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Beth Ditto Says Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy

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Beth Ditto has something interesting and quite debatable to say:

“I’m not an unhealthy person and I feel like one of the most tiring parts of being fat and being proud of it is… you do a lot of proving yourself all the time.

“It’s really interesting to me that people will look at a thin person and go, ‘That’s a healthy person’. I want to go, ‘Come open my refrigerator and look and then let’s talk about what you think is so bad’.

To be thin and to stay really thin, sometimes… some people literally do coke all the time. Some people smoke cigarettes instead of eating. That’s crazy. But that’s ‘okay’ because you look healthier.”

… says Beth.

Who agrees with her words? Who doesn’t?

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  • Kellen


  • snoops

    Being thin does not = being healthy. Being morbidly obese however is unhealthy no matter what way you look at it.

    She challenges people to look in her fridge to see what in there is “unhealthy” – well maybe she is eating good foods, but that is not all there is to being healthy. There is also the important factor of portion control, and lets not forget keeping active and fit. Being so overweight puts so much strain on the body, the internal organs, the joints, everything, her body has to work hard to support her huge mass. Thats not healthy.

    • Debbie

      I agree with what you said 100%.

    • Rebecca B

      I totally, 100% agree. No, not all skinny people are healthy. No asks her to be a size zero. But obesity is incredibly unhealthy. I should know – I spent a very long time being obese. I said I was healthy too. But, for me, that was just an excuse because I wasn’t willing to put in the effort that losing weight requires.

    • I agree, as well! I love that you brought up portion control. She COULD have a very healthy diet (doubt it, but she could), but if you eat 4x the amount of required daily intake, the result is going to be obesity. I mean something had to make her this way.

      and, I think the fact that she is trying to say that some people who are thin and stay thin “do coke all the time” is REDICULOUS. Okay, like maybe a handful of people, (in the world) do coke to stay skinny. I don’t see how she can really even use that to contrast her situation…So maybe, “to be obese, and stay obese…she ‘sometimes’ has to eat all the time?”

    • I share your thoughts.

    • Emily

      Bravo! I agree, 100%. I’m not a huge fan of this woman, not because she is untalented (I’ve never heard her, in fact) but because she is just as much in denial as anyone else with an unhealthy relationship with food is. It’s not good for anyone.

  • Rolly

    Pipe down woman.
    Being overweight is unhealthy, no questioning there.
    Just because she is indenial about her weight, judging others who are thinner then her is just emphasizing her insecurities.
    Lose weight and stop complaining.

    • Jenny

      Its like you didn’t even read what she wrote. She was saying that just because someone is think doesn’t mean they are healthy. She was saying that weight doesn’t always determine someone’s health.

      • LolaFerrariPop

        That’s precisely what she is saying.

        Weight is not necessarily an indication of someone’s health. Just because someone is thin does not make them healthy, and naturally it follows that being fat does not necessarily mean someone is unhealthy. Some people are naturally larger (they’re called endomorphs), just like others are naturally skinnier (ectomorphs). If that’s their body type then they could live ANY lifestyle and it would make little difference to their weight.

        I like Beth Ditto’s straight forwardness and honesty, and that she stands up for larger people. It’s a sick and twisted society in which virtually anorexic thinness is lauded yet anything over a size 6 is villified. I’m not saying it’s preferable to be ‘fat’ over ‘thin’, but rather that if you’re going to heap criticism on someone for their weight you might as well be fair. In summation; ‘fat’ people can be equally as healthy, unhealthy, natural or unnatural as thin people. Thus if it’s acceptable to be thin it should be equally acceptable to be fat.

        • Debbie

          People, she is not overweight, largr os plus size. She is morbidily obese. There is no going around it, she is morbidily obese, and there for unhealthy.

          I agree that being thin doesnt necessarily mean being healthy, but I do think (like someone said above) that being morbidily obese means you are unhealthy.

          • she

            I agree. This woman is clearly not healthy. She is not in the range of what healthy is. People who are that heavy are at a greater risk for a whole cornucopia of health problems.
            She is right, being thin doesn’t automatically mean you are healthy BUT COME ON PEOPLE! I’d like to think that we’re past equating thinness with healthiness. Maybe twenty years ago, but no, not today.
            I think it’s beyond absurd when obese people use a misconception that no one has bought into for the past one or two decades to negotiate their own weight. Pointing out that someone else may be unhealthy doesn’t make you any healthier.
            Nice try Beth Ditto, no one’s buying it.

