Candice Swanepoel, Celebrity Weight & Measurements

Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875446_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

Just like Alessandra Ambrosio who delighted us with an elaborate bikini treat a few days ago, super-hottie Candice Swanepoel (21) is back on the beach as well… and she’s looking super fit, toned, thin and fabulous in a bunch of tiny bikinis while posing for Victoria’s Secret.

In case you’re curious, Candice has the following measurements, according to Fashion Model Directory:

Height: 5’9″ / 175.5cm

Measurements: (US) 33-23-34.5 / (EU) 84-59-88

FP_5875460_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875454_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

An incredible amount of pictures after the jump!

FP_5875099_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875440_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875441_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875442_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875443_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875445_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875448_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875450_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875453_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875455_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875456_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875458_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

FP_5875459_TRB_Swanepoel_Candice_EXCL_101010 - Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Laura

    Hello perfect body and perfect face…

    • wohoofiona

      Perfect yes, except in pic no. 9 she looks underfed and distorted…

      • Allyson

        she’s gotten a bit chubby:/

        • CurvesRule

          Are you looking at the same pics. Where on that body do you see chubbiness?

        • Linda

          Are you kidding????? pic 9 is the most perfect because it shows how perfect she is…she has HIPS and that spectacular defined small waist…and pic 12… what a butt!!!

  • Polly

    She has a super great body, curvy yet skinny. Her upper half is really skinny, but her bottom half looks slim. And so what if she has stretch marks, she’s six feet tall! She has to grow somehow.

    • Eeva

      Where do you see those stretchmarks?

      • sara

        in the picture with the red bikini where she is standing with her profile to the camera you can clearly see some stretchmarks on her hips/ass , which is completely natural growing up (i actually fell a little bit better about myself now XD)

        • Eeva

          Thanks, I couldn’t find them. Ow.. and I have another question for you all. From which length do you consider someone tall. Because you all sound like you think Candice is very tall but I’m from te Netherlands and I find her rather average(when it comes to heigth). So I think it would be interesting if you told me how tall is tall and where you come from. Thanks beforehand

          • abby b

            hey eeva! i know this might be too late, but i’ll answer you anyway 🙂
            i’m from canada but was raised in the u.s., and i consider a woman tall if she’s 5’8” or taller. i believe i’m around the same height as candice, 5’9”, and i feel like i tower over 98% of women i walk by in a day to day basis haha, in fact i’m always sort of taken aback when i see a girl/woman significantly taller than me… is that weird? lol. i know average height of women in the netherlands is like 5’7”, which explains why you think candice isn’t that tall haha. she’s only 2 inches taller than average in your country! but in the u.s, the average height of women is 5’4”. and 5’9/5’10 is muccchhh taller than 5’4”.

          • Elle

            I hate to sound rude, but I find your statement of her height as “average” to be completely absurd! I’ve done some quick research, and the average height of a woman in the Netherlands is 5’5″-5’6″. So I’d love to know where you’re getting this notion that she’s “average” height…

    • Laura

      stretch marks? Um…where? This woman is amazing. Her stomach isn’t “too thin”, she has a small bone structure, you can tell.

      • leonore

        I noticed the stretch marks too. I don´t think they have anything to do with height, since they´re on her hips/butt. And apparently she´s not 6 feet tall (just don´t want her to be any more perfect than she already is!). My first thought when i saw the pictures was, oh no, do i really have to looks at such a ridiculously attractive person?

        • she

          A lot of people get stretch marks on their hips/butt from growing fast. When I was 14 I grew 9 inches in a year and I have the same kind of marks she has. I have a few guy friends who also have them on their butts. Super skinny guys also get them.

        • EllaLaLa

          I have similar stretchmarks from growing hips really fast. Somewhere around 11 or 12, BAM and I suddenly had hips.

          • jenna

            ya i got them when i grew 5 in in a year. im 5’9 125

          • `carr.

            Me too,unfortunately. Around 14 I sprouted hips outta nowhere & filled out my 120 lbs, 5’9 frame.

      • Linda

        Yes, she does have a very smam bone structure, which makes her so feminine, just see her wrists, ankles, feet, hands and her waist is so amazingly small also because her floating ribs go to the front and not to the sides like most people…Shakira has the same rib pattern!

  • lp23

    Fab body!

