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Tiffani Thiessen Poses for Me in My Place and Talks Boobs and Size



From Me in My Place:

Howard Stern once describing her as having the “most perfect breasts” in the world: “Yeah, he said that before I had kids (laughing loudly). He first said that around the time that first FHM cover came out, it came up again when I did his show again last year. I’m not gonna say I’m not flattered, he’s Howard Stern, Howard knows boobs. The fact that he talked about me positively, I’ll take it! He was really nice and complimentary, in his own special way he was very respectful.”

You were the consummate sex symbol, was that a lot of pressure? “I think any time you are on a hit show as a young actor or actress, you feel that way. Then as a woman, there’s some additional pressures you feel to look a certain way and be a certain size. I was not the girl that was a size 2 and didn’t work for it. I was never the waify model type.”

… says 38 year-old Tifanni.

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  • bbblah

    She’s beautiful!

    • What is wrong with you, complimenting her for posing like this?? It is terrible she would do that!

  • Strawberryfields

    Yay, Valerie. She was always my favourite!

  • She doesn’t look like herself in the first picture… She looks very healthy to me. I’ve never really thought she was beautiful – her chin is so masculine…

    • Mia

      I feel like her chin has become more prominent with age. When she was on Saved by the Bell her face was much rounder. I thought she was so beautiful back then, and she always looked very skinny on that show…but then again, she was only a teenager.

      • Loxy

        I’ve noticed that with age some women go from having a heart shaped or roundish face to having a very strong chin (see Jen Aniston’s early days on Friends vs now, Julia Louis Dreyfus on Seinfeld vs now, Reese Witherspoon in Fear vs now)…I think it may be the result of fat or volume loss in the face…any thoughts? (Regardless, I find all these women attractive)

        • Mia

          Actually, you might be on to something with those other two, because they all have a similar facial structure. In general people tend to lose fat on their face as they age, so it makes sense. I feel like my face is much more angular (and less “pretty”) than it used to be when I was in high school :-/

        • With age, the fat in a face gets less. That’s why younger people looks more plumpy and round in their faces.

  • She looks younger than 38. Her face is really cute.

  • Indigo Lace

    Was howard talking about her natural boobs which she barely had any of (she was flat as a board on sbtb) or the boob job she got later around her 90210 days?

  • Tally

    Is me and my place a magazine or smthing? —i always thought this chick was so hot on SBTB! still do

    • misscheeks

      As far as I know it’s a website Tally.

      • Tally

        O ok. I was like what versis had this chick at her house!? O & guys obvi amanda down there is nutella- or i mean natalia 😉

        • misscheeks

          Hahaha Tally…so this is what happens when I leave the site, chaos ensues!!! Or in the words of Ron Burgundy “boy, that escalated quickly! ” I don’t think Amanda=Natalia though but you gotta love the pointless quotables at the end..that’s some original sh!t right thurr! 😀

          • Tally

            Lol yes 60% of the time it works EVERYTIME. Or i should say 80% of the time it works, 10% of the time! 🙂

          • Missmarilyn

            @tally I think you’re meaning to reply to me, not misscheeks 🙂 google it if you don’t believe me! It is a true statement. I help a lot of people with others and am 10000% that diet plays a HUGE portion in weight loss, much more than exercise does! You need to eat healthier or nothing will really change

  • Debbs

    She is so beautiful! And 38? Wow..

  • Chelsea

    I think she would look better with longer hair.

  • Amanda

    She is so blah, terrible chin and chubby legs. Obviously her stomach isn’t looking too hot or else I am sure they would have shown it. Pass.

    “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

    • Hayley

      Hi Amanda… And which magazines/websites have you modeled for? If not, would it be safe to assume that the editors would “pass” on you, as you so eloquently did in your comment? It’s a bit different when the shoes on the other foot.

      • Amanda

        @Hayley: Actually, I have modeled. I choose to be on the site anonymously so clearly I am not going to link photos etc. In my opinion, she is not that pretty, sorry that that upsets you. Maybe where you live you don’t see an abundance of truly stunning and gorgeous women, this my dear, is not one of them.

        It doesn’t take much to deduce that her tummy is probably pretty soft or else, clearly, they would have shown it. Even if I hadn’t modeled or were tall and lean, I would have the same opinion.

        Thanks for your comment.

        “Men aren’t the problem, they’re the answer” Z. Gabor

        • bbblah

          she had a baby recently and I would love to see you at 39. and after a baby.

          Good luck with your “modelling” .

        • imj

          She is NOT a MODEL, she is an ACTRESS. The standards are different and things like talent are factored into the equation. She doesn’t have to be stick thin to be successful. I would gage that she probably makes more money than many models do.

        • Loxy

          Oh no way! It’s -A from Pretty Little Liars…you really are an expert at making young women feel like crap!

          • Doe

            Died Laughing!!

        • Jay

          You’re full of crap. Post your picture.

      • Olivia

        The girl just voiced her own opinion on a blog… please calm down.

    • Debbs

      Not everyone is meant to be very thin. She is gorgeous.

      • Amanda

        I disagree, I think that we are supposed to be very thin. People make excuses all the time, “big bones”, “this shape that shape”, bottom line. Cut out dairy, most wheat, refined carbs, high fructose corn syrup, eat proper portions, add vegetables and cut out unnecessary fats and voila.

