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Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles

FFN_Lake_Ricki_SOR_082012_50863318 - Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles

On her weight loss goals:

“I wouldn’t say I’ve conquered it. I still battle with it and always will. Doing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2011 got me in amazing shape – the best of my life – and now I’m at a healthy weight. I’m not obese anymore. I was enormous, so I’ve got a handle on it. Would I like to lose another stone? Yes. But I’m not a big person anymore. My goal weight is a healthy 10 stone now (140 pounds). I’ll never be skinny. I’d rather be fit and happy than emaciated and malnourished. I have to be at peace with my body no matter what size it is.”

… says 44 year-old Ricki.


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