  • Claudia

    She looks really great. Great body, not too skinny

    • Shannon Griesinger

      I totally agree with you! She is obviously small boned, but HEALTY, and despite her itty-bitty frame, has delicious curves. Women, be happy with however you look at your healthiest. Too many of the VS models look UNhealthy-skinny, but this chic looks great!

      • Jade

        totally agree with you =)
        she has a really good body

  • Kristin

    OMG I simply can`t describe my feelings whenever I see a Candice post. It`s like … I don`t know. I remain speechless. She`s so perfect in every aspect. I want her WHR and I want it now! Is it just me or does she look a little bit like Leighton Meester (face-wise)? Anyways, pure beauty, my favourite model of all times.

    • yeah! she does look a lil bit like leighton 🙂 never seen that before!

      and yes, she is gorgeous 🙂

    • Yeah, I think her face resembles Leighton’s too! They’re both so beautiful!
      I wish I had that bone structure so bad! ;_;

    • Linda

      Yes, i think the face of both girls make us feel that they are adorable and sweet, because of their cheeks, especially when they smile!

  • Erica

    She is definitely one of the better models out there – so much better than the other VS girls, imo.
    I find her stomach a little too skinny though (not as bad as Marisa Miller) – she’s at her lowest healthy weight to me – but other than that she’s gorgeous! Great hip-to-waist ratio and a nice face too! So much better than Alessandra and Adriana!

  • Miki

    God’s gift~stunning & beautiful!

  • Aryn

    BODY IS PERFECTION. Now if you could get Adriana’s face on Candice’s body…you’d have the perfect woman. (IMO)

    • Kezia

      nonono.. Her face is just as beautiful!

    • Shannon Griesinger

      Actually, have you seen Emily DeDenato? At first I thought Adrianna (Who, don’t get mistake me, is an attractive woman by most standards.) had more plastic…Which I don’t approve of. But it was Emily, a fairly new player on the field.

    • neonilla

      adriana’s face on candice’s body? that wouldn’t even look human! lol

  • Ines

    Looks great, but my second thought was did they not have one bikini top in her size??? looks all to tight.
    and I was bit afraid of how thin her stomach looked from the side.
    For me too thin. 2-4 Pounds more and imo she would be perfect.
    But nice pics anyway

    • Melisa

      You know…Too small bikini gives an ilusion of bigger boobies 🙂 Candice is perfection

    • Anna

      if she would put on some weight , her ass would look enormous. my sister has similar body, her upper body is scary skinny , her stomach looks soooo tiny!! but she , like Candice, has a very nice curvy butt… and all extra weight goes on that nice butt!!! and all that cellulite ….thats why girls with such figure has to watch their weight, if they dont want to look like a pear

  • Casey

    One of the luckiest women in the world. Curvy and slim, and then a beautiful face to match.

    Also, I’m surprised at the “her stomach is too small” comments. Yeah, it is, that’s what makes her hot! But even if she gained a little weight, it wouldn’t go to her stomach. That’s bone structure that makes it so tiny. She would have to gain a lot of weight to make her belly bigger, and well, storing fat in your belly isn’t exactly a good thing.

    • Erica

      I was one who said it was too small (actually skinny) and I still think that. I know she has a naturally narrow waist, but she has nothing to her stomach area except the internal organs, a little muscle and skin! And that would change if she put on a little weight. I’m not saying she should have a flabby tummy, I just think it would look a little healthier if she had a small layer of fat (totally normal for women and not unhealthy).

    • Huda

      Actually, she has high hip bones, if she were to gain weight it would go directly to her lower abdomen and lower back (Not to her butt; as some would say) creating love handles. Her body type is spoon.

  • vivina this woman real???she’s so perfect!she makes me wanna tear all my bikini photos!!she’s flawless..i will not eat anything for one week!!!

  • princessdi

    wow, now she is def good looking…the best VSM Ive seen in a long time. Tall, very lean upper body(her waist is to die for!)and damn she has a booty and thighs…just perfect looking imo. She should take Klum’s place as “the body”. I hope she stays this healthy looking. This is what sexy looks like to me, curvy, slim, and a beautiful face…not a bag of bones like a lot of the models out there!

  • lizzy

    god bless!

    love that picture of her making a scrunchy face in the pinkish suit.

