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Lara Flynn Boyle Looking Less Like Herself

lara-flynn-boyle-looking-less-like-herself - Lara Flynn Boyle Looking Less Like Herself

Lara’s name usually rhymes with “skinniness”, but luckily, I’m not spotting a scary skinny figure here.

On a NOT body-related issue, Lara’s facial features did suffer yet another transformation – check the next page for a close-up!

And no, I don’t have an answer to the questions: “Where are her shoes??!!”.

lara-flynn-boyle-looking-less-like-herself-2 - Lara Flynn Boyle Looking Less Like Herself

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  • musko

    Her upper lip looks terrible. What happened to her?? She has gained a lot of weight since the last time I’ve seen her, especially in the hip region (trying to cover up with purse).

  • andrea

    I think she looks much better than on that unforgettable pink ballerina dress. Women don´t have to be skinny to be beautiful…