        To be honest, being thin is 80 percent about what you eat and 10 percent working out and 10 percent genes.

        “I would rather be fat and stocky than tall and slim” said no one ever….

        • jj

          i don t know what you need more: sex or psychiatric treatment. and this is coming from a size 0 person.

        • maureen

          Silly girl…you’re paid to look skinny and not speak for a reason lol. Most people want to look healthy and slender, not stick thin or anorexic. Being bony is hardly attractive (models like Karlie Kloss have bones photoshopped out for a reason). Now Tiffani may not be stunning – I agree with you her chin is odd – but she isn’t chubby. Your line about nothing tasting as good as skinny feels made me laugh; that is a commonly used motto for pro-ana sites and most girls don’t want to look sickly. Healthy, slender, with curves is much closer to ideal for most people.

          • Amanda

            I agree, but one can hardly call G.B. bony or Alessandra, or any abundance of beautiful women boney. Just because they don’t have rolls of fat and wide hips, does not make one boney.

          • jj

            my reply is for amanda: so sex it is! i wish u good luck, i’ve heard dogs are big fans of bones. all the best

          • maureen

            Gisele and Alessandra are VS models so they cant be bony like some high fashion girls are. Neither are stick thin!
            Both are beautiful, but I prefer curvy figures like Candice Swanpole, who is skinny but has a nice shape to her body. Though Ale is gorgeous as well.

          • Amanda


            I agree with you. Which is why I am confused why everyone assumes that just because I think Tiffani is a bit chubby that I like people who are just bones. The aforementioned models are by no means boney and look much better than Tiffani.

          • Amanda

            @ Snip- Doll, what are you smoking….? They absolutely do. 😉

        • maureen

          @Amanda I assumed you prefer bony figures bc you said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” which is associated with amorexia. But clearly I was wrong, so apologies 🙂 based on your measurements you must have a nice figure, thin but curves.

          • Snip

            Those measurements do not equal curves on a 5’10” female. Your modeling must be more face-reliant. If not, well – at least you have your personality!

        • Tally

          Amanda, truthestly, the 80% 10% 10% thing makes no sense. 😉 buuut, id have to agree with u re: the other things u say. Like i do believe all women/grls want to b slim/beautiful/FIT too, but not every1 wants to b tall. Like this may sound weird but i always envied the little asain girls i went to school with because they were sooo petite. I would rather b able to bend my legs to fit in a tiny space, feel so small in my boyfriends arms as he picks me up, or get mistaken for being a little girl(like i said this could sound weird 2 u) than be taller than what i already am. But this is just my POV – toodles!

          • Missmarilyn

            Actually the 80 10 10 thing makes a lot of sense, it’s true that you can work out for hours a day but if you’re eating crap then very little will change.

          • Amanda

            very strange that you want to be mistaken for a “little girl” sort of creepy…

          • Jay

            You’re doing the same thing. Being proud that you are basically a non existant size makes you just as weird. Why do you want to look like a guy?

          • Jay

            Must be a bunch of dumb teenage girls on this site. Actually, there are many reasons people are overweight, nothing to do with lazy. Accidents, injuries, depression, many things can lead to weight gain. And when you actually do grow up, believe it or not, there are other things that take priority to looking sexy for teenage boys. You seriously need to grow up fast. Man you’re dumb.

          • Tally

            Yea im a creep. Im a weirdooOo. What the hell am i doing here??

        • Miamia

          Thank you Amanda!!! I seriously think that people need to hear that more often.. theres no many excuses and you know what the main reason is people are LAZY and not disciplined and have no self control! And it makes me so angry to hear these excuses when EVERYONE wants to be thinner just no one wants to make the effort

          • Missmarilyn

            This is true for many but I think some excuses are valid… Particularly teens living in obese/unhealthy households. Im sure that many can’t exactly tell your mother/father what to cook or what to buy from the grocery store. I mean, they could starve themselves but that’s not any healthier.

        • I disagree about the “meant to be thin” statement, our bodies are meant to store fat in case of future famine, just now that it isn’t hard to get food in lots of the world the storing of extra fat isn’t as necessary. If we were meant to be thin people wouldn’t have to work so hard all the time to stay thin. I don’t think we are meant to be obese or anything but somewhere in the middle seems to be the most natural (except for those naturally very thin people, but most people are not that)

        • Oh yeah

          I eat well and work out every day and I’m not “skinny”. There goes that theory.

          • Amanda

            Then you must be doing something wrong. Unless you have a medical condition, it is impossible for you not to lose weight if you are taking in less calories than you are expending. Do you eat a lot of vegetables, some fruit, lean protein and only carbohydrates from fruit etc.? Do you cut out unnecessary sugars eg. sodas, candy, cookies etc?

            Try cutting dairy out as many studies have shown that it is not actually good to drink milk after being a child as our body does not need it as we get enough calcium from other foods.

            Try being gluten free for a while if nothing else is working, make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water a day and focus on portion size.

            To be honest, the most calories one will burn in an hour is about 700 maximum (assuming you are working your hardest running, spinning etc).

        • Loxy

          34 c boobs? Sounds like a whole lot of FAT to me…

          • Amanda

            Well, I mostly wear Agent Provacateur, clearly, a french brand and therefore if we were to do it in American sizing, more like a 32C. But yeah, so fat 😉

          • misscheeks

            Nope. Agent Provocateur is a British brand. 🙂

          • Amanda

            @ Misscheeks, you are so right! I was thinking KDM which I also love. Thank you for the correction.

