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Bikini Treat: Actress Gemma Merna

Bikini-Treat-Actress-Gemma-Merna- - Bikini Treat: Actress Gemma Merna

Name: Gemma Merna

Nationality: English

Age: 25

Dress Size: 8 UK

You’ve seen her in: ‘Hollyoaks’

What she says about her figure:

‘When I look at my body I think, “You worked hard and it’s paid off. ‘I’m in proportion, I’m toned ­ well, nothing wobbles too much! I’ve got cellulite, but then hasn’t everyone?’

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Bikini-Treat-Actress-Gemma-Merna-2 - Bikini Treat: Actress Gemma Merna

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  • Mizzy

    i have no idea who she is, but she has a nice body (great breasts!). She reminds me of Kelly Brook, but with a nicer face.

  • Norma Jeane

    The fake boobs really balance her out.

    • Ambie

      This is what you got of of these photos? How would you know that they are fake; I’ve never even heard of her before.

      Nice insecure comment…

      • et moi

        I don’t think her comment was insecure, just an observation, I think it’s rather obvious too. . .but they look pretty good anyhow. She also admitted having them enlarged at 21.

        • Ambie

          Even so, why comment on something so silly, instead of a nice constructive comment? Makes me sick; IMO.

          My comment was just an opinion. Seems like woman are always cutting each other down instead of empowering each other, and embracing our differences.

          • jenna

            cuz they’re sooooo FAKE 🙂

          • Beetlejuice

            let’s all empower each oder and embrace our DIFFERENCES – by getting breast implants 🙂

            fake breats are ugly…and that’s just an opinion 😀

          • i think they look like shit! totally bolted on

          • Jamie

            The purpose of the comments section is to give your opinion. There is nothing wrong with preferring a natural body. Personally I don’t like the look of implants either, and while her body is ok and her face is very pretty, the implants take away from her.

          • gigi

            So what if she wanted bigger boobs and had a boob job…what girl doesnt want a nice rack? Its her body, her money, and i think she looks nice…atleast she didnt go with really ginormous ones like some stars!!!

        • artemis

          her boobs look great 😀 cute implants

      • candyshop

        shes a british actress, pretty famous over here and shes spoken openly about her implants. i think she looks really good in a bikini 🙂

        • sarah

          she looks a little like Lo bosthworth from The hills and laguna beach

          • Lynn

            She totally does!!!

        • i think they really suit her body.
          i dont really have a problem with them being fake,to each their own right?
          and she has a great body, i wanna go to the gym now haha

      • kate

        Actually she admited in interview to going from a 30B to a 30F….straight from the horses mouth, what more proof do you need?

    • C

      do they though? it makes her waist look short.

      • mesdames86

        Her boobs are fake she’s spoken about it at length in the British press.

      • they do make her waist look short..

        • n

          My body shape is exactly like hers except my boobs were naturally a D cup then I lost 8 pounds and unfortunately most from my boobs…I regained the weight back but my boobs are still at a B…I am considering getting implants to get them back to where they were…bigger boobs don’t make waists look short…infact my waist and hips look wider now with my smaller boobs, and my body looked more proportionate with a fuller chest…I think her boob job looks okay, she carries the implants better than many over-stuffed, thinner celebs… overall her body looks really good and proportionate…but F is too big I think, they make her boobs look kind of like tight and shiny flesh colored balls…she should have gone for a full C or a D instead, it would’ve looked alot more natural.

          • artemis

            I agree, that would’ve been way better, less fake looking but perky. I must’ve been in a very good mood when I commented here back then :))) I’m also an airhead sometimes.

  • laura

    she’s an actress from a british soap hollyoaks shes really pretty and has a good body a healthy normal girl

  • Golden Girl


  • Emma

    Gorgeous figure but she’s not a UK size 8.
    She’ll be a 10 or something.

    • kate

      Sources say she’s 5ft5, so I’m guessing more likely a 10.

      If she was like only 5ft then I would have agreed with an 8.

  • Ally

    lol, size 8… okay, yeah, sure.

  • Ambie

    Well, I think she looks fantastic. This is what a lot of normal women look like; bodies anyhow. Not me personally, but I think she looks stunning.

    • Cathy

      Normal ? I don’t know many women with a really slender body and such large hyper perky breasts . That’s considered normal now ?

