Tiffani Thiessen Poses for Me in My Place and Talks Boobs and Size

January 22, 2013 in Celebrity Quotes by Versus


From Me in My Place:

Howard Stern once describing her as having the “most perfect breasts” in the world: “Yeah, he said that before I had kids (laughing loudly). He first said that around the time that first FHM cover came out, it came up again when I did his show again last year. I’m not gonna say I’m not flattered, he’s Howard Stern, Howard knows boobs. The fact that he talked about me positively, I’ll take it! He was really nice and complimentary, in his own special way he was very respectful.”

You were the consummate sex symbol, was that a lot of pressure? “I think any time you are on a hit show as a young actor or actress, you feel that way. Then as a woman, there’s some additional pressures you feel to look a certain way and be a certain size. I was not the girl that was a size 2 and didn’t work for it. I was never the waify model type.”

… says 38 year-old Tifanni.

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