        • Veronika

          Sorry sweetie- a size zero you are not: http://www.asos.com/infopages/SizeGuide/pgesizechart.aspx. Your bust measurement puts you at a US 6, a US 4 if you’re squeezing- but a US zero (a real one, not what you’d find at Gap) is 30-22-32. Not saying you should be a size zero at 5’10” but as someone so critical about other people’s sizes should be honest about themselves.

        • Tiffany

          “To be honest, being thin is 80 percent about what you eat and 10 percent working out and 10 percent genes.”

          That’s 80% rubbish…I eat like a morbidly obese tongan man, don’t do any exercise at all and am still skinny… genetics plays a HUGH role in how skinny/fat people are. I do agree with you, however, that skinny looks better but I feel sorry for you that you need to starve to achieve it. there are many people who are skinny naturally 🙂

          • Emmelie

            To Tiffany: if you eat like a fat person eat, you will gain weight. So tired of hearing people say I eat so much and im so skinny. A pizza/day doesn’t make anyone fat. Most skinny people that says they eat so much, doesn’t eat that much when you count all the calories. If you eat a pizza in the evening you might think that you eat sooo much, but a fat person might eat a pizza, some ice-cream and chocolate. If you really eat like a fat person would, you will gain weight unless you have a disease.

          • Em

            To Tiffany: if you eat like a fat person eat, you will gain weight. So tired of hearing people say I eat so much and im so skinny. A pizza/day doesn’t make anyone fat. Most skinny people that says they eat so much, doesn’t eat that much when you count all the calories. If you eat a pizza in the evening you might think that you eat sooo much, but a fat person might eat a pizza, some ice-cream and chocolate. If you really eat like a fat person would, you will gain weight unless you have a disease.

          • Tiffany

            To Em:
            Oh no no, you actually don’t understand… I literally eat like a morbidly obese tongan man. It’s disgusting!! On a daily basis i’d eat a burger and fries, 3litres of coke, a block of chocolate, two packets of chips, large plate of nachos, chocolate thickshake, cheescake and then for dinner two bowls of Carbonara. Ppl always ask me where it goes and honestly i have NOOOOO idea. Maybe i am sick? But i have many friends who are like me and we all seem fine. My dad is the same and brothers are the same. We can’t gain weight no matter how hard we try 🙂

        • Jay

          Again full of crap. Maybe you focus so much on being thin because you have an ugly face. Seriously, get some real concerns…

    • Missmarilyn


      You’re totally entitled to your opinions and I think it’s silly that people are getting so angry/critical of you.

      But PLEASE drop the “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” because that’s pretty much the international motto for anorexics everywhere. I’ve been in recovery for 2 years and that phrase still gives me chills. Preferring super skinny body types is totally fine; many people do! But people will probably misinterpret your opinions if you end them with a well-known, pro-Ana related phrase.

      • Tally

        If 80 10 10 is so accurate what about people who eat 80% crap and still look great? Iagree diet should be most important, and diet and exercise rely on eachother, but when talking physical appearence, its so difficult for me to put them into percentages like that because of all the different people i know. I was thinking we were just talking about looks, cuz ya know amanda was saying this girls legs are chubby & her nose looks bulb which led to looking thin is based on 80 10 10…so if your talking about internal health this is prob so true. Sorry im rambling

        • Missmarilyn

          80 10 10 is an approximation, definitely not a perfect rule since every body looks different. I see a lot of variation, mostly people say its 80% and 20% exercise. And this usually pertains only to weight loss, so for someone who is naturally thin and has been thin all their life… I mean unless they were trying to lose weight this wouldn’t even concern them. So I’m not sure why some thin people can eat like crap and maintain their weight but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the 80 10 10 rule haha

          • Tally

            im sorry dear i guess i just disagree with u & amanda But i must say i love a juicy post! Have a good night 🙂

          • Missmarilyn

            It’s a fact though, ask any nutritionist 🙂

          • Tally

            Me and misscheeks were saying quotes from the movie anchor man. And 80 10 10 is not fact especially the way amanda puts it. &did you seriously just say fact and google like that? just because smthing is on GOOGLE doesnt mean its fact. Amandas wasnt talking about losing weight she was talking about exsisting thin people…you have to deal with the fact i disagree with you…i know you are younger & its hard but we are not going to get anywhere different at this point. But you can have last comment, i know;)

          • jeez no need to be so rude, I’ve been absolutely cordial to you this entire time. You’re the one being immature, actually, by getting all heated up about an argument about weight loss. I don’t know what Amanda was talking about; whatever she said is not a part of what I am saying. I am saying that weight loss is 70-80% diet and the rest is fitness. (although genes can have a small percentage as well)

            And when I say google it I mean that 1000000000+ health articles will show up stating that it is true.

            And I have a nutritionist and she says the same thing. If you want to not believe nutritionists worldwide then go ahead?

          • And can I just ask why people keep on calling me young when they’re mad at me? Like is that supposed to be an insult? WOW YOUR LIFE MUST SUCK YOU’RE GOING OFF TO COLLEGE AND HAVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF YOU.

