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Jane Fonda: “For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress”

FFN_g_51023062 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress"

Looking slim and fit concerns not only our young celebs, but also the ones from the fabulous-over-50 club: 75 year-old Jane Fonda recently opened up to the press that even though she is now ‘at peace’ with her body, after suffering from eating disorders for a long time, she is maintaining a restrictive diet – from Daily Mail:

After struggling with eating disorders for most of her life, Jane Fonda says she has at last ‘made peace’ with her body. The 75-year-old has twice-daily yoga sessions and recently went through a week-long cleansing regime, avoiding all dairy products, red meat, wheat and coffee. However she claimed she has given up her quest for a perfect figure, saying: ‘For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress.

‘I have spent time in therapy, written books that have helped me heal – as well as helped others. For me, healing meant understanding that “good enough” is good. We don’t have to be perfect.’

The actress, who won Oscars for her roles in the 1971 movie Klute and Coming Home in 1978, took on the role of fitness guru in 1982 with the release of an aerobics tutorial which became the most successful fitness video of all time. But she later revealed she had suffered eating disorders from the age of 12, veering between a series of food binges and purges. Although she was spotted tucking into a greasy cheeseburger at an Oscars after-party, she insisted she is still devoted to healthy eating.

I started the year with a week-long cleanse – no coffee, dairy, red meat or wheat,’ she told Hello! magazine.

Instead I had lots of juices, vegetables, chicken and fish, oats, beans and cleansing teas. ‘I’m still basically eating that way now, and will probably never go back to coffee. I eat fish, especially salmon and tuna, three times a week. This is really good for older people.’

Miss Fonda recently released a yoga DVD for the elderly – her 27th fitness tutorial – with her partner Richard Perry, 70.

She said: ‘Yoga makes me feel great, alive, awake, and as we get older it’s important to stay flexible and strong, which yoga helps with.

‘I’ve had a knee and hip replacement and had major back surgery last March, so my ability to do a full lotus position, for instance, is reduced. But I do this DVD with my boyfriend and it is totally safe.’

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FFN_g_51011053 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress" FFN_g_51011054 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress" FFN_g_51022370 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress"  FFN_g_51023445 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress" FFN_g_51023446 - Jane Fonda: "For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress"


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  • lexy

    god i wanna look like that at 75. i know she’s had something done but it was done nicely.

    • melis

      I agree!

      • Linda

        I know right? She’s fab! And although she may have done something, it still looks natural, she looks way better than Heidi Montag, Katie Price, Nikki Cox and so on, combined. She knows how to dress too.

        • JN1976

          I totally agree with you ladies. When I saw her at the Academy Awards I actually said she looks better in the face an body than a majority of women and her aging looks more natural. I havent googled but if I recall correctly she had a facelift a BUNCH of years back and I think she had a set of ribs removed in the 80s (for a smaller waist). To me both are just dumb and dangerous procedures. YET her beautiful aging relates to her skin…to me THE WRINKLES look WAY BETTER than a FACE FULL OF BOTOX AND FILLERS. Thus, from the 40-75 range…which includes Cortney Cox, Nicole Kidman, Madonna etc…(yup incl some of my faves)…I’d put her in the top 10 for sure of aging gracefully (AND dressing her age and bod well).

    • cloud9

      god, i wanna look like that NOW ;p

  • sarah

    C’mon,when you’re at that age you should enjoy relaxing,laying on the sofa while reading a book or watching movies,staying with your relatives and enjoying what you worked for for an entire life.
    But this woman is so superficial and still thinks about the appaerance instead of the essence.
    I understand that you’re a celebrity and that there’s nothing wrong with being healthy,but just do everything with moderation and stop talking just about your body and your diet.
    That’s the reason why I love Meryl Streep.

    • Lisa

      I disagree! My great-aunt is ten years older than Jane, and she’s still active. It doesn’t do you any good to sit around and let your body go. That’s when you need your health the most.

      • sarah

        I have never said that she has to let her body go or that she does not have to be healthy,but everything has a limit and I think that this woman is obsessed with her body and it seem like she’s struggling a lot to stay forever young.
        That’s not respecting the time and your self as well.

