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Bethenny Frankel Says: ‘Taste everything, eat nothing’

BETHENNY-FRANKEL-BIKINI - Bethenny Frankel Says: 'Taste everything, eat nothing'

Reality tv star, chef and author Bethenny Frankel (39) is back to 118 pounds / 54 kg (at 5’6” / 168 cm) just 3 months after giving birth. Life & Style was sure to catch her in a bikini and to get a few tips:

How has the best-selling author of Naturally Thin and Skinnygirl Dish bounced back so soon? “There’s been no real drastic any­thing,” Bethenny, who weighs a healthy 118 lbs, tells Life & Style. “I’ve really been eating, just not like a crazy person.” The 5-foot-6 natu­ral-food chef has a new mantra, “Taste everything, eat nothing.”

Hmm… what do you guys think about Bethenny’s motto?

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  • Mizzy

    I don’t even know what her mantra mean..”taste everything, eat nothing”. If she is one of those people who chews and then spits their food out to avoid the calories then I feel really bad for her (and anyone who has to be around her).

    I love how her healthy weight puts her BMI exactlly at 19.0…seems a little coincidental to me. it’s like her publicist and her tried to come up with a weight that would seem on the low end, but not low enough so that people would say she is underweight.

    • Anon

      I don’t know.. I think she looks like 118 lbs. Doesn’t seem far off.

    • No thats not what she means.
      If you cook you always take a little bite right? Just to taste.
      Thats what she means; you can take a bite of everything as long as you don’t take the whole lot.

    • It’s weird.. my BMI is 19.0 too…

    • JEN

      She went on a scale live on Access Hollywood and it came up the weight she claimed to be so I believe her- Her brand is built on healthy so for her to lie would be bad for business….I think she looks fine.

      • Minnie

        I don’t know…

        My BMI is 18.7 and she looks bigger than I do.
        It’s entirely possible that she’s 118 pounds, but if I had to guess her weight I would have said 127.

        Btw, her body looks like it belongs to someone in their late 20s, not their late 30s. O_o

        • ellentjie

          I’m the same weight as her and 5’7 and I look about that…maybe not as toned but I think it just depends on your build and how that weight sits on you

          • Minnie

            Yeah, but muscle weighs more than fat.
            If you’re not as toned, you should well less.
            I have more muscle tone, so I should weigh more.
            Now that I think about it, I have more muscle tone than Bethenny Frankel, which probably makes me weigh more than what I look like I weigh.
            Maybe it’s mostly coming down to muscle tone in this situation.

          • Jen

            Muscle and fat weigh the same- muscle just takes us the less space and is less dense. A lb of muscle and a lb of fat both weight 1lb.

        • she does yoga-that helps keep things firm

          • sydney

            when lindsay lohan was admitted into jail they took her weight and height and 118lbs and 5’6″, so that just shows you haw different each individual body can look, even with the same stats

    • alx

      Definitely thought of chew and spit by the title. She’s seems to be heavier that 118 to me.

    • Mirabela

      LOL Mizzy!!!! “people who chews and then spits their food out ”
      I laugh so hard when i read this, that i scared the cat from the room. 😀
      If i see something like this in real life, i will pee on me from laughing. :))))
      Also, if i do something like this, and my mother will see me… She will give me that (special -> shame on you) LOOK that i could not even swallow my own saliva.

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  • I absolutely love her – she’s so real and hilariously sarcastic. One of my favorite Housewives for sure.

    Her book, Naturally Thin, talks about the “taste everything, eat nothing” so it’s not exactly a new mantra. It’s basically the idea that a few bites of a lot of decadent things is the best way to eat rich, delicious food without feeling deprived.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I would much rather eat a small cup of real full-fat ice cream than a pint of crappy flavorless frozen yogurt!

    Good for her for getting her body back, at 39 that’s not exactly easy to do. But one thing – where is her C-section scar??? I hate photoshop.

    • kelli

      I’ve had two c-sections and they can do them VERY low now. I can wear a string bikini and my scar doesn’t show at all. Just wanted you all to know. C-sections have came a long way and I told my doctor to do it as low as possible. She laughed at me but hey, it worked:)

    • Lisa

      ok, it’s good to know that the mantra refers to desserts. I’ve never read the book, but the way people were discussing it, it sounded like she was applying it to everything!