            I’m 18. I’m a young adult and my life is awesome. I don’t know why you’d insult someone for that… lol

          • Tally

            Lol why am i repyling??!! I just want to say, i guess what youtr trying to prove i was never talking about in the first place then :/ and im not mad! I enjoy your posts and think your darling

          • then why were you being so patronizing and rude last comment…???

          • Tally

            I dont know what else you want to hear, i am sorry if i upset you. And it sucks we all cant agree all the time,,but it makes an interesting world. And i would give anything to be 18 again so you are lucky one 😉

  • Rachel

    Half of these photos are quite bad. She just looks too unnatural in them. In the first photo, for instance: I know she’s supposed to be in a sexy pose, but it emphasizes the imperfections of her figure. Plus, grabbing her hair like that doesn’t look like a gesture of ecstasy – more like “AHHH!!! I’M SO STRESSED I COULD PULL MY HAIR OUT!”

  • Joanna

    ^Really…? Well, each on his own…

    I think she haven`t age much at all, the pictorial looks cute and pretty natural to me, considering this photoshop-crazyness nowadays. Though, I don`t doubt they haven`t used photoshop here, too.

    Personally I have always have a bit mixed feelings about her, I see her appeal, but…I can`t put my finger on what is The But, it is not only the shape of her face because it kinda makes her look. Maybe I just wouldn`t like to look like her, but she looks nice as herself.

    • Rachel

      I wasn’t talking about photoshop. I was talking about the poses themselves. They should look effortless, but here they just seem very forced.

      • Joanna

        Yes, I added what I meant after my first message, but you beat me answering so fast. Actually only my first paragraph was referring to you, and the rest was just my opinions. But I noticed how it came out, so I wrote more specified post 🙂

        • Joanna

          ah, okay, now I see how these replies work, actually my second comment from yesterday is now after these comments… so my explanation makes no sense 😀

  • Joanna

    ^By natural I mean the poses AND that they haven`t photoshopped her to death.

  • jessiepants

    Love her! Very beautiful!!!

  • Amanda

    oh, and she has a very bulbous nose.

    • imj

      Oh Amanda, grow up.

      • Amanda

        I’m sorry, is this not a site devoted to critiquing bodies? * rolls eyes *

        • imj

          No, actually it is not. It is a site devoted to looking at the various body types and sizes. None of us is an agent and can get anyone a modeling or acting job. Therefore, in the end, our opinions are null. You are being very overly critical for someone who does not show her face. Surely if you were such a stunner, you would proclaim and show it proudly.

          • jamie

            another “you must be stunning to judge others” ridiculous comment….sorry but you dont need to look like Adriana Lima to have a positive or negative opinion on someones look, its an opinion and we are all entitled, as inconsequntial as they may be….and do you really think the agents and judges of modeling are attractive? No.

          • Amanda

            Hmm, so by your logic, we should never critique a quarterback playing football ie. doing his job, nor should we comment on an actress’ good or bad performance, nor should we comment on whether or not someone is a good singer etc.?

            I used to model and let me tell you, my agent was U-G-L-Y. There is that saying, “those that can’t do teach…”.

            I will never be a man or a quarterback of an NFL team, but am I not allowed to comment when someone makes a bad play?

            I won’t ever be a singer, so should I not comment if I think someone sings terribly?

            Are we all supposed to sit here and say how fabulous and gorgeous these people are? Please, by all means, tell me what the purpose of the comment section of this site is?

          • Amanda

            Please see below comment as it was directed at you, not at Jaimie

          • Missmarilyn

            People try to make this point all the time on here and I’m sick of it. You don’t need to be attractive to judge ones appearance. That just doesn’t even make sense. I’m sure not all of us are fabulous singers or movie directors but we still critique movies and music, don’t we?

          • Miamia

            My god you are annoying

          • bbblah

            But you forget , Amanda is a size 0 as well and 5’10 and have 34C boobs, 24.5 waist and 34 inch hips. So she gets to trash talk everyone (nose included) except VS models of course and we get to sit here at home ashamed and in awe of her measurements.

            Good Job Amanda for dropping your measurements like most people drop marathon stats or SAT scores or actual talent. You should be damn proud of that body especially if it’s all you think you have to offer.

          • Amanda

            @ Blahhhh. Why the hell are you attacking me? I have not made a negative comment towards any member of this board. I am stating MY OPINION. As this blog is clearly made up of many opinions. I workout and eat very well and am proud of my body. It certainly is not all that I have to offer. I went to a top 25 university, have competed at high levels of 2 different sports, married a wonderful man and certainly don’t place 100 percent of self worth on looks. However, when someone is proud of something why the hell is it wrong for them to feel good about it?

            I said my stats because people were saying and derogatory things to me, and I was merely saying that I am not some fat beast sitting behind a computer screen, yet someone who is at least above average attractive.

          • magwildwoo


            Oh, so you’re old. I guess we can’t all be perfect.

    • jamie

      I agree, and i dont find her attractive at all either.

    • Raquel100

      I was actually agreeing with your 80-10-10 assessment until I read this catty comment. You’re terribly insecure and haughty. And if you’re a size 0 at 5’10, you look like a walking skeleton, nothing like a VS model.

      • Amanda

        @Raquel, whatever you say, doll.

  • HB

    She’s so cute! Love the stripped down feel of the shoot. Not the clothing, just the natural lighting and bare minimum PS, if there is any.

  • jamie

    I do not understand her appeal at all! Her face looks flushed (redish nose and cheeks) and she cant pose or embody the sexy look if her life depended on it!!!

