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Behati Prinsloo Loves Going Braless

FFN_g_51150443 - Behati Prinsloo Loves Going Braless

On how she encourages everyone to go braless:

“I don’t see the huge hoo-ha around it. Everybody has the same. It’s a body, it’s beautiful. Don’t go naked, but if you’re not wearing a bra and it’s appropriate, totally.”

… told the Victoria’s Secret model to [email protected]

Do you guys agree with her?

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  • Lillaliket

    If you have small boobs, sure. I would if I could.

  • popo

    I agree with her about it not being such a big deal. I do have small boobs so this is one way it works in my favor.

  • Jules

    Agree, small breasts are more easily “unnoticed” when the person isn’t wearing a bra. Braless bigger breasts however are less “tasteful” … I have very small breasts and forgoing the bra or wearing very low cut things I can do so and pass it off as less vulgar than my friends who lets say have Cs or Ds. It would scream a different message.

  • Heather

    Every time I start thinking how nice a boob job would be, I remember that I can get away without wearing a bra. Also I can wear super low cut stuff that might look trampy on someone with ample cleavage.

    It’s all about dressing appropriately for the circumstance you’re in. Church = bra

    • roxana

      exactly!! that’s what i tell my sister all the time…I’m a 32 D and she’s barely a 32 B and wants to get a boob job and I’m like no… you can get away with so many things and it’s more tasteful in the fashion world…many things look more elegant and classy with less boobs imho. I am working on being thankful for my boobs lol but girls embrace small boobs! <3

      • Blair

        32D is still quite a modest size, I think. You could probably get away with a lot of the same fashion choices your 32B sister can. I am a 32D and the only real reason I wear a bra is so my nipples don’t show through my shirts. Of course, there are factors other than breast size at play when it comes to whether someone can get away with not wearing a bra, like breast shape and breast density. Even if someone has small boobs they still might wobble all over the place under their shirt if they’re not wearing a bra, and I don’t think that would be comfortable or attractive.

        • delicate_dream

          Thanks for pointing this out. I have small boobs…. by VS standards I measure about a 32C, but I do the “no add” to the band size method now & find 30DD fits better (and 28E if I can find it). But 30DD is actually small (cup size is proportionate to band size).
          Anyhow, small boobs still MOVE, and they still have nipples, so it’s not physically or emotionally comfortable to go braless much of the time – there’s jiggle pain & embarrassment. I can “get away” with going bralss if the top is structured & thick material – usually there has to be some kind of band beneath the bust that offers some support.
          But bras do a LOT for small boobs, even without padding. My boobs look fuller even in an unpadded bra because of the lift & shaping. And it’s more comfy to walk briskly!

          • Mishael

            Hmm.. I have barely 32B now when I lost some unnecessary weight. And I would never ever go braless. My boobs are too small to pull that look, in my opinion. And going braless makes me too self-concious. But if I were 32C or 34 B I definitely would because some of my clothes require no bra.

    • JN1976

      Agreed! (From the petite 32A who used to wanna be a C)
      LOVE my itty bitty titties…and walking with sexy confidence helps…in terms of the male department – bc confidence is wayyyyy sexier than a bigger bust with overall less body confidence…took a while for me to learn that, ahhhh wisdom

  • Ale

    I don’t mind it, meaning I don’t find it tasteless or anything like that. The only thing I’ve noticed about styles like that lately – going braless, wearing those tiny “g-string sized” shorts where half the butt is uncovered – is that it makes me feel a little awkward. I kind of feel like a perv just looking at people when they’re dressed like that.

    • Emily

      I find the underwear shorts look MUCH less tasteful than going braless. I dislike the shorts immensely, but only feel awkward around women who are braless when their nipples are quite visible.