  • alana

    it’s also better to eat a little bit of the full-fat stuff, and eat mostly lower calorie foods. it’s bad to only eat non-fat, no-carb meals. your body needs the fat and carbs, just not in the amounts americans usually eat. she looks healthy, and she probably bounced back so fast because of her lifestyle.

  • Jojo

    She has an amazing figure. Almost looks like her body doesn’t match her face, though this seems legit since she’s always seemed to have a hot body. Women need to understand that this is what men like — curvy hips, proportionate breasts, trim, athletic. A total MILF, and 39, too. Wow.

    • Daphne

      Um, why is what men want important? How about being happy with your body and not catering to someone else?
      Anyway, not ALL men think that way.

      • Eset

        That´s right!

  • Casey

    I’m kind of with her although not to that extent.

    Since I’ve moved to America, I’ve always been bothered by their portion sizes. I’m used to eating several courses each meal, with a variety. An appetizer, entree, dessert or salad. Here, if I order an entree, it can serve as two meals and no room for the other courses.

    I much prefer tasting a little bit of everything. That way, it’s much easier to get all your food groups in, and fit in that salad or fruit that doctors always tell you to eat.

    I think the reason why so many American don’t eat enough fruits and veggies is simply because they don’t have any room for them after eating their meal. They don’t realize you don’t HAVE to eat everything on the plate. Just save some for later.

    • kelli

      LOL! I know what you’re saying. I just bought a sandwich that’s going to be my lunch AND dinner. Portions are ridiculous.

    • Minnie

      Usually when I go to a restaurant, 1 dish is split between 2 or 3 people.

      A lot of people do it that way, actually.

  • LOL

    “Cleaning your plate” was HUGE in many hardworking farm families. When you are physically working your ASS off, like *most* Americans did up until the 1940s, you can eat a big plate of potatoes and meat and be thin.

    BUT that cultural ideal, of big starch/meat meals has STUCK, as Americans have become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, as well as “cleaning your plate”.

    We weren’t allowed to leave the table as children until the plate was literally CLEAN. We were really poor, so I understand that. But as an adult, I literally had to re-learn HOW to eat without loading my plate full, or cleaning it, without being wasteful. When I first moved out, and was 2 miles away from a grocery (I grew up 80 miles to the nearest town, in Alaska, and we went to the grocery store twice in the winter) I ate like a PIG!

    Psychology is weird, right?

    • chels

      what you said brings back memories, my family was also part of the “clean your plate” club, hardworkers, poor for a few years, and everything was useful, nothing was going to waste. So now i’m older, i’ve had to train myself to not clean my plate, order a to go box for half of the meal, etc.

      • Lizz

        The key is NOT to not clean your plate. If you are legitimately hungry, clean the damn plate. But the problem is that people rarely eat for hunger anymore and no longer recognize real hunger cues. Simply put, as we all know, eat when your hungry and stop when you are not. Make better choices at restaurants, you don’t have to go in with the attitude that you will absolutely only eat half your meal, no matter what. That’s very much eating disordered thinking (I’m in NO WAY implying that you have one, just saying in general.)

        It’s ironic to me that so many on here defend Bethenny saying she has a “healthy outlook and relationship with food”, when if you read ANYTHING she writers or says it’s the exact opposite. ESPECIALLY the fact that everyone has glossed over her losing 56 lbs in 12 weeks. From a medical standpoint (and I’m a medical professional), there is NO WAY to lose that amount of weight that fast and do it healthy. And yes, whether the other poster who said that someone’s comment was “mean” wants to face it or not, there is a direct correlation between a pregnant mothers low pregnancy weight and their having a premature, under developed baby. I don’t look at Bethenny as a beacon of truth or weight loss aid for the masses, i see her as a huge detriment to those of us trying to claw our way back from Anorexia hell and even those who have never been touched by an eating disorder but struggle with body image. No good man, no good.