    • Amanda

      agreed 🙂

  • KatAnne

    I think she has a very “All-American-California-Beach-Girl-Next-Door” in the late 80s and early 90’s kind of beauty. I’ve always liked her. 🙂

  • She looks a bit like Geri Halliwell in the first photo, she looks great and healthy but I think she looks her age too. I would guess mid to late thirties

  • Kat

    I don’t know why, but Amada comes across as a real C***. Just saying.

    • Amanda

      you’re so eloquent.

    • Sofia

      @Kat: you come across as a b****

  • Missmarilyn

    I have no idea who she is or why shes famous but she’s cute, it’s a cute shoot as well.

    • Missmarilyn

      Although I lose SO much respect got peopl who are willing to go on that stupid show. Howard Stern sucks.

    • She is famous for Saved By the Bell in USA when she was a teenager

      • Missmarilyn

        Ohhhh. Before my time lol

        • kat

          zack and kelly foreverrrr lol

          • AHAHAHAH yet another 90s TV show character that has the same name as me. Great. My parents are really creative apparently.

      • just looked it up and the show ended the year before i was born >.< i feel young haha

        • KatAnne87

          I feel old! lol

    • She was in Beverly Hills 90210 as well as Saved by the Bell-

      • What. When does she get onto 90210? I’ve actually seen a lot of those (I’m named after Kelly Taylor…)

  • La la la la

    blast from the past! i like her cause it reminds me of watching her show as a kid. it’s kind of nostalgic or something… but if i were just seeing her for the first time i’d think she’s a cute older woman.. nothing more, nothing less

  • Nikki

    I just find her so attractive, she looks effortlessly cute. She looks slim, healthy and hot! I’m only 18 and I envy her body. She’s petite and adorable. If I look that good in 20 years I’ll be fricking delighted with myself.
    And also some people just don’t like showing their stomachs. I know given the choice I would rather bare my legs than my stomach.
    Lastly, they look like they were going for an comfortable lazy shoot, as if they were just taking pictures on a sunday morning. Its relatable. Who walks around their house in shorts and a bra? Its just more comfortable to walk in jumpers and knickers.

  • Observer

    she sounds a bit vapid and bland. Any self aware woman who speaks positively of a man like Howard Stern just because he complimented you isn’t a person I’d admire.
    rest of her quote isn’t much to talk about, IMO just regular bland blah every other actress says. I will say she looks nice and not typical cookie cutter overly altered in the pics.

  • retrobanana

    amanda your simple terms on how to be thin sure sounded like a big long to do list….i agree with you on everyone can get in better shape..but i dont agree with your pretty much nazi attitude…and there is no one size fits all body type either….

    i think tiffany has struggled with her midsection for a while she was on a sci fi show recently and i remember thinking wow she blew up but her face still looks gorgeous…ih onestly found kelly kapowski overrated she was just too damn goody goody and sweet…i liked lisa..and always found she had the best chemistry with zack (who also was overrated he was supposed to be the hot one) hello mario lopez…but im a nostalgic gal…and i loved valarie on 90210 so i route for TAT no matter what

  • Jenn

    Amanda = Natalia. And in case anyone didn’t know, Natalia is very lean with no excess body fat and believes herself to be an expert debater.

    Her comments provide me with more entertainment than the actual posts on this website.

    • Amanda

      I am not Natalia and am sure Versus could probably weigh in on this to confirm that based on our IP addresses.

    • Observer

      I have no idea why people here continue to respond to an obvious troll & her aliases as a legit poster. It’s useless and clutters the comments with irrelevant dialogue

      • Amanda

        Why am I a troll, because my opinion differs from the general consensus? I am sure that the moderator could verify that I a) am not natalia and b) am not a troll.


        • serena

          You have the right to express your opinion like anyone else, but it’s odd that you’re extremely critical of this actress’s body. Tiffani is a successful actresses with millions of fans, and you’re a catty girl on the internet desperately trying to convince everyone you’re a gorgeous model who is accomplished and educated to boot. Now this could be 100% true, but your comments don’t sound like they come from a confident woman. Tiffani is a middle-aged mom now, and the above pics are not that flattering – but I remember watching her on SBTB in the 90’s, she was pretty and charming! I find her comments about Howard Stern to be frankly stupid and disappointing though.

          • Amanda


            I happen to be thin and tall and have gone to a very good school. It seems odd to me that because I comment on something that a) I am not confident b) I am not educated c) I am not tall/slim.

            I never claimed to be a “gorgeous model”, I said I modeled when I was in h/s for a period of time. I am tall and slender and do wear a 0/2 and I feel that I am entitled to comment on a picture as I so desire. I most certainly am not a “catty girl”, I am simply someone on an “image based” website. I am not even sure why people get so worked up regarding a random person’s opinion.

            If I am not mistaken, we are commenting on the above photos, not photos from 10+ years ago. I am merely suggesting that I do not find this woman very attractive now and for that matter, back then either.

        • Whether you are a troll or not, you are certainly engaging in troll-like behaviour! You knew that people were getting upset with your comments and yet you put in the ‘bulbous nose’ comment just to get even more of a reaction – what reason do you give for that, other than wanting to provoke?