          • nope

            Hear, hear!

        • jane

          Give me a break. In Europe, the difference between ectomorphs and endomorphs is, what, two sizes? Ectomorphs are a 2 and endomorphs are a 6-8. Only in America do people justify overweight with the whole “big bones” argument.

          And, regardless of your body type, it is completely false to say that your lifestyle will not make a difference in how you look.

        • Emily

          “Endomorph” and “ectomorph” are NOT scientific or medical terms, and they have nothing to do with health. PLEASE. Body fat percentage and distribution DO have to do with health, and not only is she probably half fat or more by volume, but she is apple shaped, and that is the shape that already has the worst heart disease risks of all the shapes.

          She. Is. Unhealthy.

          So is Megan Fox at her too-thin weight.

          So are many size zero celebs.

          But that does not make her healthy, even by comparison.

  • Erica

    I agree with her that being thin does not necessarily mean someone is healthy – and also that being big doesn’t necessarily mean someone is unhealthy. But when you are the size she is, it is pretty hard to believe that her health is optimum!

    I certainly think that people can be ‘big’ and be perfectly fit and healthy – take Christina Hendricks (who, while not fat, is certainly bigger looking than what most people envisage as fit and healthy) – but when you are so obviously obese, there has got to be some unhealthy connotations. Maybe she does eat healthy food, but maybe she eats too much of it – and she doesn’t look like someone who works out regularly. Of course, she may have an underlying health problem that causes her obesity also – it’s not necessarily a matter of over-indulgence and laziness.

    The problem is that someone her size saying she is perfectly healthy is like someone with their bones poking through their skin saying they are perfectly healthy – it just doesn’t compute!

    • artemis


    • princessdi

      Agree w Erica. I also agree w Beth that some people do coke or cigs to stay thin…Ive had friends who were in that situation and it was worst then being really fat imo…they were willing to die to be thin…(my 2 friends are now healthy and happy btw!)healthy is best, not too fat, not too skinny…and if u do have a healthy problem and it causes u to be fat, then u may have to defend yourself to others since they assume u are just eating too much. Hummm, there are always two sides to this topic for most people. Its hard to say whats right and wrong for each individual persons life when we dont kw them.

    • Emily

      I agree! Christina is healthy at a larger size (though I’m not sure she exercises much due to Mad Men). Beth is at least two or three Christinas. It’s not even close to healthy.

  • maddie

    she is obses! having a waist line that big puts you at risk of heart disease..and diabetes ….that i CAN judge from her appearance because by estimating her measurements it’s obvious she is in the danger zone
    i don’t care which way people look at it….A PERSON THIS FAT ISN’T HEALTHY.
    though i do agree skinny people aren’t always healthy…obviously there are some who turn to unhealthy habits just to stay thin but that isn’t the majority…if you eat healthy, have portion control and excercise you should be slim or curvy….but definitely not fat like this. i refuse to believe someone healthy can be obese.

  • Mia

    Well of course she’s right, there are a lot of skinny people out there who don’t eat properly and never workout, so being skinny and healthy are clearly not synonomous.
    And I don’t think she is saying that being obese is healthy either, but she is saying that just because someone is overweight or obese doesn’t mean they don’t have healthy habits. Heck, I see overweight people on the running trail every single day, and some of them can run pretty damn fast (and far!).

  • bst

    She s absoulutely right,there are so many girls out their doing coke or whatever in order to stay thin.How up is that?
    She s clearly obese.But sometimes dieseases are the reason.And I don t know if I d want the whole world to know that I m fat because there s some stupid illness,and say “I wish I d be thinner”.And due to the genes&bone structure some poeple can eat as healthy as they want and exercise,it just doesn t work.And some can eat as unhealthy as they want to.
    I know plenty of people who would be considered as fat…and they live a really healthy lifestyle.Because saying “I dont eat cheese ,it makes me fat” and stuff like that isn t healthy at all.And that s actually what a lot of people do in order to stay slim. NOT ALL,of course.But too many.
    And she can t be that obese,she s pulling of awesome shows.You won t be able to do that with waaay too much pounds.And she s really short.

  • Demonizing thin women is an easy way to convince yourself that there are no consequences to abusing your body by being morbidly obese. However, Beth Ditto’s arteries probably don’t agree with her, nor do the visceral organs that her body fat is probably crushing. But hey, go on thinking that thin women are the problem – I promise not to say “I told you so” when you’re paralyzed by a stroke caused by your unhealthy lifestyle.

