in a few years time. I am just more concerned for her safety wearing clothes like that out, and for young girls that look up to her and dress that way and in a way ‘exploit’ themselves (not saying its her responsibilty to be a role model though!) I am quite paranoid atm because in my area there was weirdo that kept breaking into some girls house and was there waiting for her when she came back the day after. I also just recently watched ‘cape fear’ with that horrible horrible HORRIBLE rape scene. its scarred me! im learning self defense now.
    Also, i hope she doesnt get tied up with any dangerous bikie gangs or anything (not saying all are dangerous but there is a lot of horrid things that go on in that scene). Not saying that all girls that dress like this will get tied up with the wrong ppl but im just saying i remember at 17 thinking i was so ‘street wise’ and could keep myself safe. I knew nothing. Sadly I didnt learn much at 25 either and still got myself into great messes.

  • monica

    Seriously? Like what the hell… Enough said.

  • I think she looks silly…
    I don’t even mind what she’s wearing, I kinda like the goth style and I often wear two or three “goth” items in my daily outfits, like jewelery, thigh high stuff, nail/hair/make up style, lace tops, etc… not all at once, mixed with more classic items..
    But I think it just looks too much here, the style is too forcé, it just makes me think “just another attention-seeking teenager”

    • DainaLi

      Yea i like the goth style too, but hers i agree is forced, for the image sake, & also it’s more…hookerish. it’s not at all attractive. the goth look is good but her version isn’t really attractive to me at all, kind of off putting.

  • DainaLi

    eh, shocking.
    i’m over her anyway. not that i was a huge fan of the show she was on, but i guess being young as well, but older [22 for the reference], it’s not that interesting. i understand being the rebellious teenager thing, since i was one not too long ago, but still. there is a difference between wanting attention & maybe being goth, ’emo,’ preppy, what have you, & dressing something that is entirely inappropriate. i’m not saying it to be mean, i’m just stating my opinion, & trust me, i’m not even that conservative. i just find it a shame in general that girls today, & women for that matter, still think that we have to gain attention by the use of our bodies. whatever happened to being brilliant, having skills & qualities other than skimpy clothing? i just find it sad. i know hollywood is a different place, but over all it just keeps girls as sex objects. she’s a good singer, so i think that she could harness that, but instead she’s clearly more worried about her image than anything. you shouldn’t have to dress outlandishly & look somewhat like a hooker [again, not mean, that is pretty much the truth if you compared pictures], to get attention. she’s only drawing the wrong kind anyway :\ i almost feel sorry for her, but i also hope that girls don’t look at her & want to emulate that. it’s like when Paris Hilton first came on the scene, & it was ‘cute’ to play dumb, like the whole Jessica Simpson thing, & get attention for their looks & ability to act stupid. it’s selling themselves short really.

    i also don’t like that she’s smoking, & 17 :\ another thing that i hope no one looks up to. it’s a horrid habit & though i know it’s part of her ‘image’, it’ll kill her vocal cords anyway, so it seems…ironic, somewhat illogical.
    anyway, eh, i pass over her, but it makes me shake my head sadly. use your brain, not your body.

  • Clara

    I don’t get why she dresses so goth/punk or whatever it is she aims for, when her music is pop rock. You don’t see Miley running around like this, or Hilary when she had that pop rock album out.

  • Bec

    I get a bit offended when everyone writes off her style as, “Oh, she’s 17, no biggie”. I’m 17, and I have zero desire to walk around in my underwear, or wear shirts that tell the world that I “f**k for Satan”. She IS talented, but this cheapens her. It screams, “Look at me! I’m original! I can wear a big shirt and socks and nothing else!” 😛 I don’t understand why so many women still act like they have to use their bodies to gain recognition.

    Trust me, I’m not a prude. And I’m a fan of the goth scene. But it seems like Taylor does this purely for shock value, and I’m over that.

  • Tony Greene

    Aren’t her shoes quite a weird…?

  • Lucy

    I laughed so hard when Taylor said that she wanted to do a duet/writing songs with Sir Paul McCartney. It’s like getting a professional soccer team up against a high school team in a match.

    Taylor has her ‘standards’ WAY too high.

  • lc

    Yes, we get it, we get it, Taylor. You’re like, so punk rock and edgy. Not.

  • i really like her music. stylewise, it’s a little much- but well, i don’t always agree with all her fashion choices but at least she got the guts.. and i like some of her clothes-seperately. but whatever. wear what you want, don’t listen to these haters- i certainly don’t. it would be such a Waste Of Time.

  • Mavis

    I am very sure that she will overcome this fase! Later rather than sooner..

  • Melissa.Marissa

    Those extensions are terrible!
    Her hair is so thin. It looks awful!
    The outfit is horrendous.
    She was so pretty before, each to their own I suppose.
    She obviously likes the hooker meets rock look?

  • a

    she’s actually 19

    • Versus

      You are looking at a post from early 2011, when she was 17.