          I have no problem with people expressing their different opinions – but expressing them as *fact* not *opinion* is going to get everyone angry. Good for you that you have the body you want – but don’t kid yourself that it’s the body everyone wants or everyone can attain! Not everyone is going to be skinny even if they work out and eat very well – they should be slim, but not necessarily a size 0. Does that mean they are doing something wrong? No, it means they are doing what they are happy with (or trying their best) – which may be different from what you do and wrong to you, but not objectively wrong.

          Honestly, you sound arrogant with your boasting and preaching and that puts people off. If you are truly not a troll, you would be more moderate and invite debate over *your opinion* – nothing you have said is irrefutable!

          • Amanda

            Erica, darling, I have read other threads before posting with your comments and whilst you seem like a decently nice person, I know that you prefer people who are on the heavy side eg. Christina Hendricks etc etc. We clearly share a very different aestethic.

            I know your stance is that women can be fat and healthy and unfortunately, I disagree with you there. IMHO we are what we eat and we are in control of what we eat and the exercise we do.

            I bet if you asked 100 people what their ideal body would be, it would lean more towards Alessandra and less towards Christina. While some men like fat girls, the majority of the “right kind of men” like thin girls. Look at the bankers in NYC, how many of them do you see with fat women, look at the directors and producers in Hollywood, how many of them have fat wives and/or girlfriends….

          • Amanda

            When one leaves a comment it is implied that it is opinion (obviously), I don’t feel the need to start every comment with, “In my opinion” as I feel that is quite obvious.

            To address your other point re: people doing the best they can do… I call that lazy behavior. If one really wants to have a great body, than one will do whatever it takes to get there. Like anything in life, if you really want something, you make it happen.

          • solaxia

            Ugh who cares what the majority of men want!? What are you doing to do, have sex with them all? Or just be completely engrossed in making sure most men want you for your looks, devote your life, and base your self esteem on what most men think of you? Neither sounds like a great way to live to me, but each to their own I guess. If you want to live like that, that’s great. Doesn’t mean we all do.

            Also, just because someone is tall and thin, doesn’t mean everyone find them attractive. Doesn’t mean they are everyone’s ideal. I would much rather be a Salma Hayek, than I would a Miranda Kerr. Actually I would rather just be the best version of myself…not going to bother posting stats because to you they would be ‘fat’ but to look at me I definately wasn’t. At all. I was one person who wasn’t meant to be skinny. I literally couldn’t unless I ate too little and didn’t exercise…and let me tell you, it wasn’t hot at all.

            and people do gain weight for many different reasons. Lucky you haven’t been in a relationship where you fear for your life and your families life everyday, and don’t see a way out.

          • Condescending much, Amanda? I don’t have a problem with your comments because I disagree with your POV, it’s the way you express it that bothers me (and many others).

            My personal preferences have nothing to do with my comment. But I guess I have to defend them anyway! I don’t think that you need to be thin to be healthy – I also think most fat people (and I mean truly fat – not just a little overweight) are not healthy. I have only argued with people in the past who say it is categorically impossible to be fit and healthy and a size 16 – it may not be common, but it’s certainly not impossible and there are studies to back that up. It’s also possible that many thin people are not healthy, nor do they take particularly good care of themselves. Being thin is not an achievement in every case and, this may be hard for you to believe, many people do not see thin (as in size 0 thin) as the ideal (but that doesn’t mean they think fat is).

            You’re also wrong about my aesthetic preferences – I think Jennifer Lawrence’s figure is basically perfect and Christina Hendricks is a bit too heavy, but I still think she’s got sex appeal and talent – doesn’t mean she’s my ideal though. I like slim and curvy, like many others – I just don’t believe that carrying extra weight automatically disqualifies you from being attractive. For me a beautiful face is more important than a perfect figure anyway – and I think CH has a face to beat all of the VS models (and Jennifer Lawrence) and that makes her appealing to me. She could lose a few though and look even better!

            Oh, and the men on Wall Street can jump off a bridge – I have absolutely no interest in dating a man who puts money and appearance above all else. I guess to you that is because I know I’m not in their league or something – but I don’t want to be! Most people, regardless of looks, can find someone good to share their life with – being tall and thin doesn’t guarantee a good relationship, just as being ugly and/or fat doesn’t preclude one. The definition of ‘the right kind of man’ is very subjective – I have a feeling yours differs widely from mine….

          • lol


  • Amanda

    How does one post a photo in the comments?

    • just stick a link in the comment, it has to go through moderation first though unlike posts with just words, once it is approved it will show up

  • Olivia

    Tiffany looks pretty cute… however i find it very strange that in EVERY photo she is rocking an oversized shirt and no pants. What the hell? did she only have lipo on her legs?

    • Amanda

      @ Oliva-Yes, that is so weird. You’re right. They only show in her legs and/or forearms in every photo, fat belly and an ugly face. Maybe she is related to Jay Leno?

      • Kat

        F*** Shuuuuuuuut up Amanda.. Please post a link to your FB or a picture of yourself, cause I guarantee you’re just some removed*. Or if you are as perfect as you claim to be, your removed*. I bet Tiffany is much prettier and has a better attitude than you could ever have. Just saying

    • probably because she had a baby recently?

