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Helena Bonham Carter Brings the Quote of the Day

wenn3185784 - Helena Bonham Carter Brings the Quote of the Day

“Today I’m wearing huge breasts. No, it’s a corset. They’re still real – if you get a proper corset.

It’s amazing what a corset will do. I’m not all that well-endowed. These are my Golden Globes. Who needs Golden Globes when you’ve got these?”

… says 44 year-old Helena.

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  • I love her…

    • monkey

      me too

    • Mello

      How can you not? She’s like the only actress out there that I’ll watch a movie just because she’s in it….my girl crush. <3

  • Matthew

    She looks great in this picture, much better than she has in some time. Corsets do wonders for some women, and definitely recommended before surgery.

  • Sidney

    She is so awesome. And corsets are too, and push-ups, i’m barely an A but with the proper help i can look like a full B, it’s mind-boggling what all these accessories can do 🙂 She looks nice here though i also dig her more cooky outfits.

  • Gigi

    She has such a delitace, pretty face, but her hair and her makeup ALWAYS fail. I like that quote she gave during the SAG awards red carpet–“I dont get paid to look good, I get paid to act.” That’s not verbatim, but I found that very refreshing.

  • tink

    She’s awesome!

  • Haha! A plain and witty good laugh.

    No need to delve deep into this one ladies..!

  • Emmy

    Is she selling these corsets or something?

    • Mello

      hah, she should. That’s a celeb-endorsed product I might actually buy.

  • Loved her since fight club, she makes me feel good about my weird and sarcastically witty personality. Constantly misunderstood, though.

    • maggie

      I agree. Not to get all feminist on you but sometimes I feel like if a woman is clever, other people just think youre weird. Unless you’re my close friend or my husband I get the feeling people never know when I’m joking!

      • yara

        this is so true! I have so many situations, daily, where I just feel so stupid for being misunderstood. That silence when people think you’re serious kills me sometimes ahaha

  • Britt

    I adore this woman! Love all her odd but awesome looks, I’ve just been in love since Fight Club.

    • Anne

      omg! thats the chick from fightclub! ohhh its her wow!

  • <3 her!

  • Cristina

    God i love her; absolutely amazing actress and with brains too. Sarcasm rules 😀

  • Gia

    After my first year at uni this summer I worked in a shop and Helen came in! She is such a nice person. I have been a fan of her for a long time and really wanted to say something like You are awsome;DDD She looks much younger than 44 even dressed casually

    • I’ve met her too 🙂 She was really cool IRL as well. She seems just as quirky and odd like in the movies. I love her, she is so different, and I don’t mind her weird outfits and hair…

      • Gia

        I absolutely agree, she is a very charming woman

  • Anne

    lol! why does she talk like that? “who needs golden globes when you got these” who talks like that?

    • snoops

      british humour

  • Serafiina

    She is so great, absolutely lovely. I adore her, even though she… she…. Sirius!!!

    • Haha love ur comment. I hate her for killing Sirius too!

  • Kimberly

    I love this woman! Not only is she a wonderful actress, but she is quite quirky and sweet. She was excellent in The King’s Speech.

  • flossy

    She’s a breath of fresh air, a great actress who shines head and shoulders above the pretentious egomaniac film stars.

  • Dani

    She’s funny…but I agree with her that corsets and also pushups can work wonders with small breats…

  • Katy

    I love her too! Nice to see some love. Her style and beauty have stayed pretty consistent over the years-as has her sense of humour! She’s a great actress.

  • She’s hilarious

  • padme

    haha I like her, she seems really cool.

  • Mocha

    All time fabulous actress, hands down.

    Her, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp = the golden trio

  • I absolutely adore her. Capable of playing such diverse roles as well! She seems so normal and still down to earth-ish as well. Definitely deserves quote of the day. LOL!

  • mel

    Haha I love her! She isn’t afraid to be different, and it works for her.

  • Zeka

    I liked her until they put her in Sweeney Todd. Mrs. Lovett is not supposed to be that young, and I think her singing is bland and had no character in it. Otherwise, I like her.

  • jebes

    My mum adores her and shes my idol!