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Karlie Kloss Does Vogue and Talks New Hairstyle

Karlie-Kloss-01182013-2 - Karlie Kloss Does Vogue and Talks New Hairstyle

On cutting her hair much shorter:

I’ve been so happy/nervous/terrified for this moment. Should I or shouldn’t I? I haven’t had short hair since the second grade. It was a bob with bangs—and let me tell you, that was not a fabulous cut. But it’s been a year of big change for me. Now feels like a good time for a fresh start. I feel very French! I’m going to have to get used to looking cooler. I love it. I can’t stop touching it… it makes me feel more daring. It’s winter, and I happen to have this very long neck. I may need to invest in some really warm scarves.

… says Karlie in Vogue Magazine.

See one more shot from the spread next!


Karlie-Kloss-01182013-1 - Karlie Kloss Does Vogue and Talks New Hairstyle

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  • nat shermans

    I would love to cut my hair short but I’m afraid I’ll feel in feminine. Good for her, biting the bullet and all. Love the second pic.

    • nat shermans

      Un-feminine…not in feminine

      • linda

        Im just like that too, I have quite long hair, and I get bored by it quite often, but I would never dare to cut it short! However I like Karlie with this haircut, matches her face and personality much more so than her long hair!

  • annemarie

    This doesn’t look like “a fabulous cut” either :/

    Maybe it looks better when styled differently.

  • annabeatrice

    Well, considering her height, I never thought that her neck was that long…

  • serena

    I remember on ANTM the girls would always cry and moan when their hair was cut. And Tyra would point out that as models, they would have to get used to their hair being styled differently; a shorter haircut might make one model look more edgy, another model might get extensions, a girl may stand out more with red hair, etc. It’s kind of odd because on the job their bodies don’t really belong to them; they are puppets for designers and stylists to show off their creations and play with. Although Karlie has reached such a level of fame and recognition, so she has more control of her image. She already stands out for being Karlie.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Agree 1000%

  • Jessica

    So she says that her haircut was bad because it was a bob with bangs and then gets it cut into another bob with bangs?

    • Sandy

      I think she meant that it wasn’t cut well when she was a kid. A bob with bangs from supercuts and a bob with bangs from a famous stylist are two very different haircuts

  • Candy

    I like her haircut, or as its now known “The Karlie”. She was also given a contract to be an “Angel” this week. I just love everything about her.

  • xname

    On the last picture, her shoulder looks slightly Picasso-esque…and not in a Gertrude Stein way. I do not understand why anyone would need to edit that part of an image, and then edit it so poorly.

  • Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    I think it looks terrible compared to how she used to look. Liked her more when she had a couple more pounds on (her face looked about 50x better) and long hair, now she looks old and meh.

  • megs362

    I cut my (perma)long hair into a cut really like Karlie’s about two years ago. I was terrified but needed something easy to style for the office – and I was shocked by how much I loved it! Surprising how many guys liked it too.

    Short hair is awesome. I’ve gone long again now because my boyfriend basically demands it, but I am building up to cutting it off again soon as I loved it so much. Will just have to present it to him as a fait accompli and pretend that I forgot that he likes long hair! Hah.

  • marghini

    Well, I am not a fan of KK honestly. Too skinny, too tall, too sinewy.. Face wise, she is pretty, not super stunning imo. And I think this haircut doesn’t do anything for her.

    I am sorry but I don’t get the crazy hype about her..

    • R

      Me neither. She’s tall, thin, and pretty…yeah…but not a SUPERmodel.

    • Zoe

      Agreed- I think everything about her (her height, thiness etc.) is just *too* much in my opinion- even her poses in most photos I’ve seen of her are just overly exaggerated. :/

  • erin

    B*tch, I shaved my head once. Get over yourself.

    • Robin

      That was unneccesarily rude.

    • Meghan

      Hahahaha! I agree with you. Her hair isn’t even short. I’ve ad shorter hair than hers for the vast majority of my life and it isn’t a big deal.

  • dasd

    why do so many people like her? her face is so weird and her eyebrows wtf she looks so innocent that its creepy, it reminds me of the orphan

    • ary

      lol , wth they give a totally different impression, since they’re sharp. She looks totally naughty to me 😛 And love the new cut!

    • Polska Blondynka

      That’s rude.

  • Cara

    I LOVE her new hair. Especially when it’s more styled. Like this:

  • Tinkerbell

    I really like her haircut – I’m biased for sure because I’ve never been a long hair girl, never in my life. My current cut is a bit similar: bob with thick bangs.. I just loooove it. 🙂
    I can’t get over Karlie’s ears though, they’re so unappealing to me..

  • sofia

    I love short hair, but not on her. I don’t think she has an amazing face, and this cut makes her look quite ordinary.

  • PS

    I’m not into her new haircut but when it comes to KK I just can’t get a good grasp on it anyways – she’s not beautiful to me, but she’s got something fascinating.

  • Jay

    i like long hair better, but then again i’m probably biased since my hair is curly and i have a cowlick, so i could never have a bob and bangs straight across my forehead!