  • udkcoco

    She is almost perfect imho. Fab body, long slim legs, hips, a booty, and boobs. She’s tiny and curvy. My favorite body type. If I were her, I’d be ecstatic to wake up every day. Hahaha.

  • rosie

    life is not fair!! girl is perfection.

  • I. want. her. body. Me. need. to. exercise. now.

    • ella


  • EllaLaLa

    She is about as close as it gets to my image of the perfect body.

  • MNG

    she looks great as always,
    I like that she doesn’t have a huge gap between her tights

  • Melanie

    OMG this women is the perfect human specimen. Her proportions are the best I have ever seen. Even if she puts on weight she will still look stunning because her shape is exquisite. The best part is she is pretty much all natural.

  • Rafaela

    OMG! She has the perfect body + a very pretty face. Like Whitelia, I need to exercise right now! =)

  • X

    She has def gained some weight in the thigh area! Look at some of the older postes, and you will see.

  • She looks amazing.

    So annoyed at the general consensus – that having THIGHS and THIGH MUSCLE is bad, and you should have straight up and down legs to be considered thin enough.

  • Emma

    She looks to “perfect” for my taste.No wonder why women feels like crap about their bodies today.
    BTW:Is that stretch marks in the pic number 9?

    • Melisa

      I think that is stretch marks, but candice is still perfect in my opinion… vs done a great job covering that marks…or is it a photoshop? i don’t know

  • Sidney

    Awesome. I dont’t know what her bodytype is, she looks bigger on the bottom, but her shoulders balance it out really nicely as opposed to your basic pear shape that has narrow shoulders, nothing wrong with that but i do prefer her figure. I wish i could have that flat of a tummy all the while retaining the hips and thighs.

    • Huda

      She has the spoon body shape, its basically a pear but the hip bones are higher up. This means people with spoon shapes will gain fat on their lower belly and lower back instead of their butt and thighs. They also tend to have broad shoulders.

  • Mary

    she is my fav VS model, and i think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world…megan fox should be jealous. She’s a little too skinny now I think, she looked better last year on VS fashion show

  • memmy

    love her body 😀

    it kinda makes me feel good to see her stretch marks. after all, she’s not perfect. or, well, she is, but she still have stretch marks. which means that it is possible to be perfect with stretch marks. Or… something like that 😛

  • Priscila

    9th pic with the red bikini, looks like she has some stretch marks in her butt. Anyway her body is AWESOME. Beautiful face and amazing tiny waist.

  • artemis

    very pretty 😀 we’re close in shape

    • cus

      me too, but i’m short and softer.. but her, she is PERFECTION! anyway she’s my fitness inspiration! i love her body! and her face is really sweat!
      the best model of all the times!

    • Ellen

      Same here! I’m really starting to embrace my pear shape, and I thank this wonderful site for it!

  • Diana

    She has the perfect body!

    I need to exercise =)

  • candy y

    What is her bodyshape ?
    seems like hourglass ?! I am not sure
    She is amazing !!!!

    • Ashley

      She’s a pear. Tiny ribcage, tiny waist, very wide hips.

      • artemis

        yep 😀

    • Versus

      If we consider the 5 basic shapes (not the very specific ones), I think she is a combination between a skinny hourglass and a pear – believe that her bust/waist/hip ratio indicates that she is hourglassy, but her torso is pear-ish.

      • trypsine

        Versus, couldn’t she be a very thin skittle? (especially with the first picture…)

        • Versus

          To me, it’s her hips that give her the curvy look, not her thighs. But oh well, as someone said, body shapes are definitely not an exact science 🙂

          • trypsine

            exactly 🙂

            But if you look at this picture, when she was softer… She can’t be an hourglass, maybe a slim pear with large shoulders and she has rather “big” thighs for a model (I’m NOT saying she really has big thighs)

            I think she has a weird body shape (nothing wrong about that, she’s gorgeous! just, not common, but interesting!)

    • Diane

      She’s a spoon, very close to a pear but her hip bones are higher up her torso and they also have broad shoulders.

  • Eve

    i haven’t seen such a roackin’ abs like hers in ma hole life!!!
    omg.. perfect:X

  • Eve


  • nope

    She’s gorgeous, but my boobs are having sympathy pains. I don’t understand why VS feels the need to abuse breasts like that. I’d be much more inclined to purchase a swimsuit if they could make smaller cup sizes look good — and good doesn’t mean air brushed and squished to within an inch of their lives.

