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Priyanka Chopra Does Complex and Brings Today’s Quote

priyanka-complex - Priyanka Chopra Does Complex and Brings Today's Quote

On being bullied when she first came to America at the age of 13:

“I was bullied by a freshman named Jeanine. She was black, and supremely racist. Jeanine used to say, ‘Brownie, go back to your country, you smell of curry,’ or ‘Do you smell curry coming?’ You know when you’re a kid, and you’re made to feel bad about where your roots are, or what you look like? You don’t understand it, you just feel bad about who you are… I told my mom, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’”

… says Priyanka, who is genetically blessed.

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  • Deborah G.

    She is very beautiful and equally annoying.

    • Hannah


  • Leighton

    Meh, I can’t take her serious after her “I don’t work out, because I am ‘Genetically Blessed’” crap. Just sounds like a well-thought-out PR story to make her sound more “relatable and real”.

    She is pretty though.

    • Leighton

      And I am sorry but if that’s the worst she has been through (and it looks like it since she only tells this story over and over), she can’t complain. I wouldn’t even call that “bullying”.

      But I may not understand since I am just a “white girl”.

      • olgz

        She didn’t say this was the worst. However, experiencing rascism and bullying because you’re “different” would be very hard on ANY 13 year old girl. Especially someone who had just immigrated from another country.

  • Annie

    As a white girl, I always feel like it’s not my place to comment on statements like these. She looks really good in these photos.

    • Jason Downs

      That’s silly, just because you’re white, doesn’t mean you lack critical thinking skills.

      • Hannah

        I think most white people aren’t educated about what goes on in/between other communities. Doesn’t mean they don’t have critical thinking skills, but how do you think critically about things you don’t know details about? People do that too much unfortunately, it seems people that know the least about things talk the most about them. I think Annie is actually being really smart in this situation.

        • Jason Downs

          We don’t know Anne’s experiences, she may or may not have tons of experience with other communities. But to just exclude yourself from commenting due to your own race is silly, and to value somebody else’s opiomion more than another because they happen to be lower on the socio-economic scale is also silly. A white girl raised in a poor diverse neighborhood, living day in and day out around people of color, and half your family are people of color would have just as valuable input on race as a brown girl raised in a wealthy neighborhood surrounded by all white people….and although nobody can walk in another persons shoes, people are people and human nature is the same, and you can relate to others by using critical think and empathy. You don’t have to be in a persons exact position to relate, just use empathy. I don’t have to tough the sun to know that it’s hot and I don’t have to go to the North Pole to know that it’s cold.

          • Calia

            That’s not true at all. The white girl you mentioned would still never be a person of colour. She can comment all she wants, but she will never have the same perspective, or as valuable perspective on issues of people of colour as an actual coloured person. Only a white person would argue otherwise. Class doesn’t erase ethnicity.

  • Bella

    She is beautiful. Great skin

  • Snugglepup

    How is the race of the person and HER NAME relevant to all this!? She’s pretty but comes off pretty unpleasant.

    • AlyssaMoh

      she wanted to make a point i suppose. I have heard colloquially that Hindi people are not that fond of certain races themselves..so… yeah. there is definitely a hierarchy of skin tones in india as well

  • Calia

    That’s what she calls supremely racist? Then this black girl (me) encountered about 12 “supreme racists” every day of elementary school and junior high.

    Supreme racism = the Africans who have recently been beaten to death in India, only for trying to get an education they pay through the nose for.

    She is annoying and ignorant. Enjoy your 15 minutes.

    • Hannah

      She really is. A LOT of Indians are extremely racist towards people darker than them. Whether it’s internalized racism I don’t know but there was no need at all to mention the girl’s race (while calling her racist lol).

    • Agatha

      Just because someone has it worst than you, it doesn’t mean your problemas are invalid. If that were the case, we wouldn’t address any problems at all.

      • Calia

        Absolutely. My problem was with her using the term “supremely racist” and making sure to point out the girl’s race. It did not sit right at all.

        • Agatha

          If that’s what you meant, you should’ve said that.

          • Calia

            It’s not my fault you don’t have the brains to gather an obvious message from context. It seems others did.

          • Agatha

            I do have brains, how lovely of you, thank you.

            You didn’t mention how it was racist of her to call out the girl’s name (I agree with that), other commenter did. I still don’t agree with your first premise, my point is that her problems were not invalid just because they don’t fit your definition of “supremely racist”.

            Let’s agree to disagree, yes?

  • Agatha

    That sucks. I feel lucky I’m Mexican and grew up in Mexico in that sense. Kids are awful.

  • chris

    probably a bs made up story anyways. this woman is so up her own azz.

  • Veronique

    Why did she have to mention the other girl’s race?? Kinda awkward…

  • lexi82

    I’m guessing she mentioned the other girl’s race to show that being racist isn’t exclusive to white people. If she had just said “Jeanine hated me”, how many people here would have assumed Jeanine is white? Try living in a racially diverse area. I lived in Gainesville, Florida for three years during grad school and quickly realized that racism and hatred come from all racial/ethnic groups. There were whites who hated blacks and vice versa. There were non-Cuban Hispanics who hated Cubans and blacks. One of my best friends is Filippina; her Chinese and Korean friends belittled her for not having whiter skin. No one race/ethnicity has a monopoly on racism.

  • HB

    Beautiful. But that cover shot is awful.

  • Lili

    I cant believe she has brown eyes. I’ve been lied to she wears contacts on QUANTICO. And she had a nose job. I mean thats so deceiption right there.
    Who cares about Janine ??? I’m black and a kid darker than me used to bully me with the white kids when I was growing in France.
    He hated me, while I never said 2 words to him. I think he hated himself and was abuse at home.
    Who care cause I’m winning at life and I heard he went to jail. Serve him right.