  • Elisabeth

    Good comment, back in the day i worked my a-cup sans bra as well. Flashforward five years and suddenly im a d-cup and it is NOT flattering for me at all.
    She is on another note still extremely thin! :O I read somewhere that she has become very aware of her food and exercise regime this year – i guess that means undereating and overexercising.
    Oh but I LOVE her jaw line

    • Kathy

      How have you gone from an A cup to a D. Just curious. were you still going through puberty 5 years ago, did you get pregnant, etc.? I’m 20 right now with an A cup and wondering if there is any possible hope for me that my boobs can still miraculously grow.

      • Annabella

        HAHA, i love that,
        i am 29 and still waiting for mine to come in!!!!!!!!!!!!
        That’s what being pregnant is for i guess. the one and only time i will have them.

        • Kathy

          haha! Yeah. I guess. But I don’t want to wait till then. I want to be confident with my body while I’m still young and single! I guess that’s just the one thing Im insecure about with my body. I’ve looked into natural ways of enlarging breasts with creams or pills but I just have such doubts with those products. I would be happy with just one cup bigger than what i have now!

      • Elisabeth

        Well I was 19 five years ago and started taking the pill and the hormones just changed my boobs completely. They’re not huge, i wear a 32D instead of a 34A, but I used to be really upset by my lack of chest, and now I think it looks amazing with small breasts. You should force yourself to love them and eventually you will:)

        • Mishael

          I wish mine would grow to 32D. Middle-sized boobs are the best, imo.

  • Iana

    agreed, one of the biggest advantages of small breasts is being able to go braless comfortably. Ditto for implants. i have nothing wrong with the concept of larger natural boobed women going braless if thats what they want to do (and they’re aware they probably dont look their best but dont care), I just wouldnt do it myself because I’m not super perky and I’d feel very self conscious of it

  • Winnie

    my t*ts aren’t small and i don’t wear bras in public sometimes *shrugs* how tasteless of me 😉

    • snoops

      I see everyone saying you have to have small boobs to go braless but I am with you – I’m currently a D and go braless if I feel like it. I don’t think it looks bad at all, and it feels great so thats what matters ;).

  • knock

    yeah easy to say when your boobs are tiny

  • snugglepup

    I think it’s okay for Behati, she has nice small boobies. My rule however is you can do it with medium chest also if you manage to cover your nipples = no nipples showing trough shirts /whatever. I myself have a “large” chest and I get back pain if I go braless. I would go if I didn’t have that problem.

  • Mera

    I have a D cup, or bigger, and I HATE wearing a bra. I don’t wear one around the house, and I often go braless when hiking out in the back yard.

    But when I have to go out in public, I sadly, and reluctantly, put on the bra:(

    The thing I HATE the most about bras is how bra sweat collects under the boobs. It is so so uncomfy, and it is especially bad in winter when your boobs get sweaty indoors if someone has the heat on really high, and then you go outside and it cools down to freezing. Oww!

    • ayu

      This is so true! Unpadded bras are such a rare thing to find, or they aren’t very good looking.
      I’m a B-cup and very rarely wear bras, only under sheer or light colored clothing. I don’t care if seeing the shape of my nipples when the wind blows or it’s chilly bothers you, I don’t like being all sweaty.
      I stopped wearing bras in high school, about 10 years ago, and my breasts haven’t sagged since, too.

  • wonderwoman21

    I wouldnt go braless in public, that just sounds too exposed for me

    • Lau

      Yeah same here. Most women on this sita are antibra, anticarbs, antismoking, anti, anti, anti… Wow… I love women that are ladies, but also know eating an ice cream or smoking a cigarette won’t kill them. But no bra? Big or small boobies, I call it slutty. Sorry.

      • Mera

        So if I choose not to wear a bra inside my house or hiking out back I am s1ut?

        Thanks for the tip.

        • Lau

          Just shows how some people are not too bright and too eager to be defensive. Obviously you took my comment a bit too seriously.