  • sara

    i’m the only one ..and i hope i don’t came up as a hater beacouse i’m not…but i really don’t see what’s so special about her body, i actually find it really disproportionated, she has a very tiny waist making her hips look HUGE and i don’t know, just her whole lower stomach area is very strange, and then her ass looks too big in comparison to everything else…however she has great legs (which i find the only notable thing on her body) and a very beautiful face, but i can honestly say i woudn’t want to have her body.

    • mel

      No you’re not the only one. Sometimes I think she looks perfect, but here I think she looks a little disproportionate. It’s like her upper body doesn’t quite match her lower body.

    • emilie

      i would give up almost anything i have to look like her. she is proportionate, womanly perfection. i can’t imagine how you can say that!

  • samantha

    Ok tomorrow I”ll wake up early to run on my treadmill!
    my role model to start becoming fit!

  • Daniel

    Now that is a good example of how men and women are different! You all find her attractive, you call her perfection… I’ve just showned these pics to 10 of my co-workers (I am at work right now) and none of them thought she was sexy or attractive… they all said she had a beautiful face though, but they all hated her boobs and found her stomach real weird (and so do I)…. That’s so funny. We will never get along, men and women, lol.

    • leonore

      They hated her boobs? Why? I guess the average man would find them too small.

      • cami

        thats what I’m I guess anything below a B cup is not sexy right?Riiiiight.

        • cami

          or should I say B cup and below.

      • ella

        yeah! that actually really irritates me!

        • cami

          haha samee ! OH well, I still get lovin from men even though I have B/C cups. it just is a preference of taste I suppose …

        • Yea, those of us with A cup boobs should just go home 🙁 lol

    • that IS weird 🙂

    • mel

      That’s interesting … I know a lot of guys find Candice hot!

      • cus

        yeah.. i read such comments on youtube written by guys about her.. one even said that he would drink the dirty water after she take a bath… :D..

        • Linda

          LOL I read this comment too!!! I guess Daniel works around gays or around orchs LOL

    • sara

      ahah then i guess i think like a man XD

    • Vicky

      lol I have never had a problem with men and I am small gal. I guess it is just a matter of taste. Not all men have the same taste as you. Just like not all women want a buff juicehead. We all like different flavors of icecream. Get over yourself and get a life. You seem to be the type of guy that sees more women through a screen than in the flesh. lol

    • Casey

      “I’ve just showned these pics to 10 of my co-workers (I am at work right now) and none of them thought she was sexy or attractive… ”

      I’m sorry, but I call complete bull****. I’ve read a lot of your comments and I’ve always found them a little misleading or one-sided, but I think you’re straight up bs-ing this time.

      Every guy I know finds Candice attractive to a certain extent, even those who prefer fuller women. She may not be their favorite or their #1 choice, but she’s still considered attractive. Likewise in any post on any website I’ve seen of her. People may say things like, “I prefer Doutzen” or “I prefer Kelly Brook” or “I prefer Beyonce,” but they always follow it up with something along the lines that she’s pretty hot.

      I’m also really starting to think you’re not a guy. Something seems really off about the fact that you spend your time looking at women you think are unattractive, and commenting likewise. Either (removed by admin) or you’re a woman posing as a man as if somehow a man’s opinion is more valid than anyone else’s on here.

      • Casey

        And the last paragraph of my post, that has nothing to do with the fact that you prefer fuller-figured women, but the way you behave. It’s the same thing as that man who gets with chubby chicks and rather than building a loving relationship with them, he spends the whole time calling them fat and ugly and tearing apart their self-esteem. Some men build themselves up by tearing women down. It’s really, really weird that you’re a man and you repeatedly seek out women you find unattractive to complain about them. Most men wouldn’t bother but would entertain themselves looking at women that they DO find attractive.

        • maddie

          i regcognised this about ‘daniels’ comments a while ago…….’he’ always bags out skinny even slim normal healthy women for being too thin………
          and always seems to have an argument that is feminine and typical of what a woman would say

      • i agree. he doesn’t have to like or find her attractive but there are men who do. it seems daniel will praise women with curves because that’s what he likes but if she’s not that size, then she’s unattractive. i don’t have a problem with that but what i do have a problem is how he comes off.