    • JN1976

      Sarah, I understand what you mean esp bc she does admit to having ED’s when she was younger, yet your comment appears to be making a statement about an older person not enjoying life if they spend time being active. That I just dont agree with. As a very active person myself and behaviour specialist, I can honestly say that exercise provides a source of both physical fitness AND mental health AND should be a part of everyone’s regular routine pretty much from birth to death though intensity can and should vary.
      It sounds like the intensity of her workouts have decreased…she was an intense jogger and aerobics guru…Yoga is a realllllllly great type of exercise for anyone and esp aging people who should be careful about their joints as well as the value flexibility has on aging muscles and tendons which can greatly affect mobility.
      ok, that’s my rant, sorry to bug

  • mary

    She looks amazing and young considering her past history of eating disorders, etc….but I cannot STAND this woman and they never should have let her back in this country after the stunts she pulled during the Vietnam War. Shes a piece of sh*t human being.

    • Sandy

      I totally agree and cannot support anything this woman says or does. She should be trialed for treason.

  • Sassy

    So let me get this straight? She has suffered from eating disorders and is now at piece with her body but still cuts things out and does cleanses? Hmm…that makes no sense….recovery from eating disorders teaches you how to enjoy everything in moderation and not be afraid of certain foods…she sounds like she is still semi-siffering

    • Candy M.

      Thats because and eating disorder can never be cured fully. Putting an anorexic on a plan that makes them rapidly gain a lot of fat is bound to relapse. Its a very deep rooted issue and not as simple as people like to make it. Its not just the media or Vogue magazine. The best thing you can do for an anorexic is put them on a healthy eating plan that puts them at a normal weight. A complete 360 is never going to work as you can see they almost always relapse when put on this kind of plan. It takes constant effort not to relapse back into it.

      • annabanana

        you’re right about the eating plans… but “an eating disorder can never be cured fully”? I’m sorry, but who are you to be saying that?

        • Candy

          It can be cured physically but there will always be a mental trace of it left. Obviously it can be cured to the point where you don’t have it but your always more susceptible to relapse if your not careful.

    • sassy

      You don’t have to explain what an eating disorder is…I’m in recovery and have been for about 7 months now….when you say you are never cured..you sound like a idiot

      • Candy M.

        Im sorry I kind of said it wrong, sorry if you misunderstood me.

      • JN1976

        Candy wasnt trying to mean, cruel or insensitive nor is she an idiot. I am sure she did not intend to hurt you with her accurate comments.
        It NEVER leaves the mind fully…I know…from myself and others. If you are in recovery, I wish you the best of luck. People engage in rigid behaviour for a hugely wide variety of reasons. As creatures of habit, these behaviours can be tough to break unless the new habits to replace them are rewarding enough to the individual. Still the mind or body remembers the rigid behaviours and thus one can slip into such habits, easily at first and then less so but it is always possible. Knowing this will be valuable to your recovery (I hope), as I’m sure you and your therapist have outlined “triggers” to tdestructive behaviours so you can recognize the trigger and engage in healthier, more constructive behaviour. If not this would be a constructive and proactive thing to do to lead to you a deeper level of recovery.
        (said bc I care…big hug…and remember your body is a wonderfully amazing vessel to give and accept love and happiness…I know you can do it…I did)

    • ebby

      you’re assuming that she’s not eating those foods for weight loss reasons. when i read the quote i interpreted it as her making wise healthy choices. its no secret that dairy and wheat are inflammatory. At age 75 the last thing a person needs is inflammatory foods in their diet. This can increase their risk of cancers, heart disease and stroke. Coffee also creates an adverse reaction in some people. I am one of those people, so I also don’t drink coffee.

      Just because something is edible, it doesn’t mean you should eat it. She seems to be in tune with her body and knows what will harm it and what will promote health.

      Lastly our bodies are complex machines. If you have a car, you change the oil, you clean it out. A cleanse is a way to let your body recover, self heal and flush out buildup of toxins. There’s nothing wrong if its done correctly. I wish the “everything in moderation” quote would be put to death. we are bio and genetic individuals so everything in moderation does not work for everyone.