  • SA girl

    I would be embarrassed to go bra-less, and I have small breasts and a petite frame. Behati is stunning, I guess it’s purely her choice, she seems really comfortable, and her smile just makes her look likeable… Anyways, she has an awesome structure, lovely skin and hair.

  • Carrie

    Looks good. Prob 5″8 125 lbs.

    • sarah

      looool, im 5’8″ 125lbs and she looks half my size. i’d say maybe 5’10” and 110lbs

    • Christine

      Hahahaha you blind?

  • Lisa

    I have small boobs, but I won’t go braless in public. It feels too weird.

  • jjj2

    She certainly can pull it off with her cute small boobs. There is nothing wrong with the look so long as you have the right kind of body for it. She has a very nice body!

  • seijidan

    Well she has raisins for breasts lol. jk. but seriously though she has lost too much weight

  • Carrie

    Maybe even5″8 120. She is skinny

    • Natascha

      muuuch less carrie! I’m 5’6 and 120 (right now) and I look waaaay bigger than her!

      • Natascha

        I’d say she is between 105-110. When i’m in shape I am around 110 and I look more similar to behati, but still a few inches shorter

        • carrie

          that doesnt make sense. if u are a few inches shorter and weigh 110, and look about the same, that means she would weigh more than you..not 105-110

  • Goldi

    Not with my D cups, it is actually quite uncomfortable…..

  • I wish I could go without a bra, but it’s just not that comfortable – both physically and socially! Small boobs need no bra – I totally agree with that and often wonder why some women wear bras, I would love not to wear one if mine were small and perky!

    I do kind of feel uncomfortable when I see a woman obviously going braless – it’s just a bit ‘in your face’! But I accept that this view is rather prissy of me – if you don’t like wearing a bra and feel comfortable braless in public, more power to you, I guess.

  • Pi

    2nd picture: classy.
    By the way, I have HUGE boobs. If I go out braless, they’re gonna put me in jail, ok.

    Pd.: Victoria’s secret must be thrilled about this quote, lol.

    • Kelly-Ann

      Haha Pi, that´s a good one, I hadn´t even thought of that. Not a good advertisement at all!

  • Alias

    I find her to be really average looking, and as for the stereotype of models being dumb, she doesn’t really prove them wrong since she’s a model for Victoria’s Secret yet is promoting braless looks. Hm.

    Also I remember she was dating this male model before, they had a really cute video on youtube, I don’t remember his name, but he seemed way better than Adam.

    • Mera

      She is mega-plain tbh.

      • Indigo Lace


      • Alias

        Yup, they both downgraded in my opinion (how is that even possible) and Anne V wasn’t even that pretty either at least her face wasn’t

        • Lau

          Haha, yes I agree. If their marriage is going to work, call me grandma. 😛

          Adam to me is hot and can be smart, but most of the time he is a mimbo. 😛

  • Rachael

    Says the Victorias secret model…

  • zara

    i would love to be able to go braless! im so jealous of girls who can wear backless and i think those little strappy tops look great with no bra, classy and sexy. i, however, can not get away with such pleasures in life, oh how id love to be a perky bcup.

    • Winnie

      learn how to tape your boobs properly and you can wear pretty much anything, believe me

  • Emily

    I used to go braless quite often when I still was a B cup, but I always had a camisole on and covered my nipples up as best as I could. It’s only one cup size, but I really don’t feel as comfortable leaving the house without a bra as a C cup. I think if your breasts are not going to be hanging out, then it can be tastefully done. I just did it because I was lazy, though.

  • lc

    Fantastic body and I love the bat T-shirt outfit.

  • lizziefranklin

    It’s easy to go braless when you don’t have any. She apparently has no idea how painful it is to carry around a set of DD without some help.

  • Mera

    As for classy vs. non-classy boobs remember one thing…Paris Hilton is small chested and she’s a ho.

