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On wanting to gain 100 pounds while pregnant:

“Why should I watch my weight when I’m pregnant. My goal is to gain like 100 pounds this pregnancy. I’m going to tear it up and then I’m going to snap back.”

… says the 28 year-old.


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • a

    I get her point about not worrying about weight while pregnant, but I think she took it a little too far with that quote haha (she would be obese with +100 pounds). I don’t think people should weight themselves period. Just go by how you feel, that’s what really matters.

    • Emily

      I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second and got the “talk” about gaining too much weight already (27 pounds). With my first I gained 40 and lost it all within a month and a half. 100 pounds is definitely too much but I agree with you that the focus should be on health. The rest of my number (blood pressure, glucose, etc) are perfect and I don’t eat massive quantities of food or anything so I’m choosing not to focus on the actual weight gain but on my health, strength, and health of the baby. The scary thing is there is a rise in women gaining too little during their pregnancies because they are so terrified they are trying to control their weight. Baby can end up wth serious health complications on either end of the spectrum, just like elsewhere in life there needs to be a balance!

      • Pregnantbabe33

        I agree with the heart of your response. I am also pregnant and have severe morning sickness throughout almost my entire pregnancies, so I only gain about 12-15 lbs while pregnant (normal weight prepregnancy). I just wanted to note that my babies have been perfectly healthy and normal birth weight (about 7.5 lbs each). I just don’t want another pregnant lady who’s sick to read your post and worry that her baby is going to come out with major issues due to low weight gain. I sure wish I was able to eat well enough to gain a bit more, I think I’d be a lot less tired! Medicine helps but pregnancy just does not agree with me lol.

        • Emily

          Yes!!! Thank you for the clarification. My sister was the same way and it was absolutely awful on her, poor thing. She would have done anything to be able to eat and not throw up after. I was more talking about eating disorders or fear of food during pregnancy. I think 15-30 is recommended weight gain but I seem unable to stay in that range and I felt majorly shamed about it. I hope you are not getting any shaming and I hope you feel better soon, I can’t even imagine! I’ve had a slipped disc this time around and bad acid reflux and that’s been bad enough, unending morning sickness sounds so awful! Best of luck to you and baby!

      • a

        I totally agree with and support your plan! As long as you’re eating well, staying active, there shouldn’t be a problem! I think doctors can be a little too obsessed with weight as well and use as a marker for health while ignoring other, possibly more important, factors.Weight is not the end all be all of health, very far from it, and the obsession with weight in our society has definitely created a lot of unhealthy habits in people.

  • Hannah

    I find her body kind of disturbing…(sounds mean but I honestly do). It looks insanely unnatural to me, even Kim k’s body didn’t look like this while pregnant, like a bunch of parts glued together. Is this insane or am I just ignorant? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pregnant woman look like this.

    • Marta López

      I just thought the same!!! I mean, the shape of her body in these photos looks really weird to me.

    • Rita_7

      she looks like the cartoon cow in the milk brand (lactic) (will add a pic.. guess it’ll take a bit to show)

      • Chyrita Bonita

        I know exactly what you mean lol

      • isa

        omg i love that cow! i made her my fb profile pic for a while..she is so cute

    • Isa

      To me she looks like a baby doll, with the weird upper legs and hips. It’s like they added some parts to the sides. They prolly added fat in the wrong place / really overdid it when she got a BBL.

  • Mel

    This quote is so ridiculous. In what world is gaining 100 lbs during pregnancy sensible in any way?? There’s not one aspect of that comment relating to her hopes for a healthy baby & pregnancy. It’s all about how she wants to eat like a pig and then be hot again later. Thank god the child will be cared for primarily by nannies.

    • Mae

      The rest of her comment mentions what she’s actually eating, and it’s basically kale, meat, etc. Healthy stuff. I think (hope) she said this stuff for attention.

  • Rita_7

    ya.. go ahead.. gain 100 lbs.. and snap back with stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite etc

    • Isa

      The Kardashians prolly gave her money to stop her from talking about their secrets, so she can afford a lot of surgery

      • CosmicGoddess


  • lc

    Hm. Sounds pretty irresponsible.