  • Olivia

    back then it was just the opposite… she liked to pose all pants and no shirt: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7muDCDYrA6w/T9qF5MiuiZI/AAAAAAAAAqg/e6LXdNMU2zY/s1600/kelly.jpg

  • Swedish Girl

    Are you guys obsessed with bodies? Can’t we just agree with the fact that your inside makes your outside for like 99 %? Then, basing on that theory, what your body looks like is really 1 % of the impression a person gets of you. As long as you stay at a normal weight, works out regularly and having a great time with your friends and make out with your partner as often as you can – your focus will dramatically change from your own fixation with your body to Life itself. Your self-esteem will practically do Everything for you. I’m neither Buddha nor God, even if I might portrait myself in that way, lol.. .

  • Amanda

    @Girlwiththedragontattoo: that’s cute, but totally not the “real world”. Go back to smoking your joint.

  • binks

    LOVED her since Save by the Bell along with the actresses who played Jessi and Lisa…lol…ahh childhood memories. But Tiffani aged well overall and still looks hot

  • Mcg

    I’m no longer in ‘shape’ like I was back in my teenage years but I used to be a 32b-24-34 and that wasn’t a size 0. Maybe it’s vanity sizing that makes it a 0 now?
    Anyway, I think she looks great. She’s not as toned and slim as she could be BUT she’s really not far from it and looks good.

    • Amanda

      I usually go by French and Italian sizing. In Italian clothes e.g.. Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Cavalli, and Prada I wear a 38 and in most of the French houses eg Jean Paul Gaultier, Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dior,Givenchy etc etc I wear a 34/36 depending on which house. In British clothes eg. McQueen I wear a 38. In American clothes e.g.. RL, Donna Karan, Cushnie et Ochs, etc etc I wear a 0/2 and in most jeans I wear a 24/25.

      • KatAnne87

        hmm.. I always get confused with sizes and vanity sizing, especially when I was living in Paris…I never knew where to begin trying on clothes! I also don’t wear any of the high fashion designers that you mentioned. Even in the states sizing is different! I have a size 6 Calvin Klein dress, another dress that’s a size 2, jeans from one store that are a size 2 and a 0 from another!! I know that’s all vanity sizing because I know that I am not an actual size 2. I don’t even know what size bra I really wear! I measure a 34D, but I am more comfortable and secure and don’t pop out of a 34DD… hmm…

  • I always thought Tiffani was beautiful when I was growing up – great figure and a cute face. She has aged well too. Howard Stern is such a mean-spirited creep to anyone who isn’t beautiful to him that I wouldn’t be happy about anything he says – he seems pretty sexist and shallow to me.

    • Missmarilyn

      I don’t even know why celebrities bother with him, he’s such a f***. He’s very sexist and very demeaning and honestly quite cruel. Not funny. Literally takes us back 100 years in gender equality. And all from one of the fugliest looking people I’ve ever seen. Like if you’re going to make a career criticizing women and exploiting them sexually you might want to at least fix yourself up a bit. It’s not hard to hit the gym, or to cut your creepy damn hair.

      It’s so ironic. “honey your t*ts suck”

    • you need to read this.

      Things Howard Stern has done (taken from TMZ)

      – April 21, 1999, the day after the Columbine High School massacre; commenting on the mass murders, Stern said on his show, ‘There were some really good-looking girls running with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have se.x with any of those good-looking girls? They didn’t even do that? At least if you’re going to kill yourself and kill the kids, why wouldn’t you have some se.x? If I was going to kill some people, I’d take them out with sex.’

      – After Tejano singer Selena was shot to death in March 1995, Stern parodied her murder the day before her funeral by playing gunshots over Selena’s music. He also mocked Selena’s fans in a fake Hispanic accent and said, ‘Spanish people have the worst taste in music…they have no depth.’

      – It was 1982, and Stern was working at radio station DC101 in Washington, D.C.; relatively unknown outside of local radio. On Jan. 13, an Air Florida plane that took off from Washington National Airport crashed into the nearby 14th Street Bridge, killing 74 people. The next day, Stern poked fun at the crash on his show and called Air Florida to ask what the fare was for a one-way ticket from the National Airport to the 14th Street Bridge.

      – In 1992, Stern and his employer, Infinity Broadcasting, got one of many FCC fines when he said on the air, ‘The closest I came to making love to a black woman was I mastrbated to a picture of Aunt Jemima on a pancake box. I did it right on her kerchief.

      why is this man still making a living off of this crap? Poking fun at dead people and horrific accidents is NEVER okay.

      And this doesn’t even include any of his having young attractive girls coming on his show and criticizing the heck out of them. What Howard, does that make you feel big and powerful? Make you feel better about all the girls who turned you down in high school because you’re ugly and scrawny?
      I literally hate him

      • solaxia

        YUK! I can’t think of any other way to express my disgust with this man. Thanks for posting this. What a pig.

        Just googled what he looks like too…this is totally judgemental, but putting the way he comes across together with his comments…I’m guessing he was the loser kid at school that internalized that and is now stuck in the ‘young girl’ phase…as in the supposed men that like young girls, and are kind of intimidated by women. The ‘men’ that are 25 and above and still ‘liking’ this like ‘naked selfies’ and ‘the gap’ on FB…gross. The kind of ‘man’ that only young impressional girls will listen to and be affected by. He knows no self respecting woman would hang off his every word, and would just think he is a gross slob. Not saying younger women (like teens) can’t be self respecting…I’m just saying that due to teens being that inbetween period, they are generally more insecure, naive and wanting to please men.