  • I’m sorry but what nonsense.

    Most people do not have to do coke or any kind of drugs to not be underweight. Why is there this misconception going around that all ‘thin’ (thin in this case being any woman not overweight – as is now the new classification it would seem) is struggling in agony to remain so?

    And yeah maybe she does have lots of fresh meats, fish and veg in her fridge, but if she’s shovelling it down her gob in the bucket loads then she may be healthy in terms of nutrients but fails on the calorie side of things.

    • Mia

      I am not saying I don’t agree with you, but you completely twisted her quote around. She never said that most (or all, in your words) thin women go to unhealthy lengths to remain skinny. She specifically used the words “some” and “sometimes”, that is a pretty major difference, especially if you are going to be dissecting somebody’s quote.
      And besdies, her point was a simple one: You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

      • Okay, maybe I did over generalise saying ‘all’ rather than ‘some’. However, in regards to not judging a book by its cover: you may not get the full story but you can at least get a general idea. Health is measured by various factors thus for someone to say they are healthy is a blanket statement. Someone can be healthy in reagards to their nutritional value however they may be unhealthy in regards to portion sizes. She’s indicating that she has a fridge full of good ingredients however her size suggests that she does not eat healthy portion sizes. Likewise, my size suggests that I eat healthy portion sizes but my sugar intake is too high so I’m neither fully healthy.

        However, I won’t go comparing myself to women that have too much salt to make a point about my health. People do not condone excessive salt consumers over excessive sugar consumers just as they do not condone snorting coke to stay thin over high portion intakes (well at least in general they don’t). So her comparitor is neither here nor there.

        • Zoe

          I agree with you totally, Nkeon. You always give such precise, well thought out comments 🙂

  • gabby

    my great grandma’s body is like Beth..I saw her old pictures, she is big all over, but very pretty..she never loose weight, eat a balance diet( mostly vegetables), but sometimes indulge in cakes and ice cream..She walk everyday..She is now 86 years old, never been hospitalize ( even during childbirth) her blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol level, etc are normal until now..Those who doesn’t know her always warn her about the effects of” obesity” like Heart attack and diabetes..But she is perfectly healthy, she can outrun, err outwalk people 20 years younger despite her age and weight. People dont understand it but I think the reason why she is obese yet healthy is because she is happy.. She is always laughing and smiling..She never obsess about her weight and she focused her energy on other things rather than worrying about her weight.I guess it is really true that happy people are healthy people..

    • Emily

      Perhaps she’s just LUCKY, Gabby. Certainly a fat person who exercises can be heathier than a thin person who doesn’t, but separately from cholesterol or any other factors, waistline DOES correlate with heart disease. I’m glad your grandmother is healthy so far, but cross your fingers…

  • Priscila

    I agree with her 🙂

  • not buying it

    people don’t think being thin at any cost is “ok”. she is definitely not healthy. she carries a lot of weight in her middle. she has no clue what she’s talking about.

  • Kellen

    my bones pop out all over the place; I do not know my weight; I do not desire to know my weight. perhaps I am in denial; perhaps I do not eat enough, but I do try very hard to listen to my body and what it tells me day in and day out and I do have regular check-ups with my primary physician, to keep my health in check. Apparently all is well: or so they tell both tell me. I see a dietician on the regular (once per week). I, we, believe in balance; homeostasis if you will. And while Beth Ditto is not the “Picture Perfect” example of “Health”, in my opinion, I would not consider her “morbidly obese”. That is my opinion and nothing more. She is clearly an active woman, and as she contests, she eats ‘healthfully’, I am assuming this from her quotation. Perhaps she overindulges for some reason or another; perhaps she has a thyroid issue that she is not aware of or that we are not aware of that she does not wish to disclose. I do not know, you do not know, we do not know. Perhaps she does not know. Who knows? Regardless, overindulgence is a choice. It is her choice. We all have choices. personally, I do not choose to judge others based on their choices, but my observation of this quote that she’s chose to make public (I’m assuming she chose to make it public) is that: it is nothing but a simple analysis of our current society’s tendency to associate a concrete image/perception with a sometimes (oftentimes?) false reality. I find her quote rather accurate and alarmingly prolific in my humblest of opinions and to be quite honest, I think she is just trying to tell people ‘I am happy, please leave me alone’ in a very roundabout way, and I give her a lot of credit for that: + or – the excess fluff (literally and figuratively speaking)

    • Kellen

      and to clarify, i guess, i say she is active because an “active” person in my opinion is able to get out of there house and move about daily life with ease. She is clearly able to do so from blatant observation. That’s all.

