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Naomi Watts Brings the Quote of the Day

163196103_10 - Naomi Watts Brings the Quote of the Day

I won’t wear red on the red carpet … I just never think blondes look good in red. I think it’s good for dark haired girls and dark skinned girls. But for some reason, I always feel like I look trashy in it. Blondes plus red, to me, looks a little bit porno, and I’ve never felt quite right.”

… says Naomi in People magazine.

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  • Bellerina

    Totally disagree, I think natural Blondes look fantastic in red! (Sometimes white can wash them out though).

    Body wise she looks very slim, possibly fit.

    • li

      agreed! I think blonde women look fantastic in red. I myself am brunette and always very careful with the red clothing!

      • Amanda

        I disagree with her. But, a lot of blonde women have a pink undertone in their skin (Naomi does) and red can really accentuate that. She might feel differently if she wore a green based primer under her makeup to neutralize the pink. I have a lot of yellow in my skin, so if I wear something yellow I always make sure to wear a purple primer.

  • Hazal

    I don’t agree with her. To me, red is the only colour which looks good on every woman: from light skinned/blond hair to dark skinned/black hair.

    • artemis

      I agree 😀

      • Indigo Lace

        Me too.

    • annabanana

      it doesn’t look good on redheads.. trust me 🙂
      I think blue looks good on everyone.

    • cameron baum


  • Casey

    Idk what it is about her, but her face is so forgettable to me. She also looks unrecognizable from one hairstyle to the next. I wouldn’t guess those 2 are the same person.

    I think blondes an look good in red. Especially red lipstick. I don’t see it porno-ish at all. I see porno-ish as bleach blonde hair and trashy outfits, no matter what color the outfit is.

    • Casey


    • amber

      She is totalling forgettable. She’s pretty enough and she’s been in a few movies I’ve seen, but I couldn’t pick her out of a lineup.

  • Mo

    I can see where she’s coming from…. But blondes in red can look so BOMBSHELL…. Who can forget Scarlett Johansson in that red dress at the 2008 Golden Globes? Knockout!

    But for someone like Naomi Watts, I can understand it… She’s attractive, but the first word that comes to mind isn’t sexy…

    Wearing red is LOOK AT ME, and Naomi doesn’t seem that kind. Which isn’t a good or bad thing… Personal opinion, whatever.

    • Emeline

      ” Who can forget Scarlett Johansson in that red dress at the 2008 Golden Globes? Knockout!” I think she was a knockout in this dress for another reason… lol

    • urss

      I think, Scarlett looked trashy in that red dress

    • seijidan

      you mean 2006 golden globes, not 2008.

      Also, Jennifer Lawrence pulled of the red dress. I think in general blondes look great in red. But it makes them REALLY sexy times ten somehow!

  • Megan

    If not wearing red, means wearing that fabulous silver gown instead, good choice!

    I get what she’s saying though. Really fair ladies only look good in very specific shades bold primary colors. They’re better left to tan-dark ladies.

  • JN1976

    As a naturally born blonde as well, I get it. FULLY.
    Never have I liked red close to my face, ever. I too felt like it was too bold.
    Another thing, most natural blondes (note: means were naturally blonde as children), have pink undertones in the skin, though not all, most. Red doesnt minimize this, it highlights the pink…not so attactive…it`s kinda like how olive skinned beauties can sometimes have difficulty wearing greens, or certain green tones…

    • lila

      Totally agree in terms of the pink undertone of the skin! I have that problem as well, looking like I’m blushing or too hot when wearing the wrong colour with my skin.
      But I wouldn’t categorize red as a complete “don’t” colour for blondes, I’m fair-skinned and naturally blonde myself. You just have to find the right shade. This can also change during summer for example because (for me), the pinkish undertone in less prominent when I get a light tan.
      That’s what I find interesting, I definitely can’t EVER wear yellow or orange, but with red it’s a lot about the shade, for example a nice burgundy colour can completely change a look compared to a bright “firemen red” 🙂

    • La la la la

      great point. undertones make a huge difference. pinkish tones should watch the red shades. i also agree that fire truck red and burgundy are two totally different situations! i could see burgundy being pretty on someone with pink undertones and red being gawdy. IMO bright red is a peacock color and is only appropriate in certain instances. i like it for accessories a lot with a simple outift, especially red shoes with all black, or a red purse with all black, and it can be really fun with navy. i like coral even better than red though and it can be a little less ‘look at me’, especially pastel coral

  • serena

    Well I have olive skin and dark hair and look bad in red too! I look best in saturated cool tones, especially deep purples and blues. I think a lot of blondes look good in pastel or muted colors, and lots of them look good in red too, especially warm-toned blondes.