      But on another notice I agree about her being stunning. Great body even if she has breast implants it’s still nice to see such a tiny waist combined with nice round hips. Similar to Kelly , actually.

      • Mizzy

        i dont consider her normal either…she may be at a “normal weight”, but her shape is far from average…I think it’s unique to see a woman with such perfect curves, no bumps anywhere, and perfect proportions.

        • jenna

          she has fake breasts. so she doesn’t have perfect hyper breasts or pergect curves. so ya she is normal and average… she’s not super thin like a lot of celebrities. DUH

          • Ambie

            Exactly what I was getting at…thank you!

          • Mizzy

            actually, i think she would be above average even if she didn’t have the big breasts…I grew up on the beach and I have not seen many women who have smooth curves like that – I still say it’s unusual. Maybe the beaches you go to have women that look like that, but the beaches in Israel do not (with the exception of Bar Rafaeli of course 🙂 ).

          • Cathy

            Ans I wasn’t referring to her breasts. She got a tiny waist and perfectly round hips along with a perfectly flat belly. And her Shoulders are great too.

            And if you would have read it correctly I also said she had breast implants – that just look good on her.
            You don’t have to be skinny to look above average.

      • Ambie

        I suppose we could go back and forth all day. What I was simply saying is that she’s basically closer to the norm; as far as her body, not boobies ok folks. Most women that I see are softer like her, have nice rounded hips, and have a little meat to their bones; I don’t mean we are like her to a “T”. But her body image is much more average, and attainable looking than those of other emancipated models and actresses.

        • Cathy

          Sorry, maybe I just got the wrong vibe ^^.
          When we are talking weight I’m with you – she more normal than the other celebs. But shape wise she is very unnomral , tiny waist , wide shoulders and round hips aren’t that common.

          So I now understand what you mean´,I thought you meant normal as in average not as in attainable;).

        • Mesdames

          Not to be a horror but I don’t think you meant emancipated, did you mean emaciated? Emancipated means not constrained or freed which wouldn’t really work here whereas emaciated means abnormally lean or thing. Just so you know for the future! x x

  • Jemima

    She looks great. And about the implants, does it really matter that they’re fake? I don’t think it does if it looks natural (i.e, not enlarged to a ridiculous size like Heidi Montag’s balloons).
    I also think she’s really pretty in the face.

    • Beetlejuice

      well astually, in her case – yes… to me, these boobs are not nice looking, not even a bit… it’s quite opposite…

      • Ambie

        lol and why is that. People are full of opinions, but I’ll bet your bubbies are no better!

        • snoops

          Actually I hate her fake boobs, and we are all entitled to our opinion. In general I think she is pretty, she has a kind of unusual face, which I like, but I hate her style (barbie-like) and I hate her fake boobs. She always had one of the least attractive bodies out of the “actresses” on that show. My sisters live in the UK and I’ve seen it lots of times. Would be good to see her sister on here with the ultra pear shaped body and see what people say about her (I think she’s hot btw, Mercedes, but her face is not hot lol)

          • Ambie

            I said people are full of opinions; didn’t say that anyone wasn’t entitled to them. I just think it’s funny that people waste their time picking people apart and adding to the BS, instead of saying something like “her hair looks great” instead of “I hate her implants”. It’s really easy to hate, and sometimes peoples comments on this site make me sad; sucks that our world is so vein that we can’t look past her implants (by the way, this is a huge indication that people on here are super insecure with themselves).

        • Beetlejuice

          well, i didn’ come here to discuss about mine…

          • Ambie

            Then why reply; lol. DA!

    • artemis

      just a size smaller would’ve been perfect

    • i hate hate hate hate hate implants. i think it’s totally fudged up that it’s so common now a days. it’s wrong to even call them tits/boobs/breasts. if you would stick a silicone implant to your biceps, you wouldn’t call it your muscle. right?

      if she would have gotten ass-implants everybody would have thought of her as fake, not a single person would have stated “i think it’s okey, because she didn’t go over the top”

      the whole fake tit industry makes young boys and girls feel that big natural tits are saggy, ugly and unsexy and thinks the fake tits-look are how they actually should look. it’s insane how something so fake has become a norm :S

      • amen to that. i don’t see what is the whole appeal to fake implants. half of the women who get them looks nasty.

      • Lisa

        Hear hear. Even some women don’t seem to understand that, which is a little baffling. Sad too.