    • Casey

      “Regardless, overindulgence is a choice. It is her choice. We all have choices. ”

      I really like your comment, Kellen. I think a lot of times people treat eating healthy as some sort of law that everyone must follow otherwise they’re doing some big, superevil thing and it becomes okay for us to insult them.

      Eating habits are a choice, just like how many kids you want to have and whether or not you want to go to college. Sure, there’s always a good choice and a bad choice. You probably shouldn’t have more kids than you can take care of, and you probably should go to college if you can, and you probably should eat healthy. But people are allowed to choose whatever pleases them, as long as they’re willing to face the consequences.

      I think what’s getting to people is not so much how fat she is or what her eating habits are, but the fact that she sounds a little in denial about her own health and is making the same assumption about others that people make of her, while criticizing the people who make assumptions about her.

      It’s like she’s challenging one assumption (that fat = unhealthy), by replacing it with another one (that skinny = unhealthy). It’s just a tad hypocritical and illogical. She’s probably frustrated by her own eating habits that is making her lash out at the public in general, which is understandable. Weight is a touchy issue especially if you struggle with it.

  • DainaLi

    in all honesty, im not about to take advice from someone who doesn’t look the picture of health either.
    yea not all skinny people are healthy or get there by healthy means, but i doubt that people who are overweight are that healthy either. i mean yea you can eat betters foods but if you eat a portion that is so out of wack, that doesn’t equal healthy to me either. i agree with her but i also wouldnt really take advice from her on weight either. just my personal opinion. sometimes i feel like that’s simply an excuse to stay overweight. -shrug-

  • Jen

    Yes I agree with her on the fact that being skinny does NOT mean that you are necessarily healthy. However, she’s not “big-boned” or anything like that, she is obese. And yes, being that size DOES automatically make you unhealthy. She may be eating foods that are considered healthy, but she is either cheating her diet, eating entirely too much of said good food, or she has a thyroid problem. Your body isn’t meant to handle so much excess weight. I really dislike this movement that its okay to be “fat and happy.” No one says you have to be skinny. There is an in between, and thats what she should be striving for.

    You can love who you are and still try to improve yourself. Being overweight is NOT and never will be healthy, and she’s cheating herself if she thinks it is.

  • Mary

    My husband is what people would consider obese-however, he tests as being very healthy. He was fat when I met him, and was working the family farm(hardest work EVER) and eating very healthy. He is one of those rare people that can never get skinny. He eats better than most skinny people I know. So yes, she is right in a way. However, most really skinny people can’t do the unhealthy for too long,e.g. starve or use coke. It catches up to them. I suspect a lot of celebs eat really well and work out hardcore-maybe have a cigarette or two to stave cravings. But someone like Jennifer Aniston couldn’t run 5 miles every day if she were smoking a pack a day.

    • Gigi

      The thing is, yes, there are people who, like your husband, truly have a thyroid disorder or what have you that affects their ability to be at a traditionally considered healthy weight, but sometimes I feel like people use that as a cop out for not working hard enough to lose weight. I’m not saying that Beth Ditto doesn’t have a medical condition that prevents her from being at a healthy weight, but I’m also not saying that she does.

      • Gigi

        wow that didnt even make sense lol. sorry, im running on two hours of sleep.

  • Yanyan

    You know what guys, it’s all about how you feel about your body. It’s how a woman takes care of herself.

  • Steph

    Not everyone who is skinny is healthy, but NOBODY who is morbidly obese is.

  • ham

    Listen, most of ya’ll are being incredibly fat-phobic. Nobody KNOWS what Beth Ditto does in her spare time. Beth Ditto is fabulous and an icon and she keeps it real. I love this site, but why all of the hate? Yes, she is fat. No, she does not care. No, she does not need to care. Why? It is her right as a human.

  • adrianna

    That’s like basically saying, “If you’re skinny, that’s bad cause you either smoke, drink or do drugs. So be obese, it’s healthier!”

    She’s morbidly obese. I don’t care what she eats, or what is in her fridge. She’s unhealthy.
    I’m not saying you have to be super thin to be healthy. Healthy means eating rational and healthy amounts of food and exercising.

