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Winona Ryder Talks Plastic Surgery & Aging

wino5 - Winona Ryder Talks Plastic Surgery & Aging

On plastic surgery:

“It’s funny, because I went straight from the Interview shoot to this premiere, and I still had on all the makeup, and my friend told me that some people were literally saying that I’d had work done — which, by the way, I’ve found is normal hygiene now on sets. I’m not trying to knock it, but, you know, I have a little bit of traffic now on my forehead — which I’m like very proud of actually — and it’s interesting how people just instinctively are like, ‘Oh, maybe you should get something done for that.’ And it’s like, ‘Really?’”

On aging in Hollywood:

“You cannot please everyone. When you start out as a kid and then you have these great roles early on and even into your twenties, you’re doing movies like Reality Bites, people want you to stay the same, but then they kind of don’t. People don’t want you to get older, but then it’s like, ‘Why do you look so young?’”

… says 41 year-old Winona in Interview Magazine.

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  • AlexD

    She has a unique interesting look. I can’t help but like her, even in roles like The Crucible

    • cloud9

      yes, this is the way to use the word “like’
      i love her, but am a bit disappointed that a 41 year old icon (who i adore) has the verbal capacity of a teeny bopper valley girl

      • Tiina

        I’ve done a lot of transcripts of different sorts of interwievs – some for academic reasons and some for magazine articles – and I think that the impression of her being verbally limited is mostly due to the journalist. In the written text she only uses the word “like” when she wants to differentiate a quote from her own words. Probaly in the interwiev situation she was delivering the quotes like lines, with slightly altered voice and stance, which is usual in the context of a lighter chat even for non-acting people. So for me that sounds like something that’s very natural, non-disturbing and context-fitting in the actual situation, but looks bad when written down and should therefore be edited out of the text.

        Even brilliant and very literate people who sound awesome when you talk to them come across as a bit dumb if you put their words into paper without a bit of editing. Some incoherency and the use of verbal fillers are more of a rule than an exception in spoken word. There are very few people who can speak as they write without sounding stiff and unnatural. In reality direct transcipts of good interwies with interesting, intelligent and verbally capable people usually look quite bad.

  • tina

    pretty woman

  • Winnie

    stunning. i am absolutely in love with her. my favourite actress ever!

    • dutchie

      I am rooting for a major Winona comback! Wino forever!

      • ebby

        me too! she was my fave actress when i was wee little gal

      • Ozge

        Oh woww this reminded me the tattoo Johnny Depp had on his arm (?) “Winona Forever”. I think they were one of the best looking couples of all times.

        • Winnie

          yeah they were! Wino & Johnny >>> Johnny & any other woman

      • I really like her but at the same time I can’t say why. She sure does have amazing bone structure though which has helped lessen any aging signs.

    • serena

      She is a great actress, but her arrest for shoplifting and vandalism really hurt her public image – after that she disappeared for a while, whereas her Girl Interrupted co-star Angelina became super famous. Of course this was over a decade ago and the public is fickle. Winona is talented and attractive enough that she should be getting more roles.

      • Winnie

        Jolie was the break-out star of that movie, probably because the character she played WAS her at the time. i never really liked thta movie to be quite honest. still, i find Winona way more attractive than Angelina, and a better actress too. i do think she has some issues though…i hope you’re right and she gets good roles soon, i’d love to see her on the big screen again

        • Candy M.

          I find Angelia a way better actress. You should see Gia, its a really great movie about Gia Carangi, one of the first supermodels. One of the best performances Ive ever seen.

          • Winnie

            i’ve seen Gia. like i said i think Jolie is her best when she is playing characters she has a lot in common with, so that in a way she is essentially just playing herself. she was great in the movie, but when that’s the case the performance isn’t as impressive to me

          • serena

            You could argue Winona is playing herself too. Like her character in Girl, Interrupted, she suffered from anxiety and depression, and sort of has a quirky personality like the characters she plays. Angelina has changed so much over the years. She is now known for being a mom of 5 who does charitable work rather than the bad girl from 10 yrs ago wearing vials or her own blood.

  • mary

    well she had a nose job years ago like everyone else in hollywood…cant say if she has had work done recently. either way, she is pretty…not stunning, but attractive. I like her big brown eyes.

  • Tisha

    she has those wide doe eyes…so pretty!! I always kind of liked her…And even though I’m too young to even remember that time,I liked her w/ Johnny Depp lol.
    Does she have any projects lined up? I’d like to see her on the big screen.

  • neutra

    I watched Reality Bites again the other day – she was, and still is, so beautiful. She is adored by so many men and women I know for her looks. She is looking a bit frail of late though, a little bit too thin for her age I think.

  • Emilia

    blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so boring,always the same questiions and the same answers,boooooooring

  • solaxia

    I like her answers personally. She is so pretty!

  • tequilla

    good she was such an icon! well, im an 90s child and i love winona! wino forever! 😉

  • Hazal

    The queen of 90’s Hollywood 🙂 I love her movies from that time! They always remind me of my childhood. And she’s beautiful.

  • Pixie

    I use to luv her movies, and thought she was a great actress back in the 90’s. Now, I just find her boring. She lost what she once had, I don’t think there will be a ‘comeback’ for Winona. She peaked in the 90’s. 🙁

    • Milla

      Whats up with this, she lost it, comments? I find it so ridiculous! People change!!! Of course we aren’t able to be our whole Life like in our 20s. Look at the People you grown up with, search for Old pictures of your Parents, all of them CHANGED!!! Look at yourself! I’m only 27, but I changed alot since then…

  • artemis

    she’s PRETTY! I LOOOVE this dark photoshoot 😀 she’s lucky she really aged well…others aren’t so lucky so i understand the filler trend.

  • Acnaib

    She is the most beautiful woman for me!! I love her looks, her style and her special voice. She is a 90s child, but she is still soo pretty and cool and has this dark mysterious aura around her!!

  • jenna

    Loved her in all her movie roles in the 90’s! But can’t say I am as impressed by anything I’ve seen her in during the past years though (since the 2000’s basically). Maybe she did “lose” something? Not in terms of beauty, but in terms of acting or choosing the right roles for her.

    She’s still very pretty and amazing that her body is still pretty much exactly how it was 20 years ago.

  • siennagold

    Wow she doesn’t seem to age. She looks beautiful as always!

  • Veronique

    I think she is one of the most beautiful actresses ever. Just so stunning. Can’t believe she’s 41!

  • Jett Girl

    who are the stylist and photographer??

  • jjj2

    She looks amazing. Good for her and she’s 41! Something about her, but I always liked her.

  • humannmanga

    I find her so beautiful; she is mesmerising to look at.
    I read a great quote by Sigourney Weaver about her, when they did the Alien Resurrection film together, that sums her up for me ” the camera can’t get enough of something that she holds in her eyes”.
    Johnny Depp has had far too many ridiculously attractive partners!