      • shell

        I agree, because it confuses society (and teenage boys who buy mags like Playboy haha!). Big boobs are not as perky, because their weight drags them down. Hence the popular saying “small and perky”, (I can claim to that, only being a 30B… Which sometimes upsets me, living in this society).

        I can understand why silicone implants would make naturally large breasted girls feel that their busts are inadequate. But small busted girls have been made to feel inadequate and “less of women” for the past ten years that this big boob trend has been going on.

        Having small boobs doesn’t biologically make you less feminine, because you doN’T have more estrogen the bigger your boobs are….. Yet the media makes small busted women feel unsexy all the time, and have well and truly conditioned guys to think that, too. It’s not the same in other cultures, like all those primitive tribes in the Amazon and Australia. Sometimes i wish i had been born into one of them lmao! =)

        Estrogen stimulates your body develop the milk ducts (glands which produce milk if we breast feed) during adolescence. Small breasted women have all the same glands as large breasted ones – the only difference is that big boobs have more fat. All women have some fat on their boobs to protect milk ducts, but some women store more fat than what’s necessary to protect the glands, hence some girls have big boobs. Estrogen only stimulates the milk glands to be made, and then the rest is just fat storage predetermined by genes…. Basically, boobs are just a fat storage place, the same as any other body part. When our body fat increases, so does our boob size.
        Heck, fat men get boobs! I’ve seen fat men with, like, C or D cups haha…. I mean, their bodies don’t look more womanly than a small framed, small busted woman, like Demi Lovato, Leighton Meester or Nina Dobrev.

        IMO It’s the shape of your body, like your shoulder width, waist hip ratio, and of course having clearly visible boobs (irrespective of size) which make women look feminine. So i don’t offend anyone, it’s not to say that if you don’t have a low WHR, you don’t look feminine…. I’m just saying it’s the one thing that women can have, and men can’t. You never see a man, whatever his weight, with a low WHR and little shoulders…. But you can see overweight men with boobs haha!

        Sorry for my ramblings…. I just wanted to clear my chest (erm, pun intended? haha). Basically, i say that ALL women/girls should love & look after their natural boobs… Whether they’re little & perky, or larger and little lower down…. Shouldn’t matter & all should be able to be beautiful. =D

  • leonore

    I thought she looked a little too big for an 8 because i see myself as a little smaller and i´m an 8 in UK clothes, but it turns out she´s shorter than me, so it could be she´s an 8. Pure speculation on my part, obviously. She looks great though, very well proportioned.

  • Princess

    Nice body.It`s true everyone got some cellulite and it`s not that easy to get rid of them.I have some under my butt and always ap ply creams and try to drink lots of water but still the same

  • Kae

    My proportions are very similar but I wouldn’t agree that she’s a UK 8.

  • Ambie

    Can’t wait until the rest of the children start to get it; don’t worry kids, you’ll will someday (hopefully).

    It’s scary to me that you people add to the everyday stress that is being a girl or woman. Isn’t it bad enough that the media shoves it in our faces everywhere we turn. Don’t you want your little girls to grow up one day loving themselves inside and out, what ever size/shape they are; even as healthy humans, our bodies are all shaped differently, so don’t go on about obesity or anorexia. I’m talking healthy. I know it may sound a little cliche, but you really shouldn’t add to the negativity.

    Face it people, we all don’t have the time, money or resources to live like celebrities; they are not the norm, we are.

    • snoops

      Try to keep in mind ambie this is a celeb weight gossip site? If we didnt discuss things, the site wouldn’t even have a point. We all here like to talk about the women posted and sometimes there is quite heated debate lol, but its not like when we go away from the computer we go hang out with our family or friends and size them up in our heads the same way we do with the celebs on here. Dont take it so seriously.

      • Ambie

        Trust me, I don’t take anything too seriously when it gets down to it. But when you are hiding behind a computer and talking crap, rather than spreading love and support, I just disagree. And like you, when I disagree, I speak my mind. The difference between you and I, is I can look beyond a persons flaw on here and add to the positive, not the negative; why speak on it and add to the BS, that is exactly the way I feel, I can’t help that you don’t (if half the people on here did, they wouldn’t spout out such nasty comments at the drop of a dime; it offends people). And who cares that it’s a gossip site, you can’t act like a respectful human being?