  • Jacky Daniels

    i get she has perfect body for runway. but i wouldnt even turn my head for her on the street. well maybe just bc shes very tall and skinnier than everyone else. but i wouldnt think “oh thats beauty” i would think “oh thats odd” or something like that.

    • serena

      well high fashion girls often looks odd and sometimes even ugly. They are chosen to stand out rather than look pretty like commercial models are. In real life I know many girls who are prettier than Karlie, and I would never envy her extreme boyish body, but she does make a good model. She’s also really smart apparently and going to harvard – nice to see a model with looks and brains too!

      • Jacky Daniels

        well thats good for her but i wouldnt clasify all people with diplomas as smart..you would be surprised..more hardworking/determined.

        • annabanana

          yes yes yes! I hate it when people say “oh they went to an ivy, they’re super smart”… what BS. More often than not its “oh their family is rich and connected, or their dad went there, or they are famous for something (like karlie and natalie portman)”… yes some people end up at ivy’s because they are super smart, but lots and lots… not so much.

          • ary

            true. I switched from an engineering univ to a design one, and those cliches like physics students are smarter, bs at its finest 🙂 But Karlie doesn’t sound dumb to me (nor super smart), only naive and simple. And sweet, very sweet.

          • MissMarilyn

            um… as someone who is currently undergoing the college application process and lives in a very academically competitive area, it’s more like 5% have connections that actually help them and 95% are smart/great extracurriculars/ etc. I don’t know when Karlie went to college, maybe things have become more difficult in the past few years but it is HARD to get into an Ivy league. 7 kids at my school who all have 4.0s and amazing extracurriculars (two are fluent in spanish with a sister there, the other fluent kid has legacy there, one is a track star, one interned at parliament) and only one (the track star) got in, the rest got deferred. This is from a well known high school that is rated in the top 50 of the nation.

            And I have a good friend who is currently attending Harvard. She has no connections to the school whatsoever and was just an amazing high school student who runs a program where they travel to different areas of the world and put solar panels on buildings to help communities spend less energy money, she also worked with a community in nicaragua for 6 weeks with another organization, and is overall just an amazing student. It really irks me when people go “Oh they must have just had great connections” no… it doesn’t work that way. Maybe if your family contributed thousands of dollars to the school or if a family member works there but otherwise you don’t really have a leg up over anyone else… and even in those cases you have to be an above average student.

          • marghini

            Well, I don’t want to sound discouraging, but after reading this I kind of question the “transparency” of the admission methods of Ivy League University…


          • MissMarilyn

            and annabanana sorry if I sound harsh 🙁 I usually agree with your posts! Its just stressful to see all the work my friends and I put into our lives and then these applications and just have it be reduced to “oh they must have had a connection” when most connections aren’t even very helpful, and most people do not have them : P

  • JaneParker

    I never really paid that much attention to her but she comes across as nice and relatable. And I think she looks amazing, odd yes, but in a good way. Good for her for cutting her hair short, it looks edgy. My hair is thinning and my hairdresser told me I should do a radical cut, but I’m terrified. I cut my hair short 3 years ago and although I loved it I couldn’t wait for it to grow back to normal again.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I love her new cut. She looked boring before. This cut compliments her sharp bone structure in her face. Her stylists wouldn’t have cut it to make her look bad. I’m pretty sure they know what they are doing.

  • wonderwoman21

    I had very short hair once; after a bad breakup I got a haircut inspired by Keira Knightley’s hair in ‘Domino’. I felt all bad ass until a little old lady told me I looked adorable -_-

    But yeah growing it in was a pain & it took time. Hair that short didn’t feel very sexy, but I was young (19) so maybe it’d be different now. Might do it again, but my boyfriend would cry if I cut it all off 🙂

  • MissMarilyn

    Karlie definitely has a face that can pull off short hair imo!

  • Natalia

    Amazing body, hair generally is better shoulder length, looks more elite, she and most great women look best in chignons.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I don’t know why but I really dislike this girl ://

  • retrobanana

    yeah i dont find her attractive just my opinion

  • Mia

    Is this really what people consider “short” hair? Because I would definitely consider this medium length. To me, short hair is like Charlize Theron’s hair

  • janae

    I usually prefer long hair, but I like this look on her. With her features it looks sort of “elf-ish”, and I mean that in a very good way. She looks magical lol.

  • Missmarilyn

    @marghini – yes many are aware of corruption in admissions but that doesn’t mean that the majority of the students there worked hard to earn their spot. Of course there are some who got it easier but it’s the minority.

  • marghini

    @missmarilyn I know, I didn’t link it so say “oh all your efforts are useless” or something. I truly hope that great students can access the best universities, as that is the first step toward a better society imo. And of course I wish you good luck for your admission!

    I am European so when I read that article I was so baffled cause I’ve always assumed that the Ivy League system is very meritocratic, considering how good those universities are considered in rankings.. But it is okay, I still guess a lot of good students make it!

    • MissMarilyn

      ok, thanks. sorry for misunderstanding 🙂

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