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Chloe Sevigny: “I’m kind of known for my legs”

FFN_vcv_52062150 - Chloe Sevigny: "I’m kind of known for my legs"

On looking ageless (she is 41):

“I think it’s not having had a baby yet. Because I think the baby wear and tear and stress on your body is part of the reason why people say, “Why do you still look so young?” I really think that that unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their 30’s, not in their 20’s. So I think, first and foremost, it’s that and genetics. And then I’m really into all the things they tell you to do, like moisturizing. I go to Dr. Colbert, who is this fancy dermatologist. I haven’t really gone the Botox route yet, but he does lasers and very expensive facials and stuff like that… I do lots of moisturizing, lots of water. I don’t do a lot of caffeine. But once I hit 40, I feel like things are starting to happen now that aren’t very exciting, and I’m starting to get a little scared.”

On her legs:

“I mean I was asking Dr. Colbert, “What can you do? I heard Demi Moore had some sort of knee thing.” And he said, “Oh, don’t be crazy Chloë.” But I’m kind of known for my legs. So it’s kind of a terrifying time, but instead of being scared I’m just trying to enjoy it. Because I have lots of friends in their 50s and they say, “If you’re like that, it’s only going to get worse.” So just being confident in your 40s. It’s a big mental thing.”

… says Chloe.

FFN_vcv_52062152 - Chloe Sevigny: "I’m kind of known for my legs"

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FFN_vcv_52059109 - Chloe Sevigny: "I’m kind of known for my legs" FFN_vcv_52062149 - Chloe Sevigny: "I’m kind of known for my legs"

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Assfgjd

    Well shes really not known for her face lol

    • Jason Downs

      Haha, you’re cold as ice. Funny, but cold.

  • lc

    Wow, she is ageless. I honestly would not have guessed she was over 40 at all.

    • xx

      Really? She looks at least 50 for me :S

      • jjj2

        I don’t know about this. I saw these quotes or similar quotes a few weeks ago, I was surprised though as I thought she was a lot older than 41 until I read the article!

  • Kerry Berry

    I have two kids and Im turning 40 later this year. When people meet me for the first time they assume I am somewhere around 27 years. So for me it’s all about genetics. We are all quite young looking in my family so I don’t believe for one second that her “young” looks is because she’s not had any kids..

    • cheeze.wiz

      Totally agree but I also think it’s life style. I knows chicks I went to high school with who are 27 and 28 or younger and look haggard… But you can tell they used to be gorgeous
      . I don’t get it. That’s why I think it’s life style too and stress levels. And taking care of your skin.

  • Deborah G.

    I love Chloe! I would never guess she was 40. I also agree with her – I think that having children ages you, mostly because of the lack of sleep and stress that comes with parenting. Not saying it’s a bad thing of course, it’s just life.

  • A

    Girl plz. Youre known for your fashion style and that youwere hipster before it was cool. And youre known for being in weird movies like kids and brown bunny.
    Also damn, her face has looked the same all these years. I tjink shes soo ugly tho

  • prettydarnfunny

    GET OVER YOURSELF! first off, you’re not known for your legs. second, stop sounding so pretentious with your “very expensive facials”. do you hear yourself? “I heard Demi Moore had some sort of knee thing.” SHUT UP!

    also, that dress is all kinds of awful with all that side and back cleavage.

    • Agatha

      But then people complain when celebrities are not honest about it. It’s just a different world, deal with it.

      • prettydarnfunny

        my problem with her is that she thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. and that she’s ragging on other people (demi moore). NOT that she gets expensive facials. i assume all rich celebrities are doing that.

        • Agatha

          I also don’t see a problem with her liking herself. But it’s ok, it’s your opinion.

  • HB

    I’m torn. She looks fantastic, but is it childlessness-related? And I do applaud her for being honest about all the dermatologist procedures!

  • Agatha

    Wow. I thought she was around Alexa Chung’s age (late 20’s – early 30’s). Not ugly, just “normal” looking.

    I don’t know much about her so I can’t judge where she good the legs idea from. She’s giving me the “Nepotism Child”, vibes, though. Is she?

  • Amy Rose

    lol love the fact that she points out that her facials are “very expensive”

  • Lulubelle

    All those saying she’s snobby for saying that. She kind of is known for them, she has amazing shapely legs. She’s always worn things to show them off. What’s wrong with her knowing she has great legs? Lol I don’t get people.

    • Snugglepup

      I’m genuinely surprised she’s supposedly known for her legs. I feel like every (slim/fit/normal) woman of her age has legs like that or better. I’ve categorized her under “people who are not good looking but have a unique/great sense of fashion”.

  • xx

    She looks like my dad with makeup, seriously lol I can’t believe she is only 40, I guessed around 50 or something. She has the skin of someone who has been smoking for years.

  • Snugglepup

    I’m sure it’s not just because she’s got no kids. There are plenty of celebs who look young, (younger than her), like Gwen Stefani, JLo, Halle Berry & Naomi Campbell? I’ve always though of Chloe as this cool indie girl but this quote breaks the illusion of someone easy-breezy. A plus for honesty, but how she looks like doesn’t make me wonder what procedures she’s had or even what her beauty regime is like. Nothing to gag over.

    • YoungHearts

      “I’ve always though of Chloe as this cool indie girl but this quote breaks the illusion of someone easy-breezy.”

      You hit the nail on the head.

  • Laura

    Actually, you’re known for giving some weird director a blow-job on camera in his indie flick.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, dude.

  • Sabina

    How vapid can one be?

  • lindi

    even though i´ve said that i feel having had a baby aged my body, i think she sounds so stupid and vain. I always go “face palm” whenever people seem more concerned about their looks than anything else. her friends are right. it´s only going to get worse…..

  • Mel

    I think her quote is honest, though I don’t think too many people know her because of her great legs. At least she admits to her anxiety over growing older and that she’s had noninvasive procedures to stave it off, instead of claiming yoga and hydration like many celebs.

    Having children can age you, I think, in that you have less time to devote to personal upkeep. I’m approaching my mid-30s and have no kids, so I can go to the gym whenever I want and can sleep in on days off etc. But in other meaningful ways, having kids can keep you mentally youthful too.