        • cory

          actually, im pretty sure she only gained about 30 lbs and once she gave birth, she would almost automatically lose about 10-15 lbs from all the fluids and the baby. she had a difficult labour and ended up needing a C section so she was in the hospital for a while and said when she walked out she had already lost 20 or 25 lbs of the weight she had gained during pregnancy. soooo she really only lost about 5 or 10 lbs after she returned home from the hospital which is a perfectly normal and safe amount to lose, especially if you are bloated and breastfeeding

  • I think i’ll stick with the sea food diet

  • Noor

    I know it depends on many factors like your bones and muscle etc, but I think she looks like she weighs MORE than 54kg!

    • Susan

      I think so too. I think she looks great, does not need to lose any weight… but at 5′ 6″, she looks more than 118 to me. Especially with those boobs. Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of muscle.

      • Rachel

        Yes, I agree! I’m 5’6, and if I weighed 118 pounds, I would look sickly thin.

        I’m surprised that they didn’t photoshop the slight muffin top she’s got happening…usually, they make all these women look absolutely, revoltingly perfect.

  • it’s funny every celeb who loses some weight is suddenly starts to give some tips..Everyone has a different metabolism and instead of weeping for a little portion of a dessert or just tasting it but not swallow(which would distract me more!),I eat it I prefer to go for a walk or do some sport.. It’s sad when yor body is craving for chips and you refuse to eat.I know it’s really important to stay healthy but I presume a small portion of crisps wouldn’t kill anyone.I don’t know but I always think what’s important is being able to limit yourself and control what you eat..Everyone is searching for happiness..If you even don’t allow yourself to eat the foods that you love insanely,then where is the happiness in your life??
    Once my friend told me that she eats everything she wants and then she touches her tonsilla with her finger to stimulate the retch affect to puke to stay slim..Two months later her parents took her to the shrink..lol

    • Lisa

      Not only does she have to give advice, she has to write a book. lol. She can barely put two sentences together on the show and someone gave her a book deal.

  • I forgot to add the main sentence,I kinda agree with her if she talks about “portion control”..

  • artemis

    what a nice body!!!!!!!!!
    her eyes are kinda weird but w/e

  • I really like Bethenny and I even watched her new show. She was alarmingly thin while she was pregnant, no wonder she gave birth early and her daughter only weighed 4 lbs. When she was 8 mos. pregnant she looked like she ate a little too much at dinner…definitely didn’t even look pregnant. She seems too obsessed with her weight

    • Casey

      “She was alarmingly thin while she was pregnant, no wonder she gave birth early and her daughter only weighed 4 lbs.”

      I’m sorry, but that’s kind of mean. It’s like you are blaming her for something that probably was not her fault. There are a million reasons why a baby wasn’t carried to full term without weight being an issue. And perhaps she was super thin because she was ill and couldn’t eat, or had terrible morning sickness…both of which would also contribute to a premature brith.

      I’m sure it was already traumatic enough for her to give birth to a premie baby, but to share blame and guilt for it too? That’s harsh.

      And why is it that skinny models like Alessandra carried their baby to full term but fuller models like Adriana also gave birth prematurely? Answer: because it’s rarely to do with weight, but more to do with health, genetics, and environment.

  • L

    why the heck are these housewife people getting so much attention? they’re nobodies!

    • Erin


    • caroline

      go figure !!

  • Deyla

    Taste everything, eat nothing and die miserable, alone and anorexic in your bed, hiding from the outer world. C’mon people! Where has the normal eating habits gone?? Where is cereal for breakfast? Where is soup and stake with mashed potatoes and salad for dinner? Where is yogurt with fruit for dinner??? I know where. At my home. But clearly not at this woman’s.

  • kaila :)

    about these housewives!! i mean seriously there getting more attention than they deserve ….. & her face looks weird

  • Erin

    I call B.S.

    And Photoshop.

    Also – does anyone really care about this twunt?

  • Kimberly

    I agree with what she says and her body is lovely.

  • jenP

    She bounced back so soon after having her baby because she had such a small baby. It was born early and barely weighed four pounds. When I had a six pound baby it was super easy to bounce back. After I had one over 8 lbs it was difficult.

    Of course she eats otherwise she would be dead. She not too thin either.

  • Lisa

    I’m still not 100% sold on this chick. I find it odd that someone who has supposedly recovered from an eating disorder named her franchise SkinnyGirl and throws around mantras like the one up there. Then the public weighing, just to prove… what? That she is healthy and hasn’t lost too much weight?