        I know I’m not the only one on here who feels this way; today might be the first time I’ve commented, but I visit this site everyday like a lot of you.

        • snoops

          spreading love and support? Lets get real, this is a site for entertainment its not a spiritualist retreat. Ironic thing is you seem really judgemental towards us girls here on the site, which I dont see how thats any better than us having a bit of fun discussing our body likes/dislikes. If I like something I say it, if I dont like something I say it, thats the name of the game here, you dont need to patronise or judge the fine chicks of skinnyvscurvy because you dont enjoy it here. I love this site and all the varied opinions its good fun :D, anyway thats my two cents, someone else will probably give you theirs, thats how it goes….hehe

        • Casey

          Ambie, stop with the holier than thou attitude.

          You are doing the same thing you are criticzing, except, rather than apperance you do it over behavior.

          There is nothing inherently wrong in stating what you like and dislike about a person’s body. Some people can get a little carried away, and some people bring their own insecurities forth and their comments tend to become unnecessarily cruel. However, I’ve been on this site for a while, and I can say the majority of the people on here do a good job of stating even their negative opinions in a decent way.

          And do you think if sites like these didn’t exist that people wouldn’t stop judigng each other? Judgement is a part of human nature…as long as you have eyes and a functional brain, it occurs, whether you vocalize it or not. And any person in their right mind knows they are being judged whenever they interact with other people. That’s life. Yes, sometimes judgements recieved can be harsh, but you live with it. Everybody does, men, women, children, old people, young people, homosexuals, heterosexuals, etc.

          • shell

            I loved your post and agreed so much…. It’s a psychological fact that people form judgements subconciously…. People don’t have to conciously decide to make a judgement, we just automatically do it. We don’t always externalise our thoughts though, as you say.
            I think that this sight is a polite, productive way to discuss our opinions on body image. =)

  • truthies

    Is she a vase? It’s hard to tell when ladies get implants what their actual body type is. Her boobs look good on her but I think she should have gone a little smaller. What is up with people getting so defensive by the way when there are comments about a celebrity having fake boobs? If the implants were really bad I might understand but if they look good then why all the drama?

    • Ambie

      Seriously, it’s bothersome! Makes you feel like you have to step in and be like, what about the rest of this woman people?

      • Cathy

        Exactly, recently this site has gotten somewhat boob obsessed or so it seems.

    • Casey

      “What is up with people getting so defensive by the way when there are comments about a celebrity having fake boobs?”

      I’ve noticed that too. I don’t get it. Women who clearly don’t have fake breasts get accused too. Why does it matter if someone’s breasts are fake?

      If a pair of natural breasts and fake breasts looked the same, most people would still say the fake breasts are OMG SO UGLY!!!111!!, despite the fact that the end result is the same. People act like there is something inherently ugly about implants.

      I think people in general are just really uncomfortable with plastic surgery. The truth is, most people would never get plastic surgery for various reasons…they’re afraid of it, they don’t want to risk their health…etc. But they also don’t want anybody else getting plastic surgery either because they don’t want that competition. So they lash out and bring down anybody who may look like they’ve had plastic surgery.

      Concerning this woman, I think her breast implants are great and balance out her body really well. She probably didn’t go more than 2 cup sizes from her natural breast size (after all, not only flat chested girls get implants). They balance out her body and give her an hourglass apperance over what I think would be a pear one.

      • kate

        Apparently she went from a 30B to a 30E so quite a big jump however the difference between volume of cup sizes on smaller bands is less anyway.

        • Casey

          Really? Hmm. They didn’t look like E’s to me, but, I also thought she was a 34 band size.

          I Googled more pics of her and I think you’re right. Personally, I feel like she should have gone with one size smaller than what she has now. That would have been the most asthetically pleasing.

          The reason why I made the point that she wasn’t flat chested when she got implants is that you can see fat tissue on top of the implants…it’s the reason why her boob job looks better than someone who goes from like an A cup to DD’s.

          • kate

            Yeah because it’s only a 30 band.

            30E = 32DD = 34D.

            Also bear in mind that a 30B is very small, i.e. Kiera Knightly size. Although I don’t remember her ever being that small, so she must have had had them done very early in her career.

