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Hailee Steinfeld Does Seventeen Magazine and Brings Today’s Quote

Seventeen-September-16-Hailee-Steinfeld-1_edited-1-754x1024 - Hailee Steinfeld Does Seventeen Magazine and Brings Today's Quote

On when she was bullied in the past:

“There was a period of time where every morning at 7:02, I’d get a prank phone call at my house. That’s how I’d start every day, with a threat saying, “Come to school now. We’re going to kick your butt.” So I went to school early and went in the back way. And there would be times when I’d come back to my desk and have hand sanitizer all over my books and in my water bottle. People would come by and slam my locker shut when I was still putting my books in it. It was just the most absurd things that you are supposed to see only in the movies, you know?”

On beauty in the social media:

”I have definitely had moments where I’m scrolling through Instagram and see these drop-dead gorgeous models, who we tend to forget are genetically a certain way, and think, Why can’t I or don’t I look like that? It’s so easy to forget that we are all so beautiful because we’re unique.”

… says 19 year-old Hailee.

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Seventeen-September-16-Hailee-Steinfeld_edited-1-756x1024 - Hailee Steinfeld Does Seventeen Magazine and Brings Today's Quote  Seventeen-September-16-Newsstand_edited-1-755x1024 - Hailee Steinfeld Does Seventeen Magazine and Brings Today's Quote

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Elena

    I really don’t get the whole American bullying thing. I’ve seen it in movies and everybody is talking about it and it’s just so wrong. I mean here in Europe we tease each other, some more than others and play pranks, but it almost never deviates into some vicious thing like that. Other that that, she sounds cute and down to Earth. And she looks cute as well.

    • Rachel

      I don’t think this type of bullying is common. It exists, I’m sure, but I’d bet most celebrities lie about it. I remember Demi Lovato saying in an interview that she was bullied when she was younger except later I heard from someone who grew up with her that Demi Lovato was, in fact, the bully.

      • chris

        Ive seen a lot of rumors that Demi was a really big bully, makes you wonder.

    • OfCourseTheyreReal

      That would be bullying here, too. Anything that isn’t positive coming from a peer qualifies as bullying in the U.S.

    • Leah

      you hear from a lot of celebrities that they were “bullied” when they were younger, but it seems like a lot of it was just a couple people calling them skinny, and them hopping on the strugglebus trying to seem relatable (at least that’s the impression i get whenever i hear models talking about their bullying experiences). this sort of bullying is super extreme and i’m surprised it actually exists. definitely never saw it at my school

      • Ellia

        Strugglebus?! hahaha…I’m putting that in my arsenal for future use.

    • Lulubelle

      My best friend in high school was bullied the same way hailey describes. Girls even went to her house and egged her house and wrote horrible things on her driveway. Girls can be nasty in hs. But I’m also a big believer in standing your ground so you don’t get bullied or teased.

  • chris

    Who?? And what?? Why is it that celebrities are the only people who experience this kind of bullying? Sure in high school people teased other people but I never witnessed stuff like this. I see no reason why she would be bullied, she’s just an average young girl. Calling bs as usual with these stories.

  • OfCourseTheyreReal

    Whenever a celebrity comes out with amy adolescent story about mobs of girls egging their house, letting air out of their tires, being mean to them, etc., I get suspicious. I think it’s a humblebrag way of making it seem like someone had hundred of haters growing up.

    And if there is some truth to it? Ooh, I want to hear both sides of that story. There’s always more …

  • KC

    I actually believe her bullying story, more so than most anyway, since she has actual examples instead of the normal, “everyone teased me because I was so skinny!”