  • JennM

    This comment disappoints me… I always hold out hope that at a certain age I will stop being concerned with my appearance, but I guess that is almost impossible being a woman in our society. I get that you should always be concerned with your health, but still severely restricting your diet in your seventies seems sad..

    It reminds me of my grandmother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.. she was losing weight extremely quickly because of the chemo and medication, and she was literally so happy when she got on the scale and was her high school weight.. Its unsettling that no matter what, weight and physical attractiveness can still hold so much importance in an American’s woman’s life.

    • Candy M.

      My 81 year old grandma is still worrying about her weight and always asks me for diet tips. I just find it ridiculous that you could really care that much when you really don’t have much time left.

      • solaxia

        I think it is possible if you want it to be possible =o). It is hard (I am no expert) especially because of society and the wide spread media. However, you don’t have to accept anyone else standard of beauty. You can create your own and be happy with that. I know it’s so much easier said than done. However, most people just accept it on simple terms …woman is in magazine/tv/movie = attractive. I just don’t think others think about it as much as we might.

        I don’t even think you have to be a certain age to stop obsessing over your body. Looks matter to an extent. However as long as you have some redeeming features like ,…not having a highly unpleasant face, or green teeth…then I’m sure you’re attractive enough. (Plus, I’m sure you have plenty more redeeming features than just that). If it makes you feel better – usually people who obsess over looks are more highly attractive than others because it’s something that they have always had attention for on some level.

        Think about it, you could be the most gorgeous woman in the world. You may attract the most male admirers and women being jealous. However, that doesn’t make you immune to getting chronically sick, being in an accident and losing a leg, attractive an abusive mate who wears down your self esteem, it won’t get you a uni degree, you may see yourself in magazines but you will always compare yourself to the other models that you are competing with.

        I’m not saying being attractive is equivalent to doomsday. Just saying, you may get SOME positives that others don’t have but you won’t be immune to having a perfect life and can still attract losers!

  • Faidy

    She looks phenomenal for her age. I think people should be active and take care of themselves at any stage of their life.

  • Winnie

    i love Jane, she was (and still is) a great actress. she’s pretty much been famous all her life and i imagine it probably isn’t the easiest thing to grow up in such a superficial environment. obviously it’s going to be difficult for her to let go of her looks if she’s had that mentality instilled in her whole life. either way, she was a certified babe when she was younger though, still is.

  • Candy M.

    I really like her but she can get on my nerves. She’s said some very stupid things over the years. This isn’t one of those. Im not sure of anyone can really make 100 percent peace with their body, there is always that one thing that could be a little better, and that could also be fixed and etc. Some days I feel attractive, not perfect ever, and some days I feel like an ugly little troll.

  • lc

    I could never, everrr give up coffee. Nope, just not happening lol.

    • Candy

      Honestly I think it’s just more bogus health advice. Caffeine isn’t going to kill you, coffee is perfectly fine

      • serena

        Agree with both of you, I love coffee, and I don’t think it’s bad for you. Those 400cal fast food/starbucks coffees smothered in whipped cream and sugar are bad. But a plain cup of coffee in the morning is no more harmful than tea, which also has caffeine (though it’s better than coffee because it has antioxidants too).

        • lc

          Agreed guys :). The cup I have in the morning or the one I brew at home is what I’m referring to, not those 2,000 calorie Starbucks fat/sugar bombs serena was talking about lol.

          • Adriana

            I have 2 cups of freshly brewed orangic coffee in the morning with a splash of organic full cream milk & I know it’s not doing anything bad to my health. In fact I know it has health benefits when prepared properly for example the way I make it. Even adding 1tsp of raw sugar won’t hurt if you have a sweet tooth & are not diabetic.
            However for people who have blood pressure problems or for those who are sensitive to caffine & get heart pulpertations from it like my mum coffee is not good for them. But for those who are not sensitive to caffine 2-3 cups of properly prepared cups is fine.

      • hanan

        caffiene won’t kill you , but its NOT “perfectly fine” , because it :
        1- decreases iron absorption
        2- get rid of body’s calcium .
        3- effect also some nutrient , like (K ,…)
        4- make your teeth yellow , coffee actually make your teeth yellow for 2 reasons (it’s hot & has caffiene) .

        i still drink it sometimes , but espicialy if your anemic , you don’t want to drink it just before / after iron rich meal .