    • Pi

      Thank you. I’m tired of all the misconception about large breast being cheap and no breast/small breast being classy… It’s all about the person.
      Having nice boobs, natural ones, it’s just another atribute, like having nice legs. I have nice boobs but akward-looking legs, I’m not ashamed of my beauty (I was, when I was younger, I wasn’t prepare for all of THAT) but I don’t go around half-naked, showing my breast or without a bra, I mean, it’s all about the person (and of course, self-esteem).

    • Winnie

      Lol true day! And there’s a lot of perceived “hos” who have implants…just like there are a lot of “dumb blonds” who are natural brunettes (i.e. Jessica Simpson). It’s like when people call Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor homewreckers and in the same breath praise Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly for their “class”. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Katya

    I have small boobs and would never go braless. I wear a padded bra on purpose so that it looks like I have more boobs. Some girls are comfortable having smalls boobs, but it’s always been an insecurity of mine. Once I have the money, I will buy me some C cups! haha

  • Alexandria

    Is everyone missing the point that she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and that her JOB is to promote lingerie? I understand that it’s her peronsal preference but it still looks bad on her as a representative of a lingerie company. Dumbass

  • solaxia

    I would too if I had smaller breasts. I think it can look quite classy and sophisticated on smaller chested ladies. I have dd’s at the moment and it doesn’t look so great on me. It would on other bigger chested women I’m sure, but U always see my breasts as odd shaped and saggy. I am more comfortable without a bra for sure though!

  • Viva

    i wish i could go braless. I am barely 5 feet tall but I’m a d-cup although I’m sure if I lose weight 10-15 Ibs (right now I am 127 Ibs) I could knock it down a cup size which is what I am trying to do right now. I’m jealous of girls who have smaller breasts because they are able to wear the kind of clothes that I am love with but those kind of clothes only looks good with girls who are smaller.

  • KC

    I’m only an A cup but I always wear a bra when I go out, because I’m always nipping out. I guess I could get something to cover them up but that seems even more annoying than a bra. Plus, I guess I have a bounce when I walk and it even makes my little nibblets bounce; I don’t like the feeling of that so bra it is.

  • Calia

    Only plus about small boobs imo

  • Carrie

    Height/ weight guesses?

  • Hannah

    Haha her biggest job is selling bras and she’s telling people not to wear them. But sure it you don’t have any, go for it

  • amy

    shes so average looking! doesn’t even look like a model!!

  • Miss x

    The least attractive VS model… I have big boobs and when I was younger I skipped the bra if the outfit didn’t need it. Now a bra is part of my uniform like wearing panties, or socks (if you’re not wearing sandals). But when im home im always naked.

    • Iana

      “But when im home im always naked.”
      LOL! me too! I seriously go around my house in the buff all the time. My friends are by now used to me answering the door in just a towel (which I keep handy on the coat rack), but in the beginning they’d ask me why I’m always just stepping out of the shower . I think they thought I had some sort of weird hygiene addiction or something!
      oh lawd, I must’ve accidentally flashed my neighbors like 10000x by now 😛

  • rye

    braless is great. Back in the day Mischa Barton practically never wore a bra even when it was really obvious and it just looks really nice wearing tiny strap shirts and such and no bulky bra. And quite apparently constricting bras (and push ups) may dominantly be what leads to breast cancer. Makes perfect sense. But I get that at a certain size point you just can’t go without..

  • lisa

    omg i love her body in the last picture. cute look as well!

  • Mariah

    Does Adam Levine have some kind of goal of dating every single VS model out there or…?

  • retrobanana

    it was weird back in highschool in early 2000s a lot of backless tops called for no bras…and my boobs were small and i pulled it off then i gained weight and the style changed anyway…and i would never dare think about it…now the style changed and i lost weight my boobs are smaller again and i think i could get away with it but i totally wouldnt dare because i am used to a bra…i need the lift and support…i think to myself how and gods name did i not have a bra on….i dont know id rather have them up…but i think they arent as perky either because of my weightloss, being older..too ..

  • retrobanana

    she is so much tinier now than she used to be