    Given her past, it’s all a little suspect.

    • KatoAto

      Co-sign 100%. Something smells fishy to me and more than a little ED.

  • ellentjie

    What kind of chef writes a book called Naturally Thin and Skinnygirl Dish? Chefs usually promote healthiness and fitness. Taste everything, eat nothing is such a bad motto especially for young girls who might read her books on how to be thin and than realise she doesn’t even eat the food she’s cooking in the book! That is not a healthy message

  • ln

    She did indeed step on a scale on Access Hollywood. She came in at 122.5. I guess that makes a little more sense… She looks great but I personally thinks she looks more like 130. Which is still awesome! 🙂

  • fitgirl

    ok so she is probably 118 maybe a little more but seriously as least she talks in the range of her actual weight! Come on. But people that are seriously have problems are KIM KARDASHIAN who clames she is 110! Yeah right! Kim is heavier than Bethany and less tone! Kim K should take a lesson from Bethany…if you are going to throw numbers out there, dont be a moron! Stay within range

    • kate1st

      Kim is 4 inches shorter than Bethany. Also Kim doesn’t have much muscle herself.

      For Bethany to look the same size as Kim in relation to the height, she’d have to weigh about 20lb more!

      In reality Kim is probably not much bigger than Bethany (except for her butt lol). It’s only because she is squished down that makes her seem larger.

      • kate1st

        That said both Bethany and Kim K look heavier than their claimed weights by about 10lb….this is probably to do with being small framed or low muscle mass.

  • ajt

    The mantra doesn’t advocate people not to eat. I admit it sounds that way but if you read her books you would understand that she means people should taste the foods they like and not stuff there faces. Take a small taste of the rich and fatty foods and eat healthy meals as your main diet. It used to be that desserts, snacks and junk food were treats and fruits, veggies and lean proteins where the staples. It’s actually pretty solid advice and she looks great, but I do agree she doesn’t look 118 lbs.

  • not buying it

    I’m not going to be taking advice from a woman that is obviously so insecure that she had to get plastic surgery and harps on her weight all day long.

  • shell

    She looks like a vase body shape.
    I think that her motto is encouraging unhealthy, strange eating habits. There is no such thing as an unhealthy food, just an unhealthy quantity. It is ok to eat fattening or sugary foods occassionally, or just a tiny amount every other day so long as it’s part of your daily intake, and you eat a nutritious diet. Silly mantras like hers just encourage unhealthy attitudes to food – some people have obsessive personalities, and will develop eating disorders or OCD through following mantras like hers. I would not advise anyone to pay attention about what celebrities say about food, because none of them have any clue about nutrition and the body.

  • alexxandra

    Totally stupid! this sounds like a new eating disorder! thanks bettheny just what women in america need :@

  • liz

    That motto sounds so eating disordered!

  • Dr. Truth

    You do realize she suffered from binge eating for years…right? I actually think she was bulimic (her cheeks are awful) but she swears she wasn’t.
    Good for her for finding a way to stop her eating disoder. I personally would rather eat an entirely healthy meal than two bites of something greasy or fattening. But hey, whatever works for her!

    (Great body, unfortunate face).

  • Amanda

    This only proves YET AGAIN that only about 2% of women are lucky enough to be thin naturally, and for the rest, the ONLY way to have the “perfect body” is to STARVE YOURSELF.

    Yeah… Great message. NOT.

  • tj

    she looks way older than 39, in the face.

  • Guest!

    No way she’s 118 lbs. I’m about 123-125lbs, 5’1 and I have smaller boobs and less muscle (muscle weighs more than fat). If she were that tall at 118 lbs, she’d be A LOT skinnier. Not saying she doesn’t look fantastic, but that weight is way off for that photo.

  • sparkle

    she doesnt look like 118lbs to me.

    im 5″4 and currently a bit scrawny due to stress at 105lbs. She is far more toned and buxom than me, so perhaps im just confused. I guess we all carry actual weight differently; bones, muscle, water, etc. It just seems that with her height and firmness i would have guessed she weighed more. That would not be a bad thing, of course.

  • paigeee

    Sounds like shes bulimic to me..

  • megan8285

    no way she is 5’6″. more like 5’3″ and 115 pounds