      • Franise

        I find your comment quite irritating, Casey. YOU are the one who was quoted saying so many times that people have DIFFERENT tastes and opinions and that’s just the way it is, we should accept it, yet you find it unbelievable that 10 men in this world do not find Candice particularly attractive.
        Just because every guy you know finds her attractive, that does not mean that all guys would, you are lacking basic logics here. For some men, certain attributes that Candice has are actual turn-offs and they can’t look behind that.
        You just went on a huge rant on Daniel and for what, for not even calling her names, just stating she was ‘not attractive’… that’s not even an insult, it’s an opinion.
        Your comment was very, very immature and no different than all those comments you preach against.

        By the way, I like skinny women, so don’t turn against me now. This post was only about how unfair you are.

        • Casey


          I specifically said it’s not having to do with his opinion but rather how (he) presents it. I don’t care if my comment irritated you, it irritates me when people repeatedly tear down any group of women, whether they are a man or a woman. It especially bothers me if they’re a man, because to me that’s predatory behavior since women already are excessively conscious about their appearance compared to men. Daniel’s comments repeatedly treat all women who are not of a certain body frame as undeserving of love/attraction or as if they are without feeling, which is sad. It’s always along the lines of, “Silly women, men don’t find this kind of woman attractive,” as if one man can speak for the whole gender. And what is the purpose of saying something like that? What does it prove? Why would you want a slim or curveless woman to feel like no man would want her? Those comments are clearly stated for the purpose of hurting, and that’s what bothers me.

          And yes, 10 people at Daniel’s work could actually not find Candice attractive, but it’s unusual, and he’s claiming it as a normal thing, which I don’t believe it is. If Daniel’s coworkers do actually not find Candice attractive, I don’t think they’re statistically representative of all male population as he is claiming. I said not everyone likes Candice, but a lot do.

          • Calro

            Yeah, I find it odd that a man would be so into a site like this as well and constantly bash thin women. Also, I’d like to know what kind of job would you be working at in which you can look at websites such as this one and waste time critiquing women you’ll never meet instead of working. I feel bad for the other women that work there.

          • lp23

            I think Daniel is telling porkies lol. That is imo haha!

          • snoops

            TOTALLY and 100% agree with you.

            “Daniel” comes on here and the only posts “he” makes are along the lines of “men dont like women like this, its a total turn off, nothing attractive here” etc all aimed at woman of ANY shape, so long as they are under are a certain size they are suppossedly not attractive/not sexy/not womanly and not the kind of woman any man wants to be with. And “he” always tries to speak for all “other” men – saying things like “this is the kind of woman every man wants” (about a bigger woman) and “this is where you girls get it wrong, men dont like this” (about skinny women).

            I find it totally unbelievable that any guy would spend their time coming on a website that features 99% women which are totally unattractive to him, and even if “daniel” is a guy – how does it make it right for him to come on here and repeatedly insult and critisize any women smaller than Kelly Brooke or Kim K and deem them unsexy, unwomanly, and undesirable to men? Try and think if “he” were coming on here and doing the opposite – making comments about bigger woman and calling them unsexy and saying no guy wants to be with a woman like that, etc? And then posting about skinny women – “this is how all women should be if they want to please men”.

            Imagine that?

            I dont think daniel is a guy, and if he IS guy, hes a very shallow one since all that seems to matter to him is the size of a woman. Well, thats up to “him” if “he” wants to be shallow, but coming on a site that is aimed mainly at women and has mainly female visitors, including young girls, and then repeatedly insulting all women who dont meet “his” criteria of attractive? Thats in really, really bad taste. And its creepy.

          • I share your suspicions.
            Also, I once insinuated here that men are often not so strict in reality. Some might have a preference for bigger women, but Candice is still pretty enough for most of them to still find her attractive.
            And, God, luckily MY boyfriend doesn’t have such habit of visiting a site aimed at women only to put down the skinny ones thinking he can speak for all men in the world, or I’d be the one getting away from him. Such a turn-off.

      • neonilla

        agreed, my guess also…

    • Diana

      Maybe I don’t need to exercise then…

    • snoops

      i seriously do not believe this comment – you took a poll with your co-workers? really? It seems unlikely that someone would even do that, and then for it to come up not one thought she was hot? yeah right.