  • Casey

    “It’s really interesting to me that people will look at a thin person and go, ‘That’s a healthy person’. “”

    Wow, she’s being REALLY selective about her information if she thinks that. What she needs to do is drop by this site every time there is any model featured. Then she can see the 20-30 comments saying how the person is too thin, starves themselves, is not healthy, is a bad influence, or my favorite, “is giving into Hollywood pressures,” whatever that means.

    It seems to me the thicker someone is, the “healthier” they appear to people. Whenever someone gains weight, like Mischa Barton, it’s always assumed that she’s “becoming healthier.”

    And as for proving you’re healthy, anyone under a size 4 can relate to that. They can relate to having usually larger people accuse them of an eating disorder or starving themselves, and having to prove that they do actually eat normally (or even a lot). Hell, every time I’m in the lunch room and I’m eating an apple, someone has to go up to me and tell me, “That’s all you’re eating?” Then I have to explain how I just ate a big sandwich and am eating an apple over a brownie not because I love to starve myself but because it’s healthier. It’s incredibly annoying. I used to actually not go to the restroom after eating even if I wanted to because I was afraid people would say that I barfed it all up. (If anyone can related to that, which I’m sure some of you can, the only thing I have to say is pee! Go pee as you’d like! Screw others’ inability to understand that everybody’s body is different!)

    Of course, it may be that what’s “skinny” to her is what’s “thicker” to me, because I can see a size 8 easily being skinny to her.

    • thank you casey. i have no words for that. i agree.

    • lc


    • Gigi

      Not to sound like a stalker casey, but I always love reading your comments. There is indeed a double standard when it comes to people who are naturally skinny, and that’s something I never realized until I started reading your comments.

      • I agree. I find that your comments are always well thought out, fair and interesting, Casey.

      • Casey

        Thank you Ellie and Gigi. I could say the same about you guys. 🙂

  • lialee

    ok the coke and cigs to stay thin thing may be partly true in the party scene in LA and London but in reality normal girls stay thin but watching what they eat and work out! duh,

  • I’ve seen the interview. Fearne Cotton was trying to confront her about the criticism her weight gets in the press. She didn’t just say that just to make news or be interesting.
    It is a touchy issue so she’s cleverly shifted the balance in her favor. And yes, just because a person is thin doesn’t mean they are healthy, nobody can say that’s not true. But I swear I didn’t hear her say “I’m healthy!” She was just explaining she’s not that unhealthy magazines are trying to portray her, especially since she’s the one spreading rumors about it.

    On the other hand, no one should really care about her size. She didn’t become famous because of her weight (like Nikki Blonski for example), but in spite of it. And she’s amazing at what she does and that’s singing rock. So that shouldn’t be an issue IMO. Just care about what she does and how she does it.

    • Mia

      I totally agree with you, BUT, is Nikki Blonsky really only famous because of her weight??? I don’t know anything about her, but I thought she was a pretty talented actress?

      • I’m sure she’s quite talented as an actress but she made it big because of a role that required a big girl and keeps on staying in the press because she keeps on saying how much she loves her obese body. Therefore I think her weight has its role in making and keeping her famous.
        Sorry, I just don’t like Nikki 🙁

  • holly

    lol wow wtf is she talking about. Being obese is unhealthy like those girls doing cocain i mean i dont know the last time I looked at a girl with a bmi under 17 that i was like wow she looks healthy. Being underweight is bad too yes but being obese is horrible for your body in the long run she might be fine now with no health problems but in 15 years from now i want her to say that shes still healthy. Being a size 2 isnt all about starving and doing cocain eating healthy and exercising is what i do and its not as hard as people think you just have to stick with it and if you mess up just start fresh im perfectly healthy too.

  • effy

    either way she’s still fat and ugly. at least the skinny unhealthy girls are easier to look at.

  • mt67676

    fat slob making excuses. the end.

    • Melania

      Bhahahahaha! I was about to write the same thing. To call herself healthy is just soo funny. Her sweat probably hardens into Crisco. Gross. She is so gross.

  • Rebecca B

    Obesity is unhealthy. It’s painful. I know that very, very well. If she’s okay with her size, then that’s her choice. I was “okay” with my size too. But when I actually lost the weight, it was so much better! I wasn’t okay with my body anymore, I was THRILLED!

