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Sharon Stone Made a Very Bold Choice

sharon-stone-made-a-very-bold-choice - Sharon Stone Made a Very Bold Choice

Umm, ok. And we thought that Madonna’s dress was see-through! Sharon Stone’s definitely stole her light. Looks like the 50 year old ladies made the boldest choices at the post-Oscar parties!

And on a mandatory body-related note, Sharon looks very thin.

If you must see what’s under the pink oval, check out the next page!


sharon-stone-made-a-very-bold-choice-22 - Sharon Stone Made a Very Bold Choice

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  • runner_girl

    OMG!! Is right! She is so tacky! The cut of that dress is lovely if weren’t x-rated

    • Yes, agree with you ^^

    • Olivia

      Agreed. Sharon, we all know you like to be daring, but this is the OSCARS! Don’t wear x-rated dresses just to show how bitter you are that you make crap movies that will never be nomintated. You’re riding the bitter bus deary, honk honk.

  • pOtAtO

    It would have been perfect without the see through! Why oh why Sharon???

  • klara

    why can’t most women in hollywood age in grace? i mean not even the clothes, the women work hard to get these show-off figures, but WHY do they still hunger and work out themselves to death instead of having the maturity to stand above such illfitting bauty-ideals?

  • e

    God, what a FAB dress if it only had an extra lining in the bust, what a shame. And shame on her for being so unclassy.

  • Hayley

    maybe it wasnt soo bad but then the photographers flash made it worse?

  • sandra

    tacky. u are a grown women, dress ur age. its doesnt matter if u have the body to pull off that dress its about class and aging with grace instead of trying to hold “25” in a death grip. Her body is great in a beautiful classy dress, we would all be jealous but this is just pathetic. Dont blame it on the flash, celebs and their handlers use that as a cope out. They take all that into consideration, she knew her breast would be out.

  • Estelle

    That’s just inappropriate.

  • Elaine

    At least her boobs are still perky. I bet the dress wasn’t that see through until the flash cameras hit her. She looks good for 50, a tad overdone but good.

    • Crystal

      True I think it was the flash! Good thing she has nice boobs still

      • Lily

        she knows she’s not wearing a bra…or those “petals”….why blame the flash? Tacky.

    • Freedom

      I toially agrre with Elaine. My thoughs exactly. I saw the dres, its really no big deal.

  • Genesis

    Typical american trash woman – tacky!

  • biarose

    It’s because of the camera flash! It most probably didn’t look like that in normal light in front of the mirror, but when the camera lights flash on some things the nipples just show right through!

  • Miranda

    At least she has nice boobs. They’re certainly better than mine, and I’m like 3-40 years younger than her.

    Oh well. I’ve seen worse outfits.

    • Miranda

      Whoops.. meant to put 30-40 years younger 😛

  • jw_photography

    I wanna suck on them, oh yeah