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Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

FP_3979761_Glamour_Magazine_RAM_110909 - Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

Celebrities aren’t really fond of revealing their weight, so whenever any female stars shares this little secret with us, it’s news!

52 year-old (wow!) Andie MacDowell was kind enough to reveal her exact number:

When you were a young model, in an industry not known for positive body images, did you ever have problems with weight?
There was a time when someone complained to my agency that I was overweight. It was after I’d been in New York for a few years, and I was trying to figure out how to maintain my weight. I was 132 pounds then, and I’m 5-foot-8 – and still eat healthy and exercise. So I said, “Tell them not to book me. This is the best I can do.” And shortly after, I got Calvin Klein commercials and a movie, so it didn’t stop me.

You still look model weight to me:
Right now I’m about 137 to 138 pounds and I feel pretty good about it. Also, as soon as you get older, your face starts o look drawn – that’s why I think I’m better off with those 5 extra pounds.

Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
Well, it’s not a guilty thing – I really do think that chocolate is good for you. And it’s better to eat that than to not have anything. That’s when you end up eating too much – when you feel deprived.

See 2 more pictures of beautiful Andie after the jump!

FP_4849982_REV__Good_Dead_Premiere_041410 - Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

FP_4844365_RIJ_BH_FILMFESTIVAL_041410 - Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

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  • mEEEE

    Stunning….that is how I want to look like at that age!!!

  • Kara

    I think she’s absolutely fabulous. 🙂 And her body looks soft but not too soft.

  • tee

    she looks glowing

  • Natasha

    lahhhhwd have mercy she looks great at her age! and her daughter is beautiful as well I want be that banging at her age …and I hate when celebs make a big deal about how much they weigh or lie……smh

  • ali

    She looks stunning!

  • amazon

    i never knew she modelled. any old pics of her in those calvin klein ads, versus??

  • sparkle

    to be honest, i am amazed that somebody as talented and experienced as Andie feels the need to join in with the current ‘i am not an intelligent individual, i am merely a weight upon a scale’ crap.

    rise above this insanity Andie, please.

    why would anyone feel the need to discuss their weight with the public, ever? Unless, perhaps, they were a fashion model?
    Even then, if they’ve got the look, their actual weight in pounds is nobody’s freaking business.

    it upsets me that this is all we’ve come to in this day and age.
    And yeh, i know, this is a weight related website and we can’t help but feel fascinated regardless. We are suckered!;)

  • b

    Pretty! Aging w/o ridic surgery.

  • AlexD

    wowza. i know many people under that weight and same height. i guess weight destribution is everything

  • Kae

    I have always thought of her as elegant and beautiful, regardless of her age. I am a little disappointed that she is talking about her weight. It seems like so many female celebs end up talking about it. I understand that celebs like the Kardashians talk about their weight but they really don’t much else to contribute. Andy, however, has other talents besides her looks.

  • Lisa

    To be fair, this was from an interview for Prevention magazine. So, the weight comments aren’t random. I hate the way interviewers casually weave that into their discussions these days. “So, you just renovated your house. Hey, how about that kitchen? What do you eat? Are you dieting? You’re so thin! No, YOU’RE thin!”

  • Polly

    I think it would be nice to have such a fit body like Madonna when I’m 50. But the upkeep, man she must be in the gym for hours and hours. Andie looks like she works out and eats well without obsessing. She looks amazing too.

  • Susan

    very very beautiful. hair, face, makeup, all around classiness… bravo! I bet she’s telling the truth about her weight, too. She looks great.

  • Jemima

    She’s such a classy lady.

  • Mia

    yey, my twin! people tell me I look like her all the time so I gotta love her 🙂