  • jenp83

    I was eating constantly through my pregnancies and usually gained 30-35 lbs. I can’t imagine gaining 100 lbs. Seems impossible over 9 months.

  • ar

    :/ she sounds dumb. She definitely isn’t, but she sounds like it.

  • Diana

    Um who cares? You are a total non entity.

  • aline

    How much weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on pre-pregnancy weight,height,comorbidities and exc.A skinny person is expected to gain more weight than a person with a normal BMI for a healthy pregnancy and the gaining shouldn’t be more than 12-16 kg!100 pounds is just insane and irresponsible. Gain weight all the way you want but don’t blame it on your pregnancy,it’s you not the baby.

  • Wendy

    This is sad, and maybe just plain rude of me – but I literally gasped when I saw that second photo of her. It just seems unreal, her whole body.

  • Bella

    My partner and I want to adopt in about 10 years as he was adopted and pregnancy terrifies me. I have immense respect for women who are brave enough to carry a child and they should get to eat what they want!
    I wonder if gaining 100 pounds would be healthy for her or the baby, though. I would remain raw vegan if I were pregnant because it is such a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food must affect the baby somehow.

    • Mae

      Lol, 100 pound weight gain is excessive. Raw vegan is far from the best choice for a pregnancy diet. You’d need to take supplements to make up for what you’re excluding, esp important during pregnancy because you don’t want the fetus to be nutritionally deprived when it’s growing so rapidly. That leads to birth defects. 🙁

      • Bella

        That’s actually incorrect. Plant foods have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients any human needs to thrive. Meat eaters tend to be malnourished more often than vegans.

        • Mae

          Nope, absolutely not. That is medically irresponsible advice. The scientific literature is not controversial on this, it is well established. You want yourself and your baby to do well on a vegan diet, you better be supplementing.

          • Bella

            Haha, nope. Talk to any plant based doctor in existence, not doctors who profit off selling you medication….

          • Snugglepup

            Pseudoscience backs up its beliefs for example saying that the mainstream medicine is in the wrong and the information they present is to unravel some… Say a ploy, like you claim.

          • Bella

            If it is “pseudoscience” that eating whole plant foods is not healthy, then please explain the “science” that irrefutably defines all red meat as carcinogenic and poultry as highly carcinogenic as well. Nobody on the planet will get cancer from whole plant foods. The USA is a prime example of how animal products directly cause preventable diseases. The evidence is all around you, regardless of the “studies” the meat, dairy, and egg industries fund to promote spending on their products. Plant-based diets have also shown to extend life by an average of 7-10 years. It is not coincidental or “luck”.

          • Snugglepup

            I could engage in this conversation but I know it’s all waste of my time. You can’t seem to crasp the idea of a healthy diet being something that doesn’t extremely exclude some part of nutrition. I’m not from the US and I agree on everything about their meat industry being rotten and sugar being shoved to everybody’s faces. That’s not normal diet that’s comparable to sensible vegan diet, or any sensible diet for that matter. I have no doubt that being a vegan while pregnant couldn’t suffice, it’s the raw part of it. Do you really believe doctors that aren’t taken seriously by the experts of the field and who promote unhealthy, extremist ways of dieting? I hoped to open your eyes since their dogma has screwed with your head. As I said many currently raw Vegans or who have jumped to the bandwagon of Freelee etc. Have had ED’s. And still do, in a different form. I recommend searching Unnatural Vegan from youtube, she’s very sensible and smart. She has also recently annouced a pregnancy so she has videos on that topic too 🙂 Bye now.

          • Bella

            While I appreciate the attempt, I don’t eat all that processed food she recommends….and never will. Processed food is not meant for human consumption and causes disease as well, although at a much lower rate than animal products. Please don’t assume I’m “deprived” like every other nutritionally ignorant person who thinks you can’t get everything you need from plants. I have done endless research on this and ensure I get the right amount of everything. I don’t know who would consider 3,000-3,200 calories per day deprivation.
            Oh, and not every health focused vegan follows Freelee blindly. I don’t care for her narcissism. But thanks for assuming. Bye now!

