Jenny McCarthy: “I’m a big yo-yoer. I go from like 120 to 138 lbs”

December 17, 2013 in Celebrity Weight & Measurements by Versus


From Radar:

I’m a big yo-yoer. I do go up and down. I go from like 120 to 138. Right now I’m at 136, I think,” the 5’7? actress, model and comedienne told Radar.

“And I take this time to thoroughly enjoy it during the holidays. I’m kind of part of the collective thinking when it comes to just surrendering to the not so great foods.”

But McCarthy, 41, admits she hides her weight well.

“Sometimes it has to do with PSM. I drink a lot of water! When you have a lot of water it kind of tends to go everywhere,” she said. “Like a little bit in your neck and a lot in your boobs and your arms…to me it’s more evenly spread out I think.”

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