      Btw im sitting with my fiance and he laughed at that comment. He said most guys would give their right arm for a chance with any of the VS models.

      • `carr.

        Exactly! I showed my boyfriend these photos & he joked if he met Candice or any other VS model in that case, he’d give his left arm! haha, most men find these woman attractive and Candice is one with a great body shape, its almost unlikely men find her unattractive, because her face is also quite pretty & her eyes are mesmerizing!

    • Lisa

      LOL please, if you’re a real man, then I’m the Queen of England.

  • perfection!

  • GoGo2010

    Her pics make my jaw drop and my mouth salivate like when cartoon characters see a pretty lady…and I’m a straight woman! (At least I thought I was until I saw her, hahaha)

  • Katy

    she is very beautiful. But i like her lower half a lot better than her tiny upper half. It’s a bit too thin for me, particularly in the pics from the side.

    • mmmmm

      it must just be me…i don’t find her face or body appealing at all….she’s so….average. i see prettier girls everyday in l.a…..she should get her roots touched up….

  • mel

    Candice is gorgeous, but sometimes her proportions look a little odd to me just because her ribcage is so very tiny. And I guess it’s a good thing to have such a small waist, but it looks a little weird when her ribcage is that small too. I guess I’m being nitpicky because she’s absolutely gorgeous, but maybe it’s because of her perfection that I find that one little “flaw” stands out to me the most.

  • Ninian

    We have the same WH-ratio! Even though I’m probably 15-20kg more than her. I altso have that tiny waist and small ribcage, and my stomach is practically flat as a pancake. My ekstra weight is evenly distributed everywere else but my tummy. So I find her tummy normal and healthy, even though she would be even more sexy IMO if she gained like 5kg (10 ibs) =)

    • Calro

      I have a similar WHR too but am shorter…I really love her figure though!

  • Serafiina

    She has a stunning body (I wish I had long legs, and yes, waist that small) but I don´t care about her face. It´s obviously pretty, but I don´t find it that attractive.

  • sarah

    they all definitely have good bodies. but im so bored of this new generation of vs models. they look really similar. stick thin and faking curves. which is fine if vs promoted skinny models, but they claim that theyre curvy which isnt true.

    • MNG

      I also think it’s annoying when a VS model says she’s curvy when she’s not (like miranda kerr for example) but in the 1st and 7th picture, you can see candice does have curves

  • jezza

    what exercise do you think she does??

    • Calro

      I heard she does boxing and has a personal trainer; I googled it after seeing these pics!

  • Louise

    Now that’s what I call slim and curvy 🙂 I believe she’s role model appropriate

  • aly


  • `carr.

    This woman, is perfect! I love Candice, her body is drop dead perfection [stretch marks & all, imperfections make us beautiful] and her face is also gorgeous! I have the exact same body shape as her, im 5’9 & 120 lbs and I also have stretch marks on my bum. This makes me feel so much better about myself seeing her with them as well! Its not that we’re ‘fat’ to have stretch marks, but we all grow & we have a pair of hips on us so its perfectly normal.

  • Eva

    Versus, do you think she is a pear?

    • Versus

      I answered above!

  • finally a body that isn’t fake, too tan. just natural and healthy looking. i wish more models would look like that instead of being too thin. not to mention she’s very beautiful.

  • udkcoco

    I need to start boxing then. Hahha.

  • tina

    WHAAAT she has my measurements but I look nothing like her. She looks tons more fab, though.

    • Lisa

      yeah, her measurements are v. close to mine, too (off by a few inches up top and one on the bottom), but she manages to make them look better!

  • She is so, so gorgeous!!! I would take a body like hers ANY time! lol

  • Vic

    She cant be just 84 from her boobs line,they are docens of pics of her looking very curvy and they cant be all photoshop:
    I am 84, i wish i have her boobis 🙁

  • Lisa

    I wish my 23 inch waist looked that good.

  • Sheridan

    She gives me hope knowing that having a curvy waist and hips can look good. I have a similar body type to her only i’m lots shorter. Though i don’t think my body looks good 🙁
    She looks great

  • I seriously doubt she needs any photoshop. Hmmm, keeping my eyes on the VS website now, I just made myself very curious lol.

  • gray

    Wow….. just one word: PERFECTION !!!
    The most attractive VS model ever. Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr must be eating their hearts out 🙂

    • `carr.