      • Mariah

        I disagree, you are just making a huge assumption. I am personally not uncomfortable with plastic surgery at all, I wouldn’t choose to get it myself but I have no problem with others getting it. I do think the majority of breast implants that I have SEEN, in person or in pictures, have not looked attractive in my opinion. Are there a few good, natural looking implants here and there? Sure, i have seen a few that look great and I wouldn’t know they were fake unless I were told. But being that in your above comment you stated that everyone has the right to voice their opinion and there is nothing wrong with that, why do you jump to assuming that people are lashing out and bringing down people who had plastic surgery, when they are simply voicing their opinion about the look? “But they also don’t want anybody else getting plastic surgery either because they don’t want that competition.” Lol, seriously? What a hugely unwarranted assumption! So because someone doesn’t like the look of someone’s breast implants, they are of coarse lying, they only don’t like them because they are implants and they are mad that they have competition now? Right, it couldn’t possibly just be someone’s opinion.

    • Kae

      Yes, I would say she’s a vase. I must say, her implants balance out her figure quite nicely.

      • Kae

        My above comment was meant for “truthies”.

    • kate

      No her waist is too short for a vase, she’s probably an hourglass or cello.

  • Rosina

    She has a wonderfully proportioned body and I like her face as well. I just tried to imagine her with 30B Breasts and came to the conclusion that her implants really balance her figure – and apart from them, these pictures in combination with her statement increase my motivation to work out!

  • She looks pretty with her mouth closed. On Hollyoaks I can never escape her gap tooth. Her body’s pretty meh, not great, not terrible. Her hair’s nice though 🙂

  • Gigi

    Wow, she’s a stunner!

  • Hayley

    Her boobs don’t look that fake to me… They look like mine shape wise, and mine are real.

    But then again, they do kind of look like they don’t suit her. Somebody here said they were a 30E or F? Maybe she should have went just a little smaller and get a D cup or something.

    Regardless, I don’t think she looks bad or anything. It’s not like Heidi Montag sized or anything.

  • Sheridan

    I don’t know who she is but i think her implants are the right size for her. At least she doesn’t look like she’s going to fall over like Heidi Montag. (Her boobs look stupid and are bigger than her waist.)
    Anyway i think she has a very healthy and positive outlokk about her body.

  • Nic

    She must be really short if she’s a size 8 – she looks more like size 12 to me.

    • kate

      She’s not short at 5ft5….reckon she’s a size 10 although her boobs might need a 12!

  • shell

    At least she admits the boobs are fake. Apart from that, she looks good. She does have a far nicer face than Kelly Brook, IMO, whoever said that. Kelly has a long, “horse” kind of face, odd mouth.

  • siennagold

    She doesn’t look like a size8 UK

  • solaxi

    pretty girl. pretty hair

  • Girly

    I’m considering breast implants.I hate how people villanize women with fake breasts when all they do is make women feel better about themselves. The woman bashing breast implants obviously don’t know what it’s like REALLY being almost flat. I’m a 34 AA and it kind of sucks when woman who are 1 or 2 cups sizes bigger than you are considered “flat”. I’m also not slim, I’m a size 6 or 8 and I’m 5’8″. I’m not pear shaped either.

  • Chloe

    she’s definitely not UK 8. anyway, i hate it when celebrities go “doesn’t everyone have cellulite?” because i certainly don’t and i feel a bit offended LOL

  • yea, a little kelly brook vibe. attractive girl no doubt.

  • lindsay

    i know im gonna offend some people but OH WELL! the truth is the truth. why do white women love plastic surgery so much? 97% of them have fake boobs, fake lips, fake tans, botox, extensions, ect. i dont understand it. and about the girl in the picture(whoever she is) shes got a cute face but the nicest thing on her body is her FAKE boobs! her body is not that bangin at all. she doesnt have long, sexy, toned legs or anything else. she has an average looking body-nothing spectacular. i see girls everyday at the beach that blow her away!

    • BeetleJuice

      the ugliest thing on her body are her fake boobs…

  • Nicole

    Oh good lord Ambie! You’re being just as judgemental as anyone else. If anything what you’re doing is WORSE! So what if people don’t like her fake boobs! Who cares?? I don’t like them either, are you going to tell me that mine are no better?

    The whole point of this cite is to comment on celebrities physical appearance. What’s sad is that no one can give their opinion without being attacked. I’m in no way for talking trash about people’s bodies. We’re born the way we’re born. You like her boobs, awesome for you! Others don’t like her fake breasts, good for them too. Learn to accept other people’s opinions.