    I cannot stand the way people have no problem insulting thin women, telling them they’re toothpicks and anorexic, but they say that fat people are inspirational because they accept themselves and their “curvy” bodies. Ultimately, your body is your choice. I’m not one to judge. But it annoys me to hear obese people talk about how healthy they are when it’s proven that being overweight is unhealthy.

  • Isa

    I’m not going to agree with her fully, or say that she’s totally right. Even still, she does make sense.

  • esther

    Well, if she eats healthy I really feel sorry for her, because then she must have a really really bad metabolism!
    But I gree, thin people don’t have to be healthy of course

  • leonore

    Wow, some of these comments sound really prejudiced. People calling her gross? That´s uncalled for. You know nothing about this girl or how she takes care of her body. It´s pretty clear to me that some of you posting here are not really worried about her health, but simply hate on fat people.

  • Brit

    Unless there is a thyroid or other issue at play, I don’t care what she says, she does not have a healthy lifestyle. If you did, you wouldn’t be so overweight.

    I don’t get this whole fat acceptance thing. Not every one is a zero, I’m an 8 usually, and I try my best to make good lifestyle choices. Is it easy? Hell no! Who wouldn’t love to eat Ben and Jerry’s all the time or rarely workout? Absolutely! However, it is important and I honestly think a lot of these fat acceptance people are just plain lazy! I feel bad for saying it but it just doesn’t make sense to me.
    You cannot be as big as Beth Ditto, MoNique, Nikki Blonsky or Gaborey Sidebe and say that you are healthy. Nope. If any general doctor examined these people they would say hmmm 250+pounds isn’t good for your joints, heart, cholesterol, etc.

    Sure, there are thinner people who live unhealthily and they should live a healthier lifestyle too, (coke is probably not good for your heart either lol) but I guess the media targets overweight/obese people more. Is it right? No but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still obese.

  • lc

    Yeah, right. She’s obese and unhealthy, trying to tell me what is and isn’t? I’m thin, work out and eat extremely well (fruits, veg; cardio and resistance training), so yeah, NO “coke” problems Beth. Make excuses all you want for yourself. Not all thin people are coke-heads. It takes commitment to be fit, the same I guess then, to stay that fat? Right.

  • nannou

    who cares about these people’s health? She works in an environment where everything is about appearance. Why do they always bitch about it? healthy or not, she’s FAT and that’s nothing to be proud of.

  • Calro

    Yes, being anorexic is as unhealthy as being obese. I just don’t get why the bigger girls are always bashing the skinny ones and vice versa. Just let us be women and leave it at that! Some of us are normal and happy with that.

  • Melody

    Beth Ditto is morbidly obese and sickening to look at. I’m no stick figure as I fluctuate between a size 6 and a 10, and I agree with her that being tiny doesn’t mean you are healthy, but she’s probably one of those people who thinks of butter and white pasta as health food. She’s gross and misinformed and she’s likely going to die prematurely because of all the fat her normal-sized skeleton, organs and muscles have to support.

    Jennifer Hudson is a healthy, normal-sized woman. So is Beyonce, and Crystina Hendricks. Beth Ditto is just as unhealthy as the skinny people who do drugs to stay thin.

  • Katy

    I believe she can maintain her weight and be healthy. It’s actually very easy for some people to stay at a certain weight, even if that weight is really high. And yes some thin people are unhealthy, and to be honest when I look at a really thin person my mind does not think healthy, it thinks unhealthy. Same with a really fat person. Maybe that’s assuming too much, but it’s just human nature.

  • Ikram

    I love you Beth ! 😉

  • Susan

    You know what? I wish I could take her up on her offer – take a look in her fridge and “see what’s so bad”. Jillian Michaels or someone should be like, “you’re on”. Some people have a funny view of what healthy food is, like “garden veggie” type crackers, slim-fast shakes, sugary-fruity yogurt, diet frozen meals, diet soda, etc… All junk, but some people think that’s “health food”.

  • Gigi

    pot. kettle. black.

  • Sarah

    She sure has a lot of shit to say about the only thing that makes her famous.

  • jane

    She is in complete denial.
    “I am not unhealthy?” Yes, she is. I doubt you could find a single doctor in the world that would agree with Beth Ditto’s statement. There is total consensus that her level of obesity is unhealthy.

    Being fat is unhealthy, no matter how you got there. Being thin IS healthy. Not all people maintain their thin weight in a healthy way, but being thin in itself is a healthy state; your body is not in any way taxed by being thin. On the other hand, being obese always taxes your body — even if every one of your fat cells is filled with fat that was created from healthy foods such as avocado and brown rice.

