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Gemma Arterton Worked Hard in the Gym for Her Princess Role

FP_4766094_BARM_Premiere_Titans_032910 - Gemma Arterton Worked Hard in the Gym for Her Princess Role

We just love the celebrities who admit to working hard at achieving their enviable shape!

Prince of Persia hottie Gemma Arterton is one of this group – and she has this to say about how she prepared for her role as Princess Tamina:

“I was in the gym six days a week. I really did have to work hard to look like I do in the film. It doesn’t come naturally. Then it also took me three hours in make-up to look like that.”

In case you’re curious, Gemma is 24!

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FP_4766093_BARM_Premiere_Titans_032910 - Gemma Arterton Worked Hard in the Gym for Her Princess Role

FP_4766094_BARM_Premiere_Titans_0329101 - Gemma Arterton Worked Hard in the Gym for Her Princess Role

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • CK

    i absolutely adore her, she has good curvy body, imho
    and she has gorgeous face, i wish she’d make others hairstyles, i hate this bun that she oftenly wears

  • emily

    I love this girl, she’s not too thin but she got curves! I wonder how much does she weigh.

  • natasha

    she’s stunning!

  • natasha

    Versus, do you know how tall is she? but really, like compared to other celebrities?Not what she is listed on her official site because they probably upgraded her couple of inches

    • Versus

      Most sources say 5’7” and I could believe that. Look at this pic with Olga, who is 5’9”.

  • Jenna

    A few months ago she weighed a lot more and was criticized for being a bit chubby…she responded by saying she liked her curves and womanly body and would not succomb to the pressure of Hollywood to be thin.

    Clearly she has changed her mind but can’t say I blame her and she does look better for it. I don’t think she is a great actress though considering she went to RADA.

    Anyone know what her body type is? She seems to be quite broad in the shoulders but with slimmer legs so maybe a goblet like Catherine Zeta Jones?

  • selen_sevi

    Do you know her bodyshape?
    I would guess vase …

  • Polly

    Her body seems attainable without six days a week in the gym…I mean it’s not like she’s in Linda Hamilton Terminator shape.

  • Casey

    This has got to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now. It’s hard to tell with that stupid bun hairstyle, but her face is so beautiful and her skin so glowy and toned.

  • Amazing body and beautiful face.

  • Jemima

    Love her. She was really good in Clash of the Titans (and she looked amazing!)

  • Lisa

    I love that honesty, too. I can’t stand when celebs are like, “Oh, teehee, I just go on the treadmill and run after my kids to stay in shape. I love Big Macs!”

  • Nkeon

    I didn’t recognise her until I googled her. I remember now the red head Bond girl!

    Oh, and she was born with 6 fingers. So was I and I still have the stumps from them being removed!

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  • I think she’s beautiful no matter what she weighs or how curvy she is. She’s fabulous and it’s great that she’s happy the way she is, she was recently quoted saying she didn’t want to be in blockbuster movies anymore because she wanted to be able to eat!