Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles

Ricki Lake Doing An Interview For EXTRA

On her weight loss goals:

“I wouldn’t say I’ve conquered it. I still battle with it and always will. Doing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2011 got me in amazing shape – the best of my life – and now I’m at a healthy weight. I’m not obese anymore. I was enormous, so I’ve got a handle on it. Would I like to lose another stone? Yes. But I’m not a big person anymore. My goal weight is a healthy 10 stone now (140 pounds). I’ll never be skinny. I’d rather be fit and happy than emaciated and malnourished. I have to be at peace with my body no matter what size it is.”

… says 44 year-old Ricki.


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31 thoughts on “Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles”

  1. A lot of you are young and going to comment. If you are in your 30’s you know/saw how much she struggled.with her weight. I’m actually proud of her because her weight went back and forth like Oprah

  2. I’m indifferent about most celebrities, but I have never been able to stomach Ricki Lake. She made a career out of playing the “jolly fat girl,” then lost weight, got her own undeserved talk show, and never shut up about her weight again. Enough already–find a new topic of conversation.

    • Why was her talk show undeserved? Most talk show hosts on TV don’t seem any more qualified than her to give advice, its basically about personality/presenting skills and obviously, judging by the success of the show, people liked her.
      Anyway, I think she looks good but isn’t really relevant anymore so… Who cares lol

  3. It’s well known that Ricki’s weight/body issues stemmed from her being sexually abused as a young child so food became her comfort for dealing with that horrific trauma. Kudos to her for finding some happiness and making peace with her body. Can’t be angry at her for that.

    • Oh boo hoo, some people dont worship poor famous millionaire ricki lake. Its not just famous people who aren’t liked, you can never please everyone famous or not.

      • yes! Fame comes at a cost. If a person chooses to make millions by being adored by fans then he/she has to realize that they will also have plenty of critics. Most of us don’t make our living through pleasing the public so directly, so we don’t have to worry as much.

  4. Some people aren’t meant to super thin. They don’t have the frame for it. Ricky is one of those people. I’m sure for her to reach the Hollywood standard, she would have to eat virtually nothing and would look really unhealthy and awful anyway. Really, we should all just strive to be fit and healthy and we’ll look the best we can look.

  5. Haha i’ve never known who’s ricki lane mentioned in Offspring’s song. Well good for you lane! Keep on being healthy

  6. I saw her in Vegas, shes actually stunningly pretty, very natural beauty.I know its hard to believe, I couldnt believe it either. Shes gorgeous.

  7. I like her…used to watch her show when I was a teenager and she seems down to earth. shes always struggled with her weight, I remember when she was 300 pounds! she looks great now, good for her

  8. Hard to believe anyone can have something negative to say about her – she’s always smiling, always pleasant and she’s definitely funny. I loved her in all her early movies when she was overweight, and love her now that she’s made a commitment to being at a healthier weight. Go Ricky!

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