      • What a depraved person! I’m really shocked – I thought he just said mean things about the way girls look, I didn’t know he was also a racist and made those disgusting ‘jokes’ (basically asking why didn’t they rape girls as well as shoot them? He should have been banned from broadcasting for that!) about Columbine, etc.
        Why does anyone pay any attention to him at all? And you’re right that he’s seriously unattractive himself – why is it that men get away with that? He’s ugly and he has a repugnant persona – no redeeming qualities whatsoever, it would seem. And then you hear some female celebs saying ‘he’s actually really nice’! Oh, well that’s fine then, he’s just being a complete d-bag for sh*ts, giggles and money, but he’s a super-nice human being in private!? Doesn’t count! I wonder what his daughters think of him? I’d be so ashamed.

        • I know! He was pretty much encouraging rape and all that happened was he got fired from one station, and quickly got hired for another. I don’t know if people are just unaware of the fact that he’s like a racist demeaning piece of sh*t or what; there’s no reason that he deserves to be famous or successful.

          I wonder what his daughters think of him as well. Especially because (I hate to say this, I know its not their fault that their dad has no morals) only one of them is attractive… And she used to be a be a little chubby. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I don’t mean to criticize, but its WEIRD because Howard Stern would criticize the crap out of these ‘perfect’ women who were like… you know your typical young, tan, big-boobed blonde girls.

          So being an average-looking daughter to a man who criticizes the “hottest” girls on the planet? That must feel terrible.

      • Raquel100

        Ok – he is evil. Thanks for posting.

      • Lisa

        wtf at the Selena comment.

        • I know. I’m not sure how he could have thought that mocking the tragic death of a very well-loved singer could have been funny. Oh and stirring some unmasked racism into the mix as well.

  • happygolucky

    I have learned more about Amanda from this post than I know about myself.

    • Trickster

      Honestly! The conversation above is so entertaining!!! LOL….Amanda sounds really mean and conceited, almost troll-like (the way she bashes someone’s looks). Maybe she could bash someone in a more respectful manner? But then again she’s entitled to her opinion so….meh. Anyways, Tiffani looks OK. She was prettier when she was younger. Her legs are banging though 😀

  • Mara

    “Tiffani Thiessen poses for me in my place” 😀
    That’s something I’d expect to read on a different kind of website. And then her name sounds like it came right out of the porn star generator.
    She does have a nice figure, but for a reason I can’t figure out I’m really not into her face

    • Mara

      *porn star name generator

  • Mew

    Valerie was always my fav character too. The weight she’s in suits her perfectly. She seems happy, which generally is pretty good thing.

  • solaxia

    She has a gorgeous face! Lovely legs

  • I really love her. She has an amazing personality and she really shines.. And she’s amazing on White Collar.. So pretty here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R745GDnQpqc

  • melis

    I guess everyone has different opinions. I find Tiffani to by absolutely gorgeous. She has such a natural beauty to her.

  • Lisa

    lmao, this site today, I swear. I thought she was pretty in the 90’s, but that shot under the cut should’ve been axed. Also, read her old Sassy interview. Embarrassed for her that hat exists.

  • Beth

    You are all being very rude towards my husband. Is job is to to say shocking things, he works he butt off and has made it very far. Before you write hurtful things about someone, maybe consider just not listening to his show. He is a philanthropic and very loving man.


    • I sincerely doubt that this is the true Beth Otrosky, but let me just say that I have not once listened to Howard’s show and I still hear about his crap.

      And honestly? His job may be to say ‘shocking’ things but he can do that without promoting rape and racism

  • kat

    yay! my favourite! I named my daughter after her. and discovered years later, they share a birthday! which is today! happy bday tiffani amber theissen!

  • Anastasia.

    She was soooo hot in her younger days!! Gorgeous face and body. Her face looks too pointy now :/

  • Love Tiffani

    Tiffani is absolutely gorgeous! She is such a natural beauty.

  • Manda

    Didn’t want to put my name as “Amanda” since that name is already taken by someone being a jealous woman obviously suffering from some kind of eating disorder. I am gay…And I notice that the more insecure a straight woman is, the more she feels she has to attack other women. If I am not attracted to a woman, I simply say, “I don’t find her attractive…Eh, I prefer curvy women.” Or something like that. I don’t launch into an essay about all the things “wrong” with her. With Amanda, it was like, “Everybody look at me, me, me!” People like her are obsessed with these sites because of their narcissm, incorrectly believing their bodies to be superior to others’. It’s nice she likes her body, but if she were truly comfortable in her own skin, she wouldn’t need to try so desperately to validate herself on the Internet.

    I personally find Thiessen’s appearance to be very endearing and cute. Very healthy looking, too.

  • Charlie

    I think that Howard’s compliments were directed at Tiffani’s post-surgery boobs during her time on 90210. For myself, I adored her perky and natural B-cups that she had on SBTB. I remember her headlights came on in a green bathing suit, and even though her breasts were smallish, the erect nipples just made her look so perfect.

  • Bobbie3756

    I don’t think she’s as hot as when she was younger, but who is at 38. She got me very turned on in the later years of “Saved by the Bell”. I think that in the early 90’s, Kelly Kapowski may been the most lust-inducing girl on tv.

  • This is TERRIBLE! It is just terrible that ANY woman would get a boob job, placing her self worth on the size of her breasts! And she poses like this?? Women like this set us back 100 years!

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