      Haha yea. She is one of the most curviest beside Adriana in my opinion & all thier faces are beautiful! Alessandra has lost too much weight I personally think, making her face look a bit tired and gaunt. I think a baby will also do Miranda a good ordeal! She’ll put on a couple extra pounds! But that’s all because her face is also reallyyyy gorgeous!

      • she is not the curviest VS model if thats what your referring too aha

        • `carr.

          Lol she’s not the curviest but one of the curviest for them.

    • mel

      I think she is gorgeous too but I have to say Miranda Kerr will always strike me as the most appealing, maybe because my body type is most similar to hers out of all the VS models.

      • `carr.

        Yea i think Miranda Kerr is extremely beautiful! Her body is really nice too because her small bone structure works for her. She’s a beaut. (:

  • ellentjie

    Ugh! Curves in all the right places and the flattest stomach I have ever seen!

  • lovely!!

    great body, gorgeous face, small build so shes not bony and doesnt look stupidly skinny. Definitely one of the new stunners from VS. Love her, jealous of her hair lol

  • and i want her eyebrows, they are glam! mine wont grow in like that haha

  • skirmute

    She looks fabulous. Perfect proportions, she’s certainly blessed. Basically everyone can become skinny but not all will look like her. That’s what good proportions do! Even if she gained some weight, she’d look fantastic 🙂

  • Ida

    If there is no thing called perfection, she is very close. And so what if she does have stretchmarks, it shows that she is human, not some godess of another world! I grew like 8-10 cm in a year, and now I have them on my butt and thighs. They are like impossible to have them gone .. And, by the way, her stretchmarks is almost invisible. The only explanation for why you guys are commenting her invisible stretchmarks, is that you simply can’t find any thing else to comment.

  • Liah

    I think I’ve just turned lesbian…
    this woman is too hot

  • mia

    She has the most gorgeous body. Great WHR, slim & curvy, loooooong legs without having a short/square torso…

  • Nicole

    love love love loveeeee her 🙂 she has the perfect body IMO. And I love the goofy candid faces lol. But honestly this woman has the perfect body, so jealous!

  • A perfect body and a perfect face I couldn’t ever achieve (not without plastic surgery, which is not in my plans). Damn bones/fat distribution!
    She’s gotta have the best looking skull ever.

  • Aw, Versus, why would you do this to us? Hahahah just joking, I love it when you do posts on her! =]

  • nivii

    Ooh. I love her.
    I’ve always been slim and curvy, and I used to feel awful in high school being a 0 and all. I gained weight since then (at university) and I’m so confident. Candice proves it’s sexy when you’re slim and curvy – you don’t need to be thick like bey to be sexy.

  • Very slim, toned, fit. I love her curves also!

  • amy

    PERFECT <3

  • tito

    the stretch mark is what makes her human otherwise he couldnt tell if she was human or a doll.She is just too perfect to be considered human.Perfect lips,eyes,hip,legs,hair.Man dats my crutch there

  • Diana

    is she an hourglass? or a vase? i’ve got the exact same body tipe..only i’m 5’7..and..not that fit! i have always associated “hourglasses” with curvy hips..tiny waists..and generous cleavages…so is she an hourglass?

    • Huda

      She’s a spoon, search it up! 🙂

  • Ida

    Oh my god, I’m in love with this woman.

  • Emily

    She’s breathtaking, and she looks so healthy. I love a model with hips and (mostly) non-visible ribs. 😀

  • James

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i need to say but she seriously has the SEXIEST body i dont know who she is but she looks a 93084902349 times better than kim k which i dont understand why anyone likes her .. her butt is too big for my taste!!

  • Romanian~girl

    she looks so hot and she has a beautiful face!

  • michi

    okay everybody who thinks she have “perfect face”, c’mon, get your eyesight checked cause she is not that pretty at all. but i agree she have a perfect body. a girl who have a perfect face is irina shayk, search her and you wont be disappointed.

    • enlightened

      finally a man with some taste!

  • enlightened

    she can hold her arms up in the air as much as she wants… she looks so dumb!

  • Tina

    She is so hot, perfect body
    i love this woman♥

  • Zeka

    I know this is older, but I had to comment. She is fabulous. We have almost the same WHR, only with me being an inch shorter and heavier. She’s my favorite VS model.