        • hanan

          and english is not my first language , so excuse my english .

      • jenna

        It’s not bogus health advise that coffee isn’t good for EVERYONE. Maybe it’s good for you, but in others, it can be bad. Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently. Caffeine is obviously a stimulant…it stimulates the release of stress hormones, including adrenalin and cortisol which can be detrimental to healthy adrenals. Adrenals control all the hormones in your body, so you don’t want to mess them up. If you can drink coffee and you feel good, that’s awesome. But not everyone is the same.

  • Megan

    How depressing. 75 years until she finally got it (and honestly after listing her restricted diet, it doesn’t actually sound like she has).

    • Candy

      She sounds as bad as gwenyth.

  • Adriana

    Just because she is concerned with her diet, exercise & appearance does not mean she doesn’t have a fun fulfilling life. If her diet & fitnes plan are right for her & are helping to keep her healthy & fit enough to be able bodied to move about swiftly & do things alot of things most 75 yr olds can’t do how is that a sad life. IMO a sad life for me would be wasting away in front of the tv. When it comes to her looks well so what if she cares about them. Everyone I know, even really old people I know still take pride in their appearance. By the way my 50yr old dad idolises Jane. He thinks she is hot! I do too!

    • Adriana

      I forgot to add, we all find happiness in different things 😉

  • Ophelie

    She looks great but when I’m 70 I just hope to be spunky and fit like my grandmother who could skip rope and do cartwheels and somersaults at that age.

  • jessica_rabbit

    i do not believe in cleanses at all, only in moderation. i think that all trend is BS.

    • Candy M.

      Agreed, the only reason a cleanse will do something is that your not consuming obvious junk food anymore. There isn’t a single piece of evidence supporting these cleanses. If you’re an overall healthy eater you don’t need these scams.

    • Candy M.

      I have a friend like this who went on a diet that cut out everything other than fruit called the 80/10/10 diet and she just had no energy and started to pass out. Finnaly we talked some sense into her and she’s eating more variety but sill refuses to touch dairy, eggs, meat, nuts connived their poison.

      • JN1976

        There ARE some totally wack cleanses out there that appear to focus on weight loss…but…
        True cleanses, of which there is an immense amount of information and support for a healthy, and vibrant life as well as longevity, involve either a Liver or Kidney cleanse…bc they are the “cleaners” or filters of our system and just like the screen in an AC unit…they get clogged with gross junk…even when you are a healthy eater…or mouth is not our only orface of consumption/ingestion. We inhale pollutants from the air, stuff on our skin and even certain healthy foods can reek havok on the human system warranting a cleanse.(i.e. I LOOOOVE tomatoes but if I eat too much I get acid reflux, I love bananas and mangos but if I eat too much I get an overgrowth of yeast in my stomach from too much sugar – yup even natural sugar known as pectin – and get itchy skin and athletes foot).
        About to start my yearly cleanse in April…where I eat SO HEALTHY and abt 50% more than usual but feel like I’m floating on a cloud…the energy is addictive.
        Want a basic 2 day liver cleanse that’s easy, involves eating every 1.5-2 hrs —- try the 2-day Detox in “Detox for Life”
        Wanna go more intense do “Clean” – it’s what i do yearly. for the past 3 years and I swear by it. Even if you dont wanna do the Clean Program Cleanse, the information in the book about your body, what goes into it and how much this all relates to the health of the environment and thus the world…um it may change your life…it did mine and so many others (incl G. Paltrow but dont do it or not do it bc of her, try it or start reading bc you will learn so many greatly valuable things about your amazingly strong and powerful body…and what weakens it, even if you are healthy)
        (sorry for my intense rant but careful abt saying there’s no scientific evidence…not so, but YES there are some really, like REALLY, crappy fad diets and cleanses out there)

  • Prettiestfeet

    I actually like Jane.. but thats not ALL that keeps her looking young.. she has had more then 1 facelift as well as fillers, botox, etc. Hell I would do the same (I have vanity issues so Im not putting her down) BUT aside from her staying in shape with yoga, she is getting top of line face and body work.

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