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Allison Williams Does Glamour

alisonglam3 - Allison Williams Does Glamour

On her personal style:

“In college I wore a lot of layers, jewelry, and makeup. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more control of the simple. A typical look is pants and a blazer, or a dress. On the red carpet, it has to be comfortable.”

On her ultimate goal – motherhood:

“My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom. I’d love to be a mom – and not have to bring my kids into my trailer. That’s my long-term thinking. You gotta call it on the fly to a certain extent.”

… says 25 year-old girls star Allison Williams.

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alisonglam1 - Allison Williams Does Glamour alisonglam2 - Allison Williams Does Glamour

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  • Never heard of her. But she looks pretty and sounds very normal. (Which is a good thing if you may wonder)

    • Sandy

      She’s one of the main characters on Lena Dunham’s HBO series “Girls”. She’s also the daughter of Brian Williams, the NBC news anchor.

      • is it a good serie? I never watched it and I’m thinking about starting …

        • Scotty

          I watched season 1 and really enjoyed it. It has an interesting and different take on sex, life and friendship. I’m pretty sure the target audience in women at about 18-30 though. I can’t really imagine a guy finding it very entertaining. It funny and awkward and sometimes very honest.

          • Neri

            I like the first season very much, but then I lost interest…

        • Sandy

          Overall, it’s an entertaining show. I appreciate that the characters are imperfect and that the friendships are more realistic than on typical TV shows. They don’t try to glamorize sex or relationships at all either. The only thing that really bothers me about the show is that the characters come off a bit spoiled and whiny, in my opinion.

  • Sandy

    Allison Williams was always thin, but she’s lost a lot of weight since “Girls” first started. Maybe their production schedule is just crazy. I read Mindy Kaling’s book earlier this year and she talks about how she’s had to start eating healthier because she didn’t have enough energy to get through the long days of writing and filming her show while living on her usual diet of gummy worms and diet Pepsi (her words, not mine).

    • HB

      That’s what I was thinking, Sandy. She lost SO much weight toward the end of the first season, or early in the second, I can’t remember.

      I can’t stand her character or her voice, but she does a good job on the show. I have found that she seems a little out of touch in interviews, like she doesn’t quite realize that not everyone was raised by a wealthy and connected news anchor and didn’t get to have her experiences.

      • Sandy

        It isn’t just Allison either, all of the girls grew up in wealthy families. Lena Dunham’s parents are successful artists, Jemima Kirke’s dad was the drummer for Free and Bad Company (both hugely successful rock bands in the 70s and 80s), and Zosia Mamet’s parents are a playwright and an actress. They think they are relatable- but they’re all rich kids that grew up in showbiz families.

        • HB

          Yeah, David Mamet is a really successful writer– I didn’t make that connection between the two of them! So weird.

  • Mia

    Sometimes I think she is very pretty, and other times I look at her and all I see is Brian Williams with long hair. Now, there is nothing wrong with looking like your father, but I personally think Brian Williams is very handsome (is that weird?), and it throws me off. And yes – she has lost too much weight recently.

    • Calliope

      “Brian Williams with long hair.” I lol-ed. I didn’t know that was her dad till recently and then ya…the image is powerful, haha.

  • Taylor

    She’s lost a LOT of weight since “Girls” started. She looked just fine in the first season, but now she’s bordering on looking too thin for her frame.

  • she was more striking to me when she was just a teensy bit heavier. I think her lower weight brings out more masculinity in her face, which i actually like because it makes her look less cookie-cutter, but i think she would look best with a bit more fat in her face (and all over). So sweet what she said about being a mum.

  • kennedy

    It’s a testament to the show, then, that during the first episode of the second season, Dunham doesn’t let Williams get away with her real-life weight loss — she looks very Hollywood now — without comment. In a scene between Williams’s Marnie and her mother (played by Rita Wilson), her mother tells her that she looks “30 years old.” “I miss the softness in your face,” she tells her. “All you girls think that you look really good, but you just look like floats in the Macy’s parade — these big heads on these tiny bodies.”

    • La la la la

      wow that is a drastic change! i thought she was pretty in season one and not so much anymore. i agree the thinness brings out more masculinity and she’s lost too much in her face. she also seems a bit too willowy

      • Tweety

        Like they say, at some point it comes down to the ass or the face, lolz. I prefer her body in the right picture but her face in the left….

    • Shailene

      Wow, I did not get that dialogue at all.. I’m a big fan of “Girls”, but I didn’t notice she’d lost any weight! I think I just find her face so strikingly beautiful that I never paid much attention to the rest of her.

  • She is very pretty!

  • becca

    as someone who watched GIRLS up until episode 3 of the current (3rd) season–it starts with a sparkle of promise and then you find yourself tuning in to see how bad it can get. after 3 episodes into the 3rd season, my bf asked me why i was watching a show that left me feeling unsatisfied or baffled–so i stopped. but even seeing alison william’s face makes me think of all the horrible “characters” (because let’s face it, they’re not actresses in any way and they are simply playing extreme versions of themselves or folks in their same annoying ass circle) and i just want to gauge her eyes out.

    gee, what a passionate response to such a lackluster show.

  • Debbs

    Never saw the show but I think she is beautiful.

  • tequilla

    marnie! 🙂