  • Avelyn

    well, I’m not sure that porno-ish is the right word, but I’m pale with long bleach-blonde hair and I typically shy away from red’s and orange’s because I feel they overpower by face. When i was a redhead I wore them sometimes. I NEVER wear hot pink now though because I feel it’s too “bimbo cliche” with my hair, lol

  • Debbs

    I’m sure some blondes look good in red but anyway, she looks very pretty in white. I like her style.

  • JennM

    I don’t know if I agree with the red comment, but I think she seems like a very classy woman. I think most people just view her as forgettable because she is reserved, you don’t see her in tabloids, and she does a lot of indie movies. I really like her.

  • Emeline

    Red can look good on blondes but I agree that it looks better on brunettes and dark skins, the contrast is very beautiful and seductive

  • Sidney

    I agree with her. I have the pink undertones in my skin, and blond hair. The only color more difficult than red is orange. It just doesn’t look good near my face, except for some tones that are few and far between, and even then, a navy blue, and a lot of greens and violets will always look way more flattering than even the best red i could choose. I do think some blondes can look awesome in red though, depends on the skin tone more than the hair imo.

  • Lea

    I don’t see what’s so disgusting about it? It’s not like she murdered somebody…

  • Tisha

    I’m a brown skinned girl and I don’t let any color intimidate me!! I might wear a color in moderation compared to another, but I will never say no to it. Everyone has their fashion philosophy, I guess.
    She very often stands out on red carpets so she must doing something right.

  • retrobanana

    she was never a fave of mine she always puts me to sleep…nbever found her a good actress and didnt even know she was the girl in the ring movies untill a few months ago….but she actually looks good in these shots even the one with the lines around her eyes…i think blondes can wear red…i think brunettes and dark skinned girls can too though…but im glad i finally noticed her because she seems to be quite popular

  • Sharen

    So… I guess she was feeling pretty bad about this little number:


  • Ivory

    Made me think of Scarlett Johnasson and Jennifer Lawerance’s red dresses on the red carpet.
    They looked amazing!!

  • lillaliket

    I used to have platinum blonde hair and I could NOT wear bright red – it looked garish! burgundy or wine red looked awesome though – made my hair look almost silvery white and my skin porcelain-y. I guess it depends on the undertones of your skin though!

  • lex

    I’m a natural blonde and I wear red frequently. I get a lot of compliments, too. I think it depends more on skin tone than hair color. I’m half Italian and have a warm skin tone so that probably helps.

  • MariMari

    Naomi is beautiful, and I think she’d pull off red. At first I was skeptical about her means of achieving her hollywood thin frame; but not only has she maintained, had children, and aged gracefully, but has showcased more talent as well.

  • hannah

    totally disagree with her, imo red looks specially great on blonde, fair skinned women..frankly im sick of hearing that fair skinned women can’t wear this or that, as if our skin tone is some kind of flaw that we’re not allowed to accentuate

  • lc

    Hmm…well, it may not always be flattering on them, imo, but that’s it. Idk about being “porno” lol.

  • fun

    those gowns are gorgeous!!!

  • loos

    I agree that red outfits generally don’t look good on blondes but I think it depends on the blonde. Red lipstick, however, can look amazing on (some) blondes. I’m not a huge fan of Naomi as an actress and I always used to think she was quite plain looking but I think as she gets older she’s looking more and more amazing. I think part of it is because she’s one of the few celeb women that isn’t injecting herself to remove wrinkles. She looks gorgeous IMO.

  • Maria

    I don’t agree with her. I think It’s all about the right shade of red. Im a typical Swedish blonde ( light-blonde hair, fair skin and blue-grey eyes) and my skin has a blue undertone, so therefore I always wear clothes (I also apply this “rule ” to my makeup and hair) that has a cold shade to them. I look amazing when I wear bluish-red clothes near my face (yellow-red looks horrible on me) She looks good, but if I were her stylist I wouldn’t give her something white to wear, she just dissappear in that. I cringe sometimes when I see what some celebreties wear colourvise.

  • I agree, pinkish reds can work but deeper and darker reds do match better with darker colors, red highlights work with black hair but not blonde hair IMO.


  • jenna

    As a natural blond with pink undertones and who cannot get tan, I agree with her 100%. Red is just not a good color. Neither is orange and yellow.

    People on here saying that you can wear certain color concealers to minimize the pink undertones, maybe not everyone wants to cover up their skintone. I personally like the way my face looks with the pink undertones – it makes me look young and fresh. So I honestly would rather give up wearing red clothing to avoid having to pile on concealers to hide my true self.

  • jenna

    btw, I think she looks AMAZING in those gowns. She’s a true beauty and always looks classy and chic.

  • Liz

    She is so adorable. I bet she would look fab. in red.

  • Snip

    I totally get where she’s coming from – getting an image of someone cheap-looking with tacky roots, obvious implants, and orange-red lipstick – but blonde & red can be done well when done right!