          • Bella

            Nope. You’re incorrect, again. Might I suggest a book by an MD, entitled “How Not to Die”. If you needed to supplement as a vegan, I’d be dead. I’ve been vegan for over 10 years and have never taken a supplement. My blood tests are impeccable. I’d like to see yours.

        • Snugglepup

          Yeah, well, what about B12? All life sprouts from death since the soil itself is made out of decomposed animal and plant carcasses. Herbivores, such as horses, consume soil among the grass they eat, and cows have rumen in which they host bacteria that make the vitamin for them. Rodents eat their own poop to get the vitamin. Humans do too produce B12 vitamin in their digestive track but the it occurs too low in the track to be digested. You’ll guess what the solution would be.

          It’s highly likely that no doctor would suggest being raw vegan while pregnant. I don’t know why somebody would like to compromise the health of their baby like that. It’s even ill adviced to feed kids raw vegan diet as (though, mostly anecdotal) evidence suggests that kids become restless, constantly searching for food and are in higher risk to develop compromised relationship with food later in life. Kids might also feel social exclusion. Their growth can be stunted since they can’t eat enough calories from exclusively raw food. Some nutrients are exclusive to cooked food. Why would it be any different for a fetus? Other option is that the mother’s health is compromised.

          I hate it when people try to represent vegan diet as something optimal/healthier than other healthy diets, which it is not. It doesn’t have to be better dietary vice if you’re in it for the moral reason. Especially raw veganism, pardon me, is a fad diet that promotes pseudoscience. I’m not surprised you come from an anorexic background, it’s surprisingly (well, not really) common in the raw vegan community.

          While it’s absolutely true that different people thrive on different kinds of diets there are still some basic guide lines that still hold water.

    • ar

      100 pounds of weight gain for me would be me gaining a whole new “me”. That’s scary. And it’s pretty cool that you’re raw vegan, I eat a lot of fruits as a vegan, I’m sure a vegan/raw vegan diet would be pretty healthy for pregnancy, as long as you know what you’re doing and are eating enough. I have a problem where I get full relatively quickly, so turning vegan has made me lose a little weight in the past 6 months. I still have a pooch because of my PCOS but it’s getting better. 🙂

      • Bella

        It took a while to be able to handle big portions as I came from an anorexic background, but now it is so amazing and I feel great 🙂 and yeah, 100 pounds is almost a whole new me too, that is so excessive haha
        Good for you for being vegan though, I commend everyone who does 🙂

      • Mae

        Be sure to consult a doctor and nutritionist before restricting your diet severely, especially during a pregnancy. An unsupplemented vegan diet is not recommended for pregnancy at all. I’d recommend using reputable sources (medical literature) to shape your opinions, not someone’s biased presentation of them. (You don’t need to listen to me either, I’m just some random internet commenter, but at least read some nutrition/biochemistry textbooks and use science and the advice of medical professionals to form the basis of your opinion.)

        • Bella

          If I am restricting my diet, where do you get your fiber? Not to mention that I have absolutely no cholesterol in my diet, as nature intended. Hardening of the arteries can begin in the womb, depending on what the mother eats. I guarantee you I have done countless hours of research on this, so maybe you should read a book before telling someone regurgitated misinformation from a happy cows commercial. You’re deluded if you think we need flesh, hen menstruation, and another mammal’s breast milk (meant only for calf infancy) to survive.

        • Bella

          Also, please take your own advice and read a medical journal about a vegan diet and pregnancy. I love when uneducated people have opinions. What is it even based on? Lol

    • CosmicGoddess

      I’m sure she was being a sarcastic dimwit about the 100lbs thing lol

  • OfCourseTheyreReal

    We need to hear a lot more from this latter-day philosopher.

  • Jacqueline

    Hmmmm Gestational diabetes maybe?

  • Bella

    Hahaha omg

  • CosmicGoddess

    She needs to get her surgeries fixed. Does she not see what the world sees?