    And for the record, I do not believe for one second that Beth eats in a healthy way. Excuse me, but you don’t look like that when you base your diet on vegetables, fruits, legumes, seafood, whole grains, and sparing amounts of animal proteins, animal fats, and sugar/flour. What is she doing – eating quarts of brown rice drenched in olive oil every day?

  • Skinny = not necessarily healthy
    fat = definitely unhealthy…..which she is!

  • Cristina

    most people on this site glorify women who are clearly underweight. i am quite underweight and people call me beautiful and so. underweight is not healthy, but anyone with a bmi of over 20 is fat in this society. bunch of hypocrites. but sure, the fat woman who said that UNDERWEIGHT is not healthy is mean and rude. clearly.

  • I did not think I could be any more repulsed by this woman. I was wrong. Eugh.

  • i don’t agree with her. yes being thin doesn’t always mean you’re a healthy person but neither is being obese. could she be obese? i’m not so sure but i hate it when some women brag about how healthy they are when they know being at their size is not good for them. then expect us to believe that their healthy. there is nothing wrong being big but you also have to watch out with what you eat because it does affect your body. i love to eat junk food but i know hey, it’s not always good and should watch it because foods like that will affect you in the near future.

  • Cecil

    she’s right and a very talented singer, but there’s no way she got to that size by being healthy

    just look at her face, she looks sickly and bloated

  • Jello

    It looks like she is about to eat that microphone. Be careful there, it’s not a ham sandwich.

  • megan

    if that woman is healthy, then every obese, out of shape, fatass at disneyland is too. the only way you get that HUGE is by stuffing your face past your limits and never exercising. to say she is healthy is a joke. she is no more healthy than a heroin addict, her heart is definitely jacked up, she probably has diabetes, not to mention she looks awful and has a slouch. YIKES

  • Em

    I think the message we ought to be taking from this article is that, while yes being at her weight is perceived to be unhealthy and unattractive doesn’t mean that you have to be slim to be healthy and achieve the ideal body as the media would have us think.
    No her weight is not healthy, but at the same time, health and slim should not go hand in hand to be the ideal human body, weight, health and appearance-wise.

  • i dont think it’s healthy to be her size too. there’s no way she’s eating right and leads a healthy lifestyle and still be that size.
    and i think it’s absolutely not necessary to PROVE that you are proud of who you are. if she think it’s tiring to prove herself, she is probably not proud of who she is really..

  • sherapower

    Hmm, well, though I didn’t think that I would, I do agree with her -overall- message. Being a particular size, does not connate health. As, she referenced, I too, have known many people, who are of a ‘normal’ or ‘thin’ or bmi appropriate weight, however their actual -health- was lacking, in that they were behaving in eating disordered behaviors, not eating appropriately ect. I also agree, that yes, some people may be in the fittest of health, and still have a bmi or weight that would be deemed overweight by medical standards. The same applies for those who may be technically underweight, while still the picture of health in every other aspect. I agree there is nothing wrong with that. That being said, I believe that there is a threshold, on either side of the scale, where the overall health can, and will suffer if extremes are taken too far. For instance, if one becomes too underweight or overweight, even if maintaining a diet that is composed of healthful things and exercising, the body takes a toll. There are only certain limits we can handle as humans, if weight becomes too excessive, the risks of heart disease, type II diabetes, fertility problems and cancers will most likely arise eventually. If one becomes too thin, they are at risk for osteoporosis, among other complications. Everyone’s limit is different. What may be fine for one person, may mean illness for another. I think the best rule, however boring, is moderation. If you exercise in moderation, and keep a healthful diet, consuming all the nutritional spectrums in moderation, your body will find a healthy set-point weight, whether that is a little higher or lower than the standards shouldn’t matter too much at that point. In the same point, if even technically healthy diets and behaviors are taken to extreme (such as eating too much of anything, too little of anything, not exercising, or exercising compulsively), problems can arise. I don’t know Beth Ditto, and I don’t know anything about her overall health, so I can’t really speculate on that. It seems to me though, that she is reaching a point of extremes. I hope for her sake that she is healthy, and not in denial of a growing problem. (no pun intended actually) Denial can be a very dangerous thing.

  • sherapower

    Holy Crap, that was a long post…didn’t mean to run on quite that much. 😮 sorry

  • Sandra

    Agree that being thin is not always